"We haven't conceded a goal so far in this tournament!" ⛔️ Hasenhüttl delighted with Saints defence
Ralph Hasenhüttl reflects on Southampton's dominant 3-0 FA Cup victory over local rivals Bournemouth.
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  • Balham

    Now Leicester for them

  • Stealth Wolf
    Stealth Wolf

    Unfortunately will pull Man city in semi final and get massacared

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee

    Nice try that against man city, man united, chelsea, etc

  • Officer K
    Officer K

    Would like to see them win instead of a big 6 team

  • ZxneAsh

    I thought it was klopp in the thumbnail

  • Em

    btec klopp 💀💀💀💀

  • Uyifnm

    Klopp from wish

  • Camo!

    😬 But still lost 9-0 to man u, sheesh and im a lfc fan

    • Tyler Williams
      Tyler Williams

      @IgnitedFlame 159 init lol and saints beat Liverpool last time they played 😂

    • IgnitedFlame 159
      IgnitedFlame 159

      Not as bad as losing 7-2 to Aston bloody villa 😂

  • It’s Woha
    It’s Woha

    Thought it was Klopp ffs

  • Disaster Boy
    Disaster Boy

    He was like the double cheeseburger once, now he’s turning into a hamburger with no twisty fries.

    • Tiger Stripey
      Tiger Stripey

      He might be from Hamburg in Germany?

  • Abdi Kebabdi
    Abdi Kebabdi

    This has potential to be one of the greatest “curb your” memes in existence.

    • Nikhil Morales
      Nikhil Morales

      @Rotimi Taiwo Couldn't even do that. 😂😂

    • Abdi Kebabdi
      Abdi Kebabdi

      @Phil Foden loooool, the scenes of they did

    • FreeOnGoal

      @Phil Foden NEIN...NEIN...NEIN

    • Seven Deadly ghouls attack on crack
      Seven Deadly ghouls attack on crack

      @Phil Foden 😂😂

    • Phil Foden
      Phil Foden

      Imagine they loose 9-0 in semis

  • Mr Hussain
    Mr Hussain

    There's always a chance they'd concede 9 in the semi finals.

  • Constable Kennedy
    Constable Kennedy

    Too bad Southampton cannot Replicate this Form in the Premier League but well done nonetheless ... ⚽️

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal

    They will when they face city or Chelsea

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy

    der klopp of the alps.

  • Reyaz_king 837
    Reyaz_king 837

    Just a daliy reminder that thiago has 0 goals and assists

  • Kelechi149

    The fact he is still at Southampton is amazing with the managerial firing going on in the premier league

    • Michael Rowell
      Michael Rowell

      I think the fact he believes in a system that allows quality football to be played is part of the reason. Injuries and suspension haven't helped, but yeah that losing run must have had him close to the edge. He will survive so long as they stay up

    • Jacob Hartley
      Jacob Hartley

      Given that the fans are angry at the owner and not the manager it’s understandable

    • govand

      Only two managers have been sacked this season

  • Rohith Raman
    Rohith Raman

    Very underrated manager, shouldn't let the two 9-0 losses judge his time at Southampton

    • Yusuf Burman
      Yusuf Burman

      @Olu Ade Puel got us to the Carabao cup final 🤦‍♂️. He also had a much better side with more depth and an owner who supported the club personally and with financial backing. Puel played boring football and that was the reason he was let go ralph has completely changed this team and if we didn’t suffer from so many injuries this season we should be challenging for Europe. Also Ralph’s first full season in the prem he took 52 points with 15 wins compared puels 46 and 12.

    • Jack Lee
      Jack Lee

      Hipsters choice overrated manager he should be judged on the 9-0s

    • Olu Ade
      Olu Ade

      @FBLL that's incorrect, under Poch finished top 10, only struggled under Pelligrino. Puel came after and they finished 8th and also FA cup final. Ralph hasn't made them top 6 contenders. Finished 16th & 11th in his two seasons in charge Ralph hasn't improved on Puel's performances.

    • FBLL

      @Olu Ade over the past few years Southampton have been close to relegation than the top but after he's came he has taken to be top six contenders and also don't forget they were top in October

    • Olu Ade
      Olu Ade

      Am sorry but he is not underrated, he is perfectly rated. I actually feel he gets overrated. He hasn't taken Southampton higher than Claude Puel, also Puel took them to the FA cup final. I know this will get a lot of hate but he hasn't made them any better. Granted they are better to watch but result wise, no improvement.

  • Galactus Pro
    Galactus Pro

    Hasselnut doing okay

    • Spitfire Callum
      Spitfire Callum

      He’ll be alright

  • Hakim

    the natural stylistic heir of klopp. Don't let internet banter mess with your judgment.

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones

    That’s crazy considering they’ve conceded 9 twice

  • Ibby

    Klopp from Wish 😭

    • Reyaz_king 837
      Reyaz_king 837

      Jurgen flopp

    • Tom Frankham
      Tom Frankham

      Klopp wishes he was in a semi final

  • Ahmad Tayyab Azimi
    Ahmad Tayyab Azimi

    Amazing Statistic!

  • govand

    I don’t know why but I just feel sorry for Ralph. He’s honestly a very good manager; soft spoken and humble - but a lot of people will always judge him on the fact his team suffered a 9-0 defeat twice

    • Daniel Sennett
      Daniel Sennett

      @Ken Ver walker Peters is class

    • Tyler Adams
      Tyler Adams

      @Ken Ver That’s Captain Edward J Smith not Captain Birdseye

    • Palash Rawat
      Palash Rawat

      @Ken Ver fek yer muthaaah

    • Palash Rawat
      Palash Rawat

      @Ken Ver gtfo

    • Olu Ade
      Olu Ade

      @Palash Rawat I agree no doubt.

  • 0

    No goals conceded jeez

  • Xurus

    Thought that was Klopp from the thumbnail

    • joe griffins
      joe griffins

      Me too!

  • Jj Olijede
    Jj Olijede

    Try it against man u

    • Tyler Adams
      Tyler Adams

      Doesn’t mean the 9-0 would happen again. He beat Leicester after they thrashed Southampton 9-0

  • Sports Torque
    Sports Torque

    Meanwhile in the Premier League he’s had 2 nine-nil loses

    • Sam

      As a United fan that 9-0 win was a disgrace. Our players dived got a penalty and got the poor guy sent off. Southampton got a legit goal disallowed by VAR. Killing their momentum.

    • Reyaz_king 837
      Reyaz_king 837

      @Play to win no oil clubs dead

    • We are Vision
      We are Vision

      @hmm mm who

    • joe griffins
      joe griffins


    • We are Vision
      We are Vision

      @hmm mm coz they bought it

  • North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
    North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    That’s actually a mad stat! They were so good in the first half of the season! Hope they have a strong finish to the end of the season!! 😄

  • Post Match Analysis
    Post Match Analysis

    Southampton will beat man city if they face the in the semis

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      @Reyaz_king 837 dumbass

    • Reyaz_king 837
      Reyaz_king 837

      The most obvious comment of the day

    • Tom Frankham
      Tom Frankham


  • Alivecthy


  • Well hello there
    Well hello there

    Great manager and very underrated, hopefully he gets Southampton on the right track again

    • Rob Coats
      Rob Coats

      @Arkadeep Dasgupta he's a good manager with a bad squad who had an injury crisis, without being able to use recovery facilities. With the cards he's been delt he's done amazingly

    • Jack Lee
      Jack Lee

      Overrated hipsters choice manager

    • Arkadeep Dasgupta
      Arkadeep Dasgupta

      Mate he is 14th..he lost 9-0 twice..he is a very underrated manager but not a very good manager..but yeah he is a very likeable manager..and wishing Southampton all the best

    • Olu Ade
      Olu Ade

      How is he underrated?

  • Papa Stupid
    Papa Stupid

    Honestly Southampton could win the cup if they continue playing well.

    • Rathurshan Rajeekaran
      Rathurshan Rajeekaran

      @Mohammed Ismaeel and Chelsea

    • Mister Randomiser
      Mister Randomiser

      @Mohammed Ismaeel well said m8

    • Mohammed Ismaeel
      Mohammed Ismaeel

      Not with man united and Man City still in the tournament

  • Joseph Griffiths
    Joseph Griffiths


  • Natioller

    Based Austrian coach

    • Farhan Labib
      Farhan Labib

      @Natioller Everyone knows that😑

    • Natioller

      @Farhan Labib Bangeladesh < Bhutan

    • Natioller

      @Farhan Labib NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN

    • Farhan Labib
      Farhan Labib




  • Cock Destroyer
    Cock Destroyer

    Ralphs Tricky Saints😎

  • ghosted on rust
    ghosted on rust


  • Szillar

    Banter club

    • Yeet Gang
      Yeet Gang

      @POL how is he jealous liverpool are so bad now bc 1 of their best player is injured

    • POL

      @Reyaz_king 837 Stop being jealous because of their success

    • Reyaz_king 837
      Reyaz_king 837

      Still better then loserpool

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