"Ngannou can be champion when I retire!" Stipe Miocic on UFC 260 Rematch
UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic speaks to Adam Catterall ahead of his title fight at #UFC260 against Francis Ngannou.
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  • conor m8_
    conor m8_

    He sounds like a bigger version of flea.. that's what it is

  • user name
    user name

    8:16 🤦🏽‍♂️ Love ya, Stipe! Get him in the rematch!

  • Tony

    And NEW HW Champion!!!

  • Oumar Mansare
    Oumar Mansare

    He lost!

  • konstantin kalashnikov
    konstantin kalashnikov

    Stipe can be champion when i retire! Francis Ngannou ;)

  • Lets Maths Debate
    Lets Maths Debate


  • 88 8
    88 8

    I guess stipe has to retire now lol

  • Official Fleer
    Official Fleer

    Well this didn't age well

  • xxlblackyoung

    I hope he can retire now

  • Diego Da Silva Rodrigues
    Diego Da Silva Rodrigues

    Still the greatest heavyweight even with the loss to Francis

    • Terrelle Williams
      Terrelle Williams

      @BEAST TV well in the history books it’s still split on there resume but Francis is here to take over

    • BEAST TV
      BEAST TV

      Dominated not loss

  • Avraham

    Ngannou gonna take this one

  • Tray Benton
    Tray Benton

    Who's he after Francis ngannou send stripe into the shadow Realm

  • Munir Romodan
    Munir Romodan

    Who’s here after he got kO ?

  • Nelson Demba
    Nelson Demba

    Who's here after the KO?

  • Urmom 101
    Urmom 101

    Welp this aged well

  • Rinfushimoto Ogun
    Rinfushimoto Ogun

    Damn! Stipe is retiring

  • Jendoubi Med Amine
    Jendoubi Med Amine

    Well this didn't age so well !

  • Waka Flocka Project
    Waka Flocka Project


  • Februus

    Well....Someone learned wrestling

    • Matri XXX
      Matri XXX

      If there is trilogy coming, Stipe will make big adjustments just like Francis did In the rematch. He will have his whole time working and Improving him now that he knows what Francis is capable off.

  • Manuel Meneses
    Manuel Meneses

    Adam has to be the best interviewer in the mma world

  • Sally Hayat
    Sally Hayat

    we need a petition for adam catterall getting the first question.

  • Philip Dunn
    Philip Dunn

    Adam Catteril is so much better than the rest and even though I'm not a great fan I'm rooting for Stipe. No one deserves it more.

  • florzy ぉ
    florzy ぉ

    i can just sense that this interview was way more genuine like stipe said he hates interviews but i think he was enjoying this unlike big nose ariel's

  • andy macka
    andy macka

    Baddest man on the planet and looks like normal dude 👊👊


      he was

    • BEAST TV
      BEAST TV

      Got knocked out and dominated

  • reece p
    reece p

    Can’t wait till the heavyweights realise being 265 is detrimental. Fat gassers no skill all power.

    • reece p
      reece p

      @Youngs1998 ?

    • Youngs1998


  • PTS13 Miffy
    PTS13 Miffy

    Ngannou wins, sorry stipe, if little DC can sleep ya well so can Nganoouuuu

    • PTS13 Miffy
      PTS13 Miffy

      @Arikaru what id say now?

    • Arikaru

      Lmao "little DC"

  • Nick Parry
    Nick Parry

    Stipe wins 💯

    • Nick Parry
      Nick Parry

      @Professor Suge 😔

    • Professor Suge
      Professor Suge


    • Nick Parry
      Nick Parry

      @BEAST TV Lol 😬

    • BEAST TV
      BEAST TV


  • Ryan

    A great man and a great personality

  • Pol Hasanlliu
    Pol Hasanlliu

    This man gonna win again

    • Pol Hasanlliu
      Pol Hasanlliu

      @Professor Suge yeaa i know man

    • Professor Suge
      Professor Suge

      U were saying ???

  • Sumedh Dhoni
    Sumedh Dhoni

    Bradley Cooper should play Stipe in a movie.

  • The Grand Priest
    The Grand Priest

    Hard to deny stipe

  • tranzLift416

    I can see Ngannou picking Miocic up and carrying him across the Octagon before slamming him to the canvas and a sledgehammer to end it.

  • mike ables
    mike ables

    I think Francis out weighs Stipe by over 30 lbs. I do not think Stipe's take downs will work. Last fight Stipe took two head shots that rattled him. Love the guy and would love to see him win but my money is on the challenger

  • Garry Lam
    Garry Lam

    Miocic is a lot quicker and his head movement better than Ngannou. Miocic can fight in all 5 rounds long, Ngannou can’t 2 rounds max for him. Predict Miocic will win again.

  • Jon Martins
    Jon Martins

    Who ever wins this one. Is gonna have to work for it.Only God knows

    • Professor Suge
      Professor Suge

      Francis barely broke a sweat knocking this fool clean tf out

    • Bubba

      A baby died in this house

  • Scott Swift
    Scott Swift

    Hell yeah stipe plays apex, wonder if I can play with him.

  • Farque Matthews
    Farque Matthews

    Stipe needs a mustache he looks like a christopher reeves without teeth

  • Elton Eagle
    Elton Eagle

    I think Ngannou will knock him out this time

  • Sensimilio Pablito
    Sensimilio Pablito

    Let's goooo STIPE

  • Better than Kyle at fortnite
    Better than Kyle at fortnite

    I bet on stipe beating Francis in the first fight but this time I’m betting Francis

    • D7G

      smart man

  • DadDistroyer

    Great interview mate

  • Matt Waldron
    Matt Waldron

    Stipe is highly underrated. He played Ngannou like a fiddle in their last fight.

  • pro pro
    pro pro

    Stipe has that Joker smile. But he is not joking

  • Jon bones Mahomes
    Jon bones Mahomes

    As a Croatian, i am proud of Stipe. Yes, true. He is a nice, humble, down to earth person, a true gentleman. But shouldn't it be normal? Shouldn't we all be like him? This world is totally crazy, when we need to point that out million times. Stipe is just a normal person and we all should be like that.

  • Sikhumbuzo mthombeni
    Sikhumbuzo mthombeni

    Wow, what a gentleman. Really cool guy, same as Ngannou as well. Amazing individuals and fighters.

  • Spencer Waite
    Spencer Waite

    Love stipe. Class act. Love the cat man an the northern quarter. If ya know ya know

  • Duka St
    Duka St


  • TB 12
    TB 12

    The most disrespected fighter in the UFC today. Dana wanting that Jones and Francis fight, watch Stepe end that dream for Dana 👌

    • Bashirfarahali Ali
      Bashirfarahali Ali


  • MrKaruba


  • The one
    The one

    This is the end of the Stipe. The new UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou 💪 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Max Business
    Max Business

    One of them will win. Should be a good technical fight.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    Stipe is a great champion - but if beats Francis again - he will not beat Jon Jones...

    • The Grand Priest
      The Grand Priest

      Eh fairly even fight between stipe and jbj

  • Raj Nijjer
    Raj Nijjer

    That was not even a fight that was just bitches.

  • Stay Sharp
    Stay Sharp

    This guy is built differently, the real man of steel, I'll have what Stipe is having

  • Charlie Goff
    Charlie Goff

    I always watch the BT interviews, questions not just boring repeats and seem to get the fighters talking and laughing!

  • Andrej Bucha
    Andrej Bucha

    I don't know what it is about Adam Catterall that every interview of his oozes such a good vibe and calm spirits. Thumbs up!

  • Steph Broadley
    Steph Broadley

    i love stipe but anyone els think he looks like bubbles from trail park boys ? its the smile

  • Calvin Smith
    Calvin Smith

    I think we will see a more composed Francis taking it slower, but his cardio will still fade after second round, and stipe can box with Francis and avoid the big shot and still pressure with takedowns even if they don’t get completed, stipe 4th round tko All just opinion obviously

  • Mr Hepek
    Mr Hepek

    Stipe is smiling to much, he could lose ez

  • Alex bethell
    Alex bethell

    This presenters such a bumlick

  • Goku Kakarot
    Goku Kakarot

    It’s amazing how people throw the phrase GOAT around. People don’t actually know that the real GOATS have 9-11 title defenses.

    • War Hammer
      War Hammer

      Not in heavyweights. Dudes rarely hold their title longer than twice because dudes get KOd all the time

  • Kp

    Jones vs Stipe if it happens, will be for the GOAT of MMA

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike

    That would be easier to believe if he hadn't been knocked out recently, albeit by a more skilled opponent.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Adam is so good it irritates me

  • Przemyslaw Jankowski
    Przemyslaw Jankowski

    Miocic looks like Joker Joaqin Phoenix

  • DJ C Combat
    DJ C Combat

    Nigganou can be champ right now while Stipe is champion 😤

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz

    If miocic wins this no doubt he is top 5 best white heavyweight of all times

    • Luis Ortiz
      Luis Ortiz

      @The Grand Priest No chance who has he beat

    • The Grand Priest
      The Grand Priest

      Greatest heavyweight of all time already

  • J McMenamin
    J McMenamin

    Such a nice guy

  • Snaccs Gaming
    Snaccs Gaming

    I want francis to win cuz stipe will take time off to be a dumbass fire fighter while francis is gonna be koing everyong again.

  • alcott devalte
    alcott devalte

    Stipe at this stage of his career isn't gonna get beaten. He has improved so much having fought DC 3 times now...

    • Tonia16 I
      Tonia16 I

      Your comment has aged badly. And Newww.....

    • alcott devalte
      alcott devalte

      @Abdullah Amin Based upon what was seen since their first fight. We didn't get the chance to see where Francis had evolved until last week... Over 50 minutes of footage of Stipe since 2018 and only around 2 minutes of Francis...

    • Abdullah Amin
      Abdullah Amin

      Really, great insight.

  • Jere

    Really hope Stipe beats Nnganou... Would hate a punchers chance victory by Francis. Stipe vs Jon Jones would be a great legacy fight, it would be a shame to interrupt that because of a lucky shot.

    • The Grand Priest
      The Grand Priest

      Ngannou’s a heavier puncher, but there’s no chance in hell that he’s a better fighter. Stipe = 🐐 of the heavyweights

  • David Michael
    David Michael

    The real life Clark Kent

  • ryo fight
    ryo fight

    This time mr 🚒 fireman wil go down and stay down . He had back 2 back wars with dc and toke lots of damage .. Francis will finish him off this time 😂

  • Mighty Mee
    Mighty Mee

    If Francis wins, nobody but nobody will take his belt ever...

  • Brandon Helmick
    Brandon Helmick

    This is the real champion of Cleveland. Never left his coaches or us! Best of luck Stipe can’t wait for the parade 👍

  • Mute hate preachers _stop division
    Mute hate preachers _stop division

    Likeable guy, humble champion.

  • Khan

    Stipe is only about 20x more comfortable with bt sport than he is with helwaini

  • Balaji

    Adam is better than Ariel

  • Danijel B
    Danijel B

    The vibe and energy was much more genuine in this interview compared to the Ariel interview

    • James Fox
      James Fox

      Ariel is serious creeper. Can't stand that dudes interviews

    • Bubba

      Don’t ever watch Ariel interviews

  • Charlie May
    Charlie May

    He’s mouth is identical to the joker official movie 💁‍♂️

  • ddandymann

    The best thing about Stipe always being the underdog? It makes me easy money.

    • stera Perowski
      stera Perowski


  • Expod

    I don't know what it is about Stipe, but I am rooting for that man like no other fighter before.

    • BEAST TV
      BEAST TV


  • Deano Shane
    Deano Shane

    Stipe top 5 fighters off all time and the best heavyweight champion there has ever been. But still seems to be such a genuine guy who is like the rest of us routing for him on the weekenedb

  • Chappo Chapman
    Chappo Chapman

    I personally think he’s the most down to earth humble fighter in the game. A true gentleman.

    • James Fox
      James Fox

      that's why dana overlooks him. he would rather have a showboat hype train fighter than someone people can actually relate to

    • Expod

      I share that opinion.

  • Steve B
    Steve B

    BT Sport could easily become the #1 source for current MMA content in any country (I'm American) with Hardy's fight breakdowns and the best interviews in all media, but yall need to start cranking more out!

  • Hector Rico
    Hector Rico

    It's basically Rocky but if Drago was from Africa.

  • Solace

    How insane would it be if Ngannou came out wrestling like Khabib 😂

    • Alex B
      Alex B


  • Irfan Anfilla
    Irfan Anfilla

    If they go for 5 rounds, nganou will definitely lose. He needs to KO Stipe just like DC did

  • dean lean
    dean lean

    Adam-best journalist loves this guý fr

  • Md Roni
    Md Roni

    I think sir stipe can beat jon jones after beating ngannou

  • Dominik Nuhanović
    Dominik Nuhanović

    He pronounced Miočić perfectly

  • Andrew


  • Shubham

    No timestamps😭😭

  • Matt h
    Matt h

    Is this the new Peter Parker

  • Kole Steele
    Kole Steele

    Hands down, BEST HEAVYWEIGHT in the sport.

    • BEAST TV
      BEAST TV

      no he almost died

    • Kole Steele
      Kole Steele

      Makes Randy & Cain in there prime look like Kimbo at a police station.

  • dr. terrible
    dr. terrible

    did he just say that he lost weight?

  • Krky Ivan
    Krky Ivan

    AND STILL HW GOAT 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mitch Birks
    Mitch Birks

    1st class interview

  • Wuzhaniin

    If ngannou worked on takedown defense he wins, if not then repeat of first fight. With that being said I’m going for the predator legooo

  • Abuzwebstar

    Stipe will loose badly. He was lucky the first time

    • UFC All strikes
      UFC All strikes

      Lucky for 5x5 25 minutes?

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