"It is the biggest challenge to bounce back." 馃憡 Tuchel happy with Chelsea resilience
Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel speaks to BT Sport's Des Kelly after goals from Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell secured a 2-0 first-leg win over Porto in the Champions League quarter-finals.
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  • leggo legg25
    leggo legg25

    Tuchel looks like he needs go on a diet

  • CFC

    i hope chelosea can win some silvaware this seasson

  • Juan Novoa
    Juan Novoa

    This guy in his interviews looks like hes trippin

  • Sandy Man
    Sandy Man

    I like Tuchel German coach but sad thing is he got sacked from PSG but doing great for Chelsea and PSG have now pochetto and defeated German club Bayern for first time since 2017 PSG will go through in my opinion.

  • Mr.B Inconnu
    Mr.B Inconnu

    Tuchellllllll 鉁婐煆烩湂馃徎鉁婐煆

  • ManLike Recess
    ManLike Recess

    Tuchel seems very off even tho we won 馃槙 even when both goals went on he was hardly celebrating. I鈥檓 worried 馃槄 hopefully he isn鈥檛 unhappy at Chelsea

  • Theokoles

    lame coach !

  • John Capo
    John Capo

    TUCHEL OFFENSE flood the middle (wide is not in the dictionary) pray for one goal, then flood the middle some more strangle your strikers, strangle soccer, strangle the GODS....lol

  • John Capo
    John Capo

    TUCHEL OFFENSE flood the middle ( wide is not in the dictionary) pray for one goal, then flood the middle some more strangle your strikers, strangle soccer, strangle the GODS....lol

  • NFmusicfan


  • Victor Nwankwo
    Victor Nwankwo

    Tuchelsea job well done

  • DJ Obscene
    DJ Obscene

    Didn鈥檛 fancy making eye contact aye Tuchel... what鈥檚 going on behind the big bit of cardboard??? Only lost once, shows the mentality of the manager 馃挋馃挋

    • Lotte Petterson
      Lotte Petterson

      he hates the annoying questions of the journalists :)

    • Sese

      He鈥檚 watching replays of the Chelsea Porto game :)

  • Solja Man
    Solja Man

    Chelsea have got the perfect manager who understands football very well 馃憤

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985
    KingDoms Kingdom1985

    Thomas "Opps on the block" Tuchel

  • Luis Angel Mendoza Chate
    Luis Angel Mendoza Chate

    The title is incorrect, Tuchel is very happy

  • Laci Kov谩cs
    Laci Kov谩cs

    very good coach

  • Chris Hilson
    Chris Hilson

    Somebody should put a drop or two of Super Glue behind his left ear.... 馃お馃お馃お馃お馃お馃お

  • Domuneckles Channel
    Domuneckles Channel

    They won鈥檛 win there next draw and then people will say so he didn鈥檛 bounce back really and probably get sacked game after that

  • Mr Emmanuel CEO
    Mr Emmanuel CEO

    This the man

  • lucas jones
    lucas jones

    Imagine the scenes of Chelsea won the final 馃槶

  • Bradford Nathan
    Bradford Nathan

    Nice one TT

  • Clutch Island
    Clutch Island

    Is he put in a cage 馃槀 the way he look at the journalist

  • Fezile Ndzinisa
    Fezile Ndzinisa

    That Chilwell goal gave Torres v Barcelona vibes.

  • Somesh Gowda
    Somesh Gowda

    I think it's gonna be Chelsea vs Dortmund in the final

  • J RJ96
    J RJ96

    Tuchel looks and sounds like a bond villian.

  • Party Vegetable
    Party Vegetable

    Why is he constantly looking down or away? 馃

  • CHIEF 111
    CHIEF 111

    Thank god they let him put some normal Clothes on 馃槀 great win for the lads!

  • Benjamin Amudoaghan
    Benjamin Amudoaghan

    I said it in the Chelsea FC Pre-Match livestream: Chelsea aren't the same; in fact NO TEAM is the same when they enter the Champions League. At least, compared to their league form.

  • ActiveSport

    Whys he looking round like he's wanted馃槀

  • Electric Mead
    Electric Mead

    A strong Porto side ???馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • nandan shetty
    nandan shetty

    We could well see PSG vs Chelsea if they can beat Real

  • Woody CFC
    Woody CFC

    His sub decisions won us this game

  • samiii jouli
    samiii jouli

    Never walk alone my club 馃挋

    • samiii jouli
      samiii jouli

      With chelsea

    • W


  • Siegmund Gehrke
    Siegmund Gehrke

    Go back to Germany tuchel these pomies don't deserve German coaches

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon

    Chelsea looking very impressive under him

  • Juan Novoa
    Juan Novoa

    2:13 the way he says Reece 馃槀馃ぃ

    • Juan Novoa
      Juan Novoa

      @Pex nah I bet he talks like that cuz he is German

    • Pex

      Reecey is his nickname 馃槀馃槀

  • Jack The Skipper
    Jack The Skipper

    Chelsea don't deserve this man

    • Jj Adams
      Jj Adams

      And why is that? Top manager at a top club

  • Paulo Gon莽alves - Brawl Stars
    Paulo Gon莽alves - Brawl Stars

    I see no respect for Porto whatsoever. Big respect for your win last night Chelsea fans, but please keep in mind that we still have another 90 minutes to be played, and that Porto was extremely superior this game, we just didn't make use of our given opportunities, either way, good luck to both teams FORCA PORTO 馃挋

    • Paulo Gon莽alves - Brawl Stars
      Paulo Gon莽alves - Brawl Stars

      @W 馃槀馃槀

    • W

      Extremely superior is bit of an exaggeration

  • Maan K
    Maan K

    If we still had Lampard, we could've not go this far in the champions league and won't get top 4 as we will be ethier 5/8

  • Boxing finest AJ warrior
    Boxing finest AJ warrior

    I'm scared of this man he's brilliant I don't care londom is red but if he carries in it's starting to get a bit blue lol plz just keep playing werner and we should be alright 馃槈

  • Lembah Hijau
    Lembah Hijau

    Just don鈥檛 play Zouma anymore. And please start Pulisic or Ziyech instead of Havertz. All Havertz can do is backpass.

    • Ahmad Irfan
      Ahmad Irfan

      As a false 9, that's what he needs to do to open up space for Werner and Mount. learn the role first lol.

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy

    This guy is a fantastic glorious manager...he's humble too

  • Hg Hg
    Hg Hg

    Perfect response by TT as usual, praising the result and the opposing team simultaneously which of course translate up to a point as critic of our own performance which was not stellar for large periods of time without saying it directly, This guy is something else, our best signing for sure.

  • Isaac Adedayo
    Isaac Adedayo

    TBH Chelsea Played Bad Defensively But Mendy Turned up for the blues. Porto could have drawn or won the game massive Respect for Porto.

  • Riizk Official
    Riizk Official

    I love this Guy so much its crazy

  • Korean Bolly Mix
    Korean Bolly Mix

    Mankind : Corona is dangerous. Chilwell : No!

  • Stu Ramsay
    Stu Ramsay

    Surprised he didn't mention Mendy, who looks to have been MOTM. As usual, interviewers only believe in final third.


    Havertz and Wener are biggest dissapointment

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine

    In tuchel we trust!

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente

    Chelsea's best teams have been strong defensively...this team is no different. Might win it all.

  • Kevin Connelly
    Kevin Connelly

    What the odds on Chelsea winning this after watching the Bayern and PSG game last night they defo have a chance

  • Edi Cavani
    Edi Cavani

    Congrats coach

  • WhyMe432532

    He's looking around making sure Roman didn't put a sniper somewhere to take him out.

    • LordShark


  • R K
    R K

    Chelsea Vs psg final ... Tuchel Vs Psg or u can say Tuchel Vs Leandro ....my guts feelings it will happen..many rivals fans still don't believe chelsea can win Champion league..it's return in heaven 2012-2021 ... Tuchel is hungry of champions League trophy ..we can beat Spanish team in semifinal like in 2012..we believe we can win come on chelsea we believe we will be champions again come on chelsea come on Tuchel 馃構 we r the one under horses

  • Stan

    I can feel he is still sad about the west brom game. Not looking happy at all. Hopefully next match, they can make a statement win.

  • Bago Boy
    Bago Boy


  • Ina xaaji
    Ina xaaji

    I like everything about this the only thing I don't like is his treatment of tammy abraham specially how werner and Havertz are not at their best he deserves a chance

  • sony 63361
    sony 63361

    In Tuchel we trust 馃弳

  • Ame Kaiza
    Ame Kaiza

    Meh lucky

    • Jj Adams
      Jj Adams

      Hahahahaha cry Chelsea are winning it againnnnn

  • Jackbauerx

    wtf he looking at? HAIL TUCHEL

  • Kylian Joe
    Kylian Joe

    What's up with him looking all over the place

    • Lotte Petterson
      Lotte Petterson

      he is looking at the screens to see the goals

  • rosie giesler
    rosie giesler

    Klopp should learn a thing or 2 from Tuchel about not bullshitting your way through a loss

  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury

    He said Chilly. xD

  • Malik Lany
    Malik Lany

    tuchel whats your problem with ziyech

    • Dawoud Ahmed
      Dawoud Ahmed

      Ziyech has actually played the majority of games under tuchel

    • Jack Bauer
      Jack Bauer

      Not that good

  • Red Mist
    Red Mist

    Tuchel looking around for a youngers better than mount but he cant find any

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi

      @Russell Leighton Only Mbappe and Haaland, Foden will be better but rn no since Mount is much better overall and attacking wise it鈥檚 very close but Foden just edges it and Vini shouldn鈥檛 be there just because he scored 2 against Liverpool馃槀

    • Red Mist
      Red Mist

      @Russell Leighton did u really just say vinicius just cuz he scored two vs liverpool 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    • Victor Eke
      Victor Eke

      @Bret Galway vini馃槀馃槀

    • Bret Galway
      Bret Galway

      @Russell Leighton i agree with all except Vinicius . Just because he got two goals against Liverpool , that doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 great, Mount is better than him and Mount has the potential to be better than foden

    • Russell Leighton
      Russell Leighton

      Foden, Mbappe, Haaland, Vinicius.Jr

  • M.Y 115
    M.Y 115

    Chelsea vs PSG yes please

  • Max Lonsdale
    Max Lonsdale

    Why was he bugging so much hahah

  • Ali Kadi
    Ali Kadi

    extremely bad and poorly played by Chelsea Porto was much better

    • Jj Adams
      Jj Adams

      We dont care we are winning champions league again 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Kieran Lane
    Kieran Lane

    At the start of the video it says 10-2 to Porto

  • IrishGorilla HD
    IrishGorilla HD

    Chelsea psg final psg's old manager stops them from wining the ucl

    • Bossman kb Awesome
      Bossman kb Awesome

      @Theokoles with tuchel it鈥檚 possible 1 loss in his whole time there he defo is worth a shout

    • Rohit Gupta
      Rohit Gupta

      @Theokoles i hope Theojokes 馃檭馃檭馃檭

    • Theokoles

      chelsea winning champions ! nope not in this reality

    • Rehan

      Ouch 馃槼

    • Bossman kb Awesome
      Bossman kb Awesome

      Too jokes

  • alexndr27

    This guy's confidence just screams 2004 Jose, Chelsea are definitely dark horses

  • Billy D
    Billy D

    Yeah, defo like this man. Could see Haaland in this team.

    • Rohit Gupta
      Rohit Gupta

      @Billy D welll.... that was deep!!

    • Billy D
      Billy D

      @Rohit Gupta Unless they can offload Bale they can鈥檛 afford him due to FFP.

    • Rohit Gupta
      Rohit Gupta

      @Billy D mayb he wants to go to unReal madrid 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    • Billy D
      Billy D

      @Rohit Gupta only Man U or Chelsea can afford him and neither deal with his agent anymore.

    • Rohit Gupta
      Rohit Gupta

      @Billy D dortmund is small... he will definitely want to be in epl or laliga if he wanna go big... and it wud b silly of dortmund to hold him back coz man, they r gonna make some serious money selling him

  • SamBoGan

    People doesnt realize that Chelsea is still unbeaten in this UCL.

    • HeatWave

      @HMQ Legend Nah la liga is weak this year ngl.

    • HMQ Legend
      HMQ Legend

      @The Spectator sevilla atletico isnt easy, atletico was the hardest team too get out of every team

    • William Townsend
      William Townsend

      I鈥檓 interested how they鈥檒l face the massive teams, like PSG or city if they play them

    • Hull City
      Hull City

      @The Spectator what a silly comment

    • Lil_ Nivy
      Lil_ Nivy

      And has only been scored on once in the whole competition against ren

  • Joey Cheang
    Joey Cheang

    Why does tuchel look so bewildered

  • Ricky O
    Ricky O

    He鈥檚 irritated at the performance but great result

  • Tyrone Codner
    Tyrone Codner

    Random fact: Chelsea have not lost a game under Tuchel when there are 3-4 days between their fixtures. However 5-14 days it's been a draw strange enough. Example: Chelsea vs Burnley 2-0 Jan 31 4 days later Chelsea vs Spurs 1-0 Feb 4 3 days later Chelsea vs Sheffield Utd 2-1 Feb 7 4 days later Chelsea vs Barnsley 1-0 Feb 11 4 days later Chelsea vs Newcastle 2-0 Feb 15 5 days later Chelsea vs Southampton 1-1 Feb 20 3 days later Chelsea vs Atletico 1-0 Feb 23 5 days later Chelsea vs Man Utd 0-0 Feb 28 4 days later Chelsea vs Liverpool 1-0 Mar 4 4 days later Chelsea vs Everton 2-0 Mar 8 5 days later Chelsea vs Leeds 0-0 March 13 4 days later Chelsea vs Atletico 2-0 March 17 4 days later Chelsea vs Sheffield 2-0 March 21 13 days later Chelsea vs West Brom 2-5 April 3

    • Tyrone Codner
      Tyrone Codner

      @Paint Slover That's no excuse to lose to West Brom. We lost because of individual errors in the midfield and back 3. Anyways, if my theory is right we should go unbeaten for the rest of the season (not saying we will win all games because we could draw vs Fulham)

    • Paint Slover
      Paint Slover

      Or more like we haven鈥檛 lost when we had 11 players on the pitch cause we were winning against west Brom but then the red card was the reason why we lost

    • Tyrone Codner
      Tyrone Codner

      @Munzi037 No I don't want to jinx it lol

    • Munzi037

      Send this to Tuchel copying in Roman

    • Tyrone Codner
      Tyrone Codner

      @Putra Ikr weird but understandable and it has been only under Tuchel not under u know who.

  • Andrew

    Bringing Tuchel in was the best signing we could have made and its paid off 馃榿

    • Rai Star
      Rai Star

      @Ozair ahmed Leading in clean sheets in UCL 馃數馃挋

    • Ozair ahmed
      Ozair ahmed

      But Mendy tho oof what a signing!

    • Chee Chinwong
      Chee Chinwong


  • Straw hat Luffy
    Straw hat Luffy

    Tuchel doing wonders for this club. Absolute class馃憦馃憦

  • Artis Upitis
    Artis Upitis

    Tuchel is looking around like he's on a 5 star wanted level

    • Tyson


    • AJ Racing
      AJ Racing

      He is on a 5 star wanted level. Uefa want to give him the ucl trophy

    • Big

      It is annoying but there is nobody there for him to talk to or look at as it is being done on screens because of social distancing

    • Big

      It is annoying but he has nobody to look at as it is all on screens for social distancing

    • Ctrl alt De Ligt
      Ctrl alt De Ligt

      Haha Tuchrevor Phillips

  • Jack Stackz
    Jack Stackz

    Mason mount the best regular sclorer 馃ぃ

  • Christophe Oosterwijk
    Christophe Oosterwijk

    he's get used to those nicknames

  • Happyapple42

    Great guy. So humble.

  • lost soul
    lost soul

    That left ear is beautiful

    • lost soul
      lost soul

      @W K. Chelsea needed this guy, lampard was day dreamer

    • lost soul
      lost soul

      @W K. He can hear round corners with that beaut

    • W K.
      W K.

      thats his spy ear ... beware!

  • Rice and beans
    Rice and beans

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before it鈥檚 too late it鈥檚 your choice... heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !!!


    glad to see his new club do well still wish he was at psg 馃ズ馃挏

    • Will Smith
      Will Smith

      @Yung Schlong199 Just having a chat with Big John mate.

    • Yung Schlong199
      Yung Schlong199

      @Will Smith what is going on馃槀

    • CRYCES

      @John Does whatever 馃挏馃挏

    • Will Smith
      Will Smith

      @John Does whatever Hi mate. Just lying in bed right now. What's up?

    • John Does whatever
      John Does whatever

      @Will Smith Hello?

  • Adem Kilinc
    Adem Kilinc

    Guys I think we should respect that ref the amount of times they kept diving was annoying

    • Taurus

      Thought they were trying for some sort of diving record all over the pitch

    • Roland Herczeg
      Roland Herczeg

      They were keep trying to break the ritm of the game with their silly dives. It was bad to watch it. At least the 2-0 lead is well deserved.

    • oun7es

      Yeah they were diving everywhere on another day with another ref they would have had a penalty and tones of free kicks

    • Chelsea King
      Chelsea King

      @excel.sior. no I noticed it they were so annoying

    • excel.sior.

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that they were diving

  • Jason Ribeiro
    Jason Ribeiro

    I wonder how much the ref got paid, the decisions were disgraceful

    • Jj Adams
      Jj Adams

      Yep Porto players couldnt stop diving, pathetic club

  • Amickey Ronny
    Amickey Ronny

    A proud club indeed 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Garisaa mini bloggers
    Garisaa mini bloggers

    Good game for us it's look like 2012 season

  • Raunak Iqbal
    Raunak Iqbal

    Chelsea to win champions league x

  • Ben Bagley
    Ben Bagley

    What does he keep looking at?

    • Noir FIFA
      Noir FIFA

      He鈥檚 looking at the stars

    • BmwM419

      Tv screen or monitor, looking at the goals

  • michael murillo
    michael murillo

    Now win in the premier league.

  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes

    Bring on Madrid

  • Kennedy Vincent
    Kennedy Vincent

    What is he looking up there 馃槀

    • Seb Palmer
      Seb Palmer

      He was looking at replays of the goals they said after on bt

  • mickyeverton

    This guy speaks better English than me innit!! 鈿金煈嶁毥馃憤

    • 33Camden

      Innit bruv 馃槉

  • Grim Affiliations
    Grim Affiliations

    Kante was only on for 10 mins but he completely took over the midfield. Chelsea are gonna need him in there against that scary Madrid midfield

    • MyloPlayz

      @Jephta Asamoah Thywill Wtf that language

    • Jephta Asamoah Thywill
      Jephta Asamoah Thywill

      @Rakesh Kumar exactly my point and we r not losing to Madrid incase we meet them.

    • Rakesh Kumar
      Rakesh Kumar

      @Emmanuel he meant Madrid are not scary as b4. Chelsea may win or lose to Madrid(if both meet in semis) but definitely not scared

    • Zin Ko Htet
      Zin Ko Htet

      final would be chelsea vs psg

    • Emmanuel

      @Jephta Asamoah Thywill why they controlled that Liverpool game don鈥檛 sleep on them

  • Topfelya

    I can see he's not happy with tonight performance

    • Zamzam Mo'Allin
      Zamzam Mo'Allin

      your spot on. He's a perfectionist and we were pretty bad at times during the game where we couldn't string three passes. So he'll want to improve on that

    • John Terry
      John Terry

      yeah chelsea should've scored more against that dead team. porto were lucky today

    • Peter Shortland
      Peter Shortland

      He is happy just not satisfied job isn't 100% done yet we may have won 2-0 but in past we have bottled leads before we have to do the same in return leg

    • Topfelya

      @Party Vegetable Spot on mate ! This is what I noticed too. He usually looking into the camera and smiling

    • Topfelya

      @Devin Halim Exactly


    I can't unsee his non-symmetrical ears

    • Bill William
      Bill William

      Nevee realized that till now馃槃馃槄馃槄

  • Mark McBride
    Mark McBride

    I reckon he's checking the scoreboards from the other game this evening, there were still a few minutes left

    • ChelseaExeter TV
      ChelseaExeter TV

      Hi Mark. He was in fact watching the replays of the goals in the FC Porto vs Chelsea match.

  • Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas
    Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas

    I swear tuchel didn't celebrate a single goal today. Forget about the matches against West brom and Southampton, he is probably still pissed about the first game against wolves lmao 馃ぃ 馃槀

    • mata Hari
      mata Hari

      @Mr. Blue Sky weiner

    • EL Ismail
      EL Ismail

      @Pranav Parameshwaran it is and sure they will practice more for that particular part.

    • Sahil Ahmed
      Sahil Ahmed

      @John Doe IMO the best type of manager to have. Love a mad perfectionist!!

    • Wolves WWFC1877
      Wolves WWFC1877


    • Muhammad Ibnu
      Muhammad Ibnu

      @Pranav Parameshwaran yeah true

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