"It’s a big wake up call." Thomas Tuchel Fumes After First Chelsea Defeat
Thomas Tuchel reflects on his first defeat and an afternoon to forget, as 10-man Chelsea collapse against relegation-threatened West Brom at Stamford Bridge.
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  • Joshua Yawson
    Joshua Yawson

    U shud hv sub Alonso

  • Pro Business
    Pro Business

    Great guy, great couch

  • ken tang
    ken tang

    Dont take into this bullshit guys... soccer is a fixed game. And rigged. Win or lose or draw, the players and the coaching are making millions....

  • Of the Uchiha clan
    Of the Uchiha clan

    His english is superb !!

  • Suleman Ibrahim
    Suleman Ibrahim

    Why do managers develop a sudden "grey hair" when they join EPL club??

  • andrew styles
    andrew styles

    go tuchel

  • Elmundo the Great
    Elmundo the Great

    Wow that must've been bad tackle for a yellow red card.

  • Aaron Eshun
    Aaron Eshun

    Title says fumes... How is he fuming

  • Sean Gibbons
    Sean Gibbons

    Fuming is a strong word,he was pretty calm and honest

  • john honai
    john honai

    Is there an app to watch champions league on laptop

  • Delta Force
    Delta Force

    No ziyech no Win

  • thekidd7

    Play Ben Chilwell over that Alonso killer.

  • Maduka Austin
    Maduka Austin

    Welcome to EPL Thomas

  • Marcus Chung
    Marcus Chung

    Red card as an excuse. Some teams (including West Brom itself) played 10-men still managed to play well.

  • Elan Abrahams
    Elan Abrahams

    The fact that he said it's a big wack up call "for me included" shows how good of a manager he is that he puts himself next to his team.

  • LoserJ7

    Yeah that red card really screwed them up.

  • blue knight
    blue knight

    I think tuchel is a very good coach, but it was a mistake to start Silva for this game. Even though jorghinio was shocking in front of him, silva was not ready to start this match. And I like Werner and am desperately willing him on to do well, but he is not the player to leave on the pitch when we need goals.

  • MJ Joseph
    MJ Joseph

    Jorginho was an embarrassment ! Dispicable display.

  • It’s Kante time
    It’s Kante time

    Kante in for jorgi please

  • UMAR 123
    UMAR 123

    How was he Fuming BT looking for the drama. Utterly Stupid

  • Chelsea tv
    Chelsea tv

    I am positive with tuchel in the driving seat we can make champions league count as focus on top 4 seems to be evaporating fast must forget this game tough games coming up now we see who wants to wear that blue shirt we as fans want to see who wants in and who wants the exit door

  • Shehzad Janbocus
    Shehzad Janbocus

    tuchel this is the premier league not the farmer league !!!!


    Tuchel's obsession with Jorginho is like Ole's with Fred. Both contributing nothing to the team.

  • patrick B
    patrick B

    hahaha well deserved 5goals lol

  • God_ YNWA
    God_ YNWA

    Steptoe is now a manager??

  • soumik mukherjee
    soumik mukherjee

    Tuchel getting sacked by summer

  • Todd The God
    Todd The God

    Jorginio and Alonso were horrible. Should have subbed them out for chilly and kante

  • Joakim Lindholm
    Joakim Lindholm

    Been a Chelsea fan for almost 20 years and there arent many players i like in this Chelsea. Kante. And Mount. The rest i wouldnt weep if they left.

  • Bing Chiu Yuen
    Bing Chiu Yuen

    Find the best position for the new signings is a top priority , that caused Lampard’s sacking, New coach seems to handle the German players quite well, easier communication, then the others. Let’s see how it goes.

  • Patrik V
    Patrik V

    I hope we get something like a 5-0 win against Porto just to shut up the haters and plastic fans.

  • Uzzal Gogoi
    Uzzal Gogoi

    When a team is one man down... best formation is 3-4-2 or 3-4-1-1 Then try get a goal and ask wingers to play as full backs after scoring.

  • Sadnan Mamun
    Sadnan Mamun

    We have bought a bunch of schurrles

  • Aani 4
    Aani 4

    Chelshit FC

  • James

    Tuchel getting sacked by the summer. Classy club

  • chuang marak
    chuang marak

    It happens in a game So it's not a big deal ❣️ I know he can comeback again and winning games ❤️

  • Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer

    There are better midfielders than jorginho, guy is not good enough for pl

  • Liam H
    Liam H

    Any Chelsea fan commenting "Tuchel Out!" isn't a Chelsea fan. They're a filthy glory hunter. It's his first defeat in a season where home advantage doesn't exist. They say anyone can beat anyone in football; this season is a season where *anyone* can literally beat anyone because of it. Look at Liverpool, for goodness sake. Are their fans calling for Klopp's head? No! The players didn't turn up, simple as. Suck it up and move on to the next game.

  • Marvin Smith
    Marvin Smith

    I'm just here to read the excuses of the Chelsea fans

  • Takiowns Poker
    Takiowns Poker

    Jorginho looked like prime Eric Dier.

  • Emmanuel Daberechi
    Emmanuel Daberechi


  • Lauriston Smith
    Lauriston Smith

    I think that Timo Werner's miss in the defeat against North Macedonia and all of the ensuing criticism has had a negative effect on the Chelsea team.

  • Henry the black Alien head
    Henry the black Alien head

    I'll never be as good as lampard little own tuchel. I nearly got monaco under 5s relegated and frank got top 4. But pls don't say a word else I'll delete ALL social media's... tomorrow

  • diego armando
    diego armando

    Nagelsman welcom to chelsea tuchel is to small for chelsea

  • Om Sareen
    Om Sareen

    Timo’s goal scoring form will never return like this ...he does not even have the confidence to take-a shot himself.

  • h k
    h k

    It's a enormous wake up call

  • Peter Jump
    Peter Jump

    Just finished watching Premier league years, and the Chelsea teams I've been watching are the real teams this team of today, would be relegated, if they played a few years ago absolutely shocking this team no back bone,

  • Cocoberry Free
    Cocoberry Free

    Tuckal made rookie coach mistakes in this game tactically & in subs & formation after Silva red card.... too much for a genius 🧐

  • Claude 25
    Claude 25

    Fc Porto Will smash chelsea in champions league!

  • ian jimmy
    ian jimmy

    He is one of the best.. no doubt.. it normal happen like this and 10 against 11 .. its normal.. come on Chelsea ...

  • wullieman

    Don’t think all of the players like him .

  • Vishnu U
    Vishnu U

    A humble human being..we respect u coach and ofcourse believe u...ucl champions🏆

  • Teven Moodley
    Teven Moodley

    Very good and honest

  • Hugh Mitchell
    Hugh Mitchell

    The players should take the blame as they were awfully not on their game hecould drop eny one never seen them turn the ball bk so easy if they have eny thort for the champions league they better play better than that let the club down players moan about not playing they need to take a good hard look at the game and see if they players players did not perform apart fro the subs

  • عبدالوهاب آدم
    عبدالوهاب آدم

    This is April fool it's not a real match not count in my book

  • Khairul Jamil
    Khairul Jamil

    Since when he has white beard

    • rofl_waffl

      @Liam H LMFAO

    • Liam H
      Liam H

      This match turned his beard white.

  • Mukelabai Stanley
    Mukelabai Stanley

    In footabll we need to accept anything, this has come at a right time when we face porto,we are winning porto

  • Peter


  • Woody CFC
    Woody CFC

    We will beat Porto on Wednesday

  • angel queenシ
    angel queenシ

    After Liverpool won last night there only 2 points behind Chelsea now.

    • Harry Evans
      Harry Evans

      And ????????????

  • Chelsea King
    Chelsea King

    Don’t forget 2012 conceded 5 goals at home in one game lost it then won the champions league

  • Eric Mbogu
    Eric Mbogu

    Welcome to England, Tuchel.

  • Ahmad Shaffiq
    Ahmad Shaffiq

    Blame to T. Silva

  • Clarence Amadeus
    Clarence Amadeus

    its the mentality of the entire team that is in problem. They were 1-0 Up, against West Brom, 1 man down but it's still minute 20's. They should be able to gain focus, wait a little bit, then strike when the time is right. Where is those calmness? Instead they are rushing, and constantly making mistake which makes it worse for them

  • Faiaz Mash
    Faiaz Mash

    Welcome to premier league

  • Mahmud Muhammad
    Mahmud Muhammad

    Still CHELSEA fan 💙

    • Liam H
      Liam H

      What a stupid comment. Real fans shouldn't have to say this; real fans stick by their team through thick and thin and shouldn't have to justify it...

  • Bing Chiu Yuen
    Bing Chiu Yuen

    Honey Moon is over, Thomas.

    • Bing Chiu Yuen
      Bing Chiu Yuen

      @Liam H let’s hope so, Liam. Thanks.

    • Liam H
      Liam H

      1 defeat. They'll bounce back. Give the man time, especially now since home advantage no longer exists.

  • Have That
    Have That

    Chelsea will bounce back from the loss. We have to put our faith in them. This kind of situation happens in football and we have to accept it.

  • kinda cool
    kinda cool

    Tuchel out

  • Damion Anderson
    Damion Anderson

    zouma is garbage

  • Natnaeal Mergia
    Natnaeal Mergia

    1 loss since he became manager after frank lampard not bad.

  • Mohammed Zoheb
    Mohammed Zoheb

    Porto awaits

  • Jonathan Kakooza
    Jonathan Kakooza

    Tuchel out!!! Right now!!

  • Robby Burnpipe
    Robby Burnpipe

    Chelsea becoming Arsenal. That’s what Arsene felt after the invincible. What’s Tomas fuming about??? Thing like this happen

  • meral mustafov
    meral mustafov

    Why start with thiago silva when he not played long time ?İts 100% tuchel’s mistake

  • Greek Gaddafi
    Greek Gaddafi


    • Lauriston Smith
      Lauriston Smith


  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Tired, red card, missed chances, poor performaces + great performance from opponent = upset- not that complicated

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Love this coach and there is no way it's HIS choice to play Werner. That's coming from the top

    • Corbzer

      well we cant play tammy hes out injured and he cant play giroud every game either that really only leaves werner as the centre forward. Id rather tammy the moment he is back fit.

  • All in one
    All in one

    Miss giroud on the pitch....that's the big problem

  • Mark

    Big Sam schooled tuchel

  • Giovane Leone
    Giovane Leone

    Okay porto 3-1

  • MJT

    I don't want any mistakes against FC Porto like what Juventus did

  • Ali Zaidi Diallo
    Ali Zaidi Diallo

    Manager of the month Chelsea 2 Brom 5 Tuchel welcome to the EPL😎

  • Habshoosh

    The buble got burst

  • ruhel100

    In Tushit we trust

  • Silver Lining
    Silver Lining

    Time to go TT!!! Enough is enough!!!!

    • fdfv 66
      fdfv 66


  • Harry Mack
    Harry Mack

    i have said it many times, the senior players aren't leaders and aren't good enough for chelsea, this is why we should have stuck with lampard, he was navigating alot of them out.

  • Ohthatsnotme

    Silva should just retire

  • Anthony O farrell
    Anthony O farrell

    Tuchel needs to man up and accept his own responsibility.

  • Kwame Nyame
    Kwame Nyame

    I believe such mistakes and attitude after being down a man and a goal will not happen under TT again. We will bounce back.

  • Salin Asmar
    Salin Asmar

    Touchel is making a mistake in thinking that all the Chelsea players are good to play in our team! So the other managers like Frank Lampard and other team coaches are stupids for conceding so many goals with such talented players in their teams!….. Who can be so imbecile to not realize Zouma has not the quality to perform at this level? …. Any time Zouma is in the field we lose! … Lampard was sacked because the moron never realized that Zouma only creates havoc in the defense for his lack of mental creativity to progress the ball forward, not to mention his lack of possession that makes him to deliver bricks to all his teammates around! But the problem is not only the stubborn stupidity to insist all Chelsea players are immaculate by Touchel, and his delusional idea that no matter who he chooses to play, the team will perform the same.! No Mr Touchel that is not reality! Zouma is a disgrace in the defense, and Georgino was on vacations today! Touchel would never have to choose Zouma over Rudriger, and instead of that selection must have played Christiansen or give an opportunity to the italian brasilian who never plays, But he must definitely consider to bring back Tomori which has excellent abilities with the ball and possession, and once and for all loan Zouma! I am tired of channels like Blue Lions TV who were selling Zouma as the fifth marvel of the world! I noticed how players agents buy media to praise his clients. The same machine that was used by JT, Ruben Loftus Cheek and now Kurt Zouma. Those players think that buying publicity are going to steal Chelsea money and get a forever place in the team even they have no quality for doing so. Our defense was a disaster and the reason for sacking Lampard and now according to this stupids all the players are 10 of 10, Zouma is a disaster which cant give a single pass out of the area. Run for the camera and then stops and give a brick to the nearest defender. In the Atletico Madrid game he did it with Rudriger. The channels that are selling Zouma to stay forever as the solution for Chelsea show us clearly that they don't care about the team but the money they receive to make players publicity... Corrupts!

  • Netto shopper
    Netto shopper

    Abdullah Shallah Rashid approves 👍

  • *Aesthetic Vibxs*
    *Aesthetic Vibxs*

    Fumes??????not fumed during the whole interview

  • Aliyu Madaki
    Aliyu Madaki

    Today’s performance is not only shambolic it was disgraceful and Tuchel should share part of the blame.I questioned the lineup especially starting Timo and not removing Jorginho immediately after the red card which he caused. Tuchel biggest undoing maybe his arrogance with lineups.

  • Oneil Simpson
    Oneil Simpson

    Who tell him to leave psg

  • Party Vegetable
    Party Vegetable

    Oh dear. He looks very different in defeat. 🤕

    • Maike Engel
      Maike Engel

      Well of course he is different when his team loses to when his team wins. Everyone is.

  • Rachid Er
    Rachid Er

    When the coach try to do philosophie in place of his job the result can't be anything but this quality of game.

  • Ali Kadi
    Ali Kadi

    Trainer is to blame for the defeat because he replaced Ziyech. Tuchel is 👎👎👎

  • token chips
    token chips

    Thomas tuchel doesn't like reece James

    • token chips
      token chips

      @Sahmoud Kasaly watch him get dropped

    • Sahmoud Kasaly
      Sahmoud Kasaly

      That’s not true

  • Munib Rishad
    Munib Rishad

    Y didn't he remove Werner n ziyech at the sane time n put Christiansen n rudiger and turn to a 4 4 1 system

  • Jamie Price
    Jamie Price

    Brought back down to earth with a BIG BANG

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