Fight Week: UFC 260 Miocic v Ngannou Review Show with Michael Bisping
Francis Ngannou is the new heavyweight champion of the UFC! Michael Bisping, Adam Catterall and Nick Peet breakdown his incredible win against Stipe Miocic at #UFC260 on Fight Week!
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  • cameo718

    Love the enthusiasm of these guys.. as good as the fights themselves..

  • Kenneth Mortensen
    Kenneth Mortensen

    I can find at least 4 former champs that would be great fights for sugar Shaun at bantamweight

  • tom bob
    tom bob

    Frances has the best sleeping pill man can offer.....night night john d.u.i. jones

  • Gennaro

    Woodleys last win, and last loss, were both by darce choke

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee

    The Americans need subtitles for this show

  • SpAsM AE
    SpAsM AE

    Please get rid of bisping.

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter

    Two mere mortals next to the legend that is.... D.J Mikey B.

  • Larry Ramirez
    Larry Ramirez

    I've been watching this show for a while and I was a bit shocked to see Michael Bisping in lieu of Dan Hardy, I wanted to give it a chance because I like The Count but this doesn't work. Dan Hardy's analysis but more so his presence balances out with Adam and Nick, I'm not sure I'll tune in to see this current trio.

  • Ivan Zurak
    Ivan Zurak

    nick peet is total idiot...

  • Alan Heavey
    Alan Heavey

    Who here would love to see Mikey B and Dan Hardy breaking down fights together?

  • B Johnson
    B Johnson

    miocic has and still has giganic .....balls stepping into the cage with this killer!!! props to winning belt to the african huuge man!! so scary yes!!

    • B Johnson
      B Johnson

      anyone want to add to this?

  • L Nguyen
    L Nguyen

    The beauty of British sayings in this video, when Bisping says Tyron swung that hook from "last week" , talking about overcommitting to his punches and being countered by Luque - love it @16:28

  • pasquale canfora
    pasquale canfora

    The uttermost sideboard postsynaptically bang because certification pharmacodynamically prevent notwithstanding a trashy chill. hallowed, agonizing mandolin

  • Ryan McGuire
    Ryan McGuire

    Love Bisping but its not the same without Dan Hardy

  • kimba007

    Conor has 3 of the top five highest selling PPVs (percentage!!!). That's what Jon should focus on because that is in his control (or not). Conor also makes money endorsing. Jon, ask yourself who's responsible for your lack of that? The next thing Jon will now do is the pull out the race card. Imagine that, a rich black man married to a white woman. Watch, after the "release me" antics, it's systemic racism.

  • Albert Wolf
    Albert Wolf

    Ah yes, the famous Vicente "vincente" luque.

  • Themayseffect

    the final knock down was a head on collision with opposing traffic. Stipe's Jaw and Ngannou's brick wall of a fist. Look at the way Stipe's forward momentum just came crashing to a halt! scary.

  • chanukya nuthalapati
    chanukya nuthalapati

    bisping is good but miss dan.

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson

    “Knocked out, choked out and tapped out in one go!” 🤣😱🤣😱🤣

  • Razor jaw86
    Razor jaw86

    I love how Adam has a poster of Conor vs RDA in the background 😂😂😂

  • Razor jaw86
    Razor jaw86

    BT Sport always doing a better job then ESPN

  • Vrikodar Medina
    Vrikodar Medina

    Please not Bisping....he was a great fighter but can't talk or make sense to save his life 😏

    • GM3

      Nope he makes sense to me and he is funny af

  • Deen

    Half of that h spent been a champ ,ye that fight just once a year please

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    Stipe wobbled Francis there for a split second. Imagine Francis having the skills of Jones. Oblique kicks, elbows, suplex Ngannou would be the GOAT of GOAT

  • MrJul1000

    Wow Stipe fall the same way Mirco Crocop fall when he fought Gonzaga and lost by TKO his knee nearly got dislocated. And he's originally from Croatia too. Unbelievable the situation matches!

  • A S
    A S

    Ngannou hype train is going to be derailed soon enough

  • Daniel Myers
    Daniel Myers

    People are so stupid Francis vs Lewis does not go the same way again Francis was coming off his loss to Stipe and Lewis had a bad back.

  • madridista1611

    Ngannou, much improved, Stipe, older, lighter and slower, the DC fights had clearly caused deterioration

  • George Hale
    George Hale

    Nick gonna be behind the scenes crying to the producers about Bisping being mean to him within a month lol

  • Uhmz1212

    Time too release woodley. I like him as a fighter but after 4 loses its time too protect him from more damage.

  • Wally

    Adam is the best!

  • Dhillon

    Feel like t wood felt the pressure of the community saying he’s washed and frozen so he felt the need to go for broke straight away. Poor guy man I feel terrible for him, seriously

  • barrelrolldog

    bisping please listen to the joe rogan podcast with ngannou, the story is way crazier than sleeping in a car.

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust

    Don’t get me wrong Dan Hardy is the goat of fight analyzing. But Michael Bisping is doing a pretty damn good job filling in the void with this crew.

  • john hanco
    john hanco

    I wonder if it's cte poor bisping mixing up people's names all the time.

  • Lion Sonko
    Lion Sonko

    I'm black man from Africa but i don't like what Francis ngannou did versus stipe miovic is not human

  • Manikangkan Das
    Manikangkan Das

    Yes ngannou era will last only 2-3 months. His lungs will blast against Jones 😄

  • AmusingCarb

    Swap Peet for Dan Hardy and this would be a 10/10 show

  • Mario Jovanov
    Mario Jovanov

    Stipe will come back and be the champion again mark my words.

  • Davemate

    Nick acting like he went out there and won the title himself. Calm down Nick.

  • Peter

    The way Stipe fell back was terrifying!

  • [S_Rock] Beats
    [S_Rock] Beats

    Sean O'Malley must have done like, 200+ feints vs Almeida. His selection on when to explode to an attack and somehow make his feints look the same is amazing, top tier stuff. It would be: **Feint, strike, feint, feint, feint, strike, strike, feint, strike, strike, feint, feint, feint, feint, feint, strike, feint, feint, strike, strike**....... No possible prediction on when the strikes were coming.

    • Alex B
      Alex B

      Until u feint and get rocked

  • Ram Bahadur Kami
    Ram Bahadur Kami

    As a huuugggeee stipe fan I wish him to get all the success and happiness in life. He has nothing to prove now. Even if he retires today he has grabbed his name in the list of all time greats permanently. Live a happy life champ. If he comes back he shouldn't fight more than 2 fights. He had gone through several wars, what a warrior

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking

    Stipe should’ve used his speed advantage and just made Francis work, move, tire and not start going for takedowns until late in the 3rd, then try picking him apart late in the championship rounds.

  • David Bevis
    David Bevis

    Jones vs Stipe. Beast vs Francis.

  • RidingwithSam

    They don’t give stipe enough credit

  • Jordan Mcpherson
    Jordan Mcpherson

    Haha love how its 3 english boys some patter

  • J O
    J O

    Jon Anik ........"Ooooohhhhh Francis Ngannnooooooou!" And its a massive KO

  • TheKillkorde

    frame rate is dog


    Luque beats covington any day

  • Kader Terki
    Kader Terki

    What if john jones beats Francis then Habib decides to come back for GOAT title versus jones. Wow

  • Kader Terki
    Kader Terki

    The poster Dos Santos v McGregor ufc 196; fight never happened.

  • n n
    n n

    three morons in a phase of milder madness

  • Akbar Khan
    Akbar Khan

    Not the same without Dan hardy...the worlds turning into softy’s 😒


    Stipe definitely came in too light.

  • Jambear2k9

    Jones just demanded his release from UFC I'm not even joking

  • Jambear2k9

    If the make a movie of Francis life get the rock to play him 😂

  • King of Oxydents
    King of Oxydents

    Michael "Francis is Stipe" Bisping

  • Emma H
    Emma H

    All I can remember is when Rogan infamously said “Welcome to the Machida era.”

  • J - Fit
    J - Fit

    Wait!?....where's Dan Hard......oh......oh yeh. Why couldn't they have fired Nick?

  • Auspishos Skverill
    Auspishos Skverill

    Bisping should play the young Ngannou working the sand mines in the movie.

  • John Goblikon
    John Goblikon

    poor Francis about to get spanked by Jon Jones

  • Cee Dot
    Cee Dot

    Bring back dan man

  • Gregory Mitchell
    Gregory Mitchell


  • Ritchie Gee
    Ritchie Gee

    It's not as good without Dan Hardy, he broke the fights down technically a lot better.

  • Shane Quigley Murphy
    Shane Quigley Murphy

    Bisping keeping cool but Nick is annoying him 😂

  • Marko Solenko
    Marko Solenko

    Francis drink stereoids like kafe

  • Brian Elmore
    Brian Elmore

    Its not gonna be an era. I bet my left nut Ol Francis loses his first defense. Watch and see.

  • Tyler Darren
    Tyler Darren

    Stipe Vs looser of Joshua v fury

  • Ababacar Sadikh Ba
    Ababacar Sadikh Ba

    Dan hardy we miss him!

  • Emotional Hygiene
    Emotional Hygiene

    I sense:Trilogy is coming

  • Ian Anderson-Ley
    Ian Anderson-Ley

    I don’t think that anyone actually believes that aljo is going to keep that belt for even 1 more fight. But petr yan vs suga Sean maybe

    • bigtoe89

      O'malley hasn't even beat anyone in the top 10 yet hold your horses

  • u-alrdykno C.V.O
    u-alrdykno C.V.O

    I'm a fan of bisping don't mind him on this besides he fits being British... But if it can't be hardy at least the next best is the Count... But I do miss hearing from Dan... Keep up the good work.. Cheers...

  • Titus Obbayi
    Titus Obbayi

    Jon Jones will not fight Ngannou, or anyone else at heavyweight for that matter. He has been saying he planned on fighting at heavyweight since 2013, and it has never transpired. Not that he is particularly scared, but I think he is worried that getting KO'd at heavyweight is a real possibility esp since his technique would require going the distance against very heavy guys if he is to win, or losing by KO. On the other hand, Stipe won't get the rubber match next. Ngannou wants to fight again in the summer and no way Stipe could turn around that fast coming off a KO. As it is he fights once a year, and probably wouldn't even be medically cleared to fight that soon

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson

    this video wont age well ngannou he gets beat in next fight ufc and media trying to forget about stipe already

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey

    7 minutes in to this and I’m done. Stipe has gone from the greatest heavyweight to nothing and Francis is the most amazing story every... wow how shallow MMA is, no wonder Jon Jones got his knickers in a twist when khabib was being called the best ever.

  • Mark Fitzgearld
    Mark Fitzgearld

    Stipe deserves one more shot and retire win or lose!

  • 1NationsEagle

    WTF? Why was a 30% SMALLER RING suddenly used? Answer : to help Ngannou the STEROID BEAST. Disgusting! And now the announcers, rooting for one fighter over another is getting to be too much.

  • TheTrainingManual


  • Kris Kringle
    Kris Kringle

    Dude..Jon will pick him apart. Jon will Clinch.. Listen man, Jon isnt scared to make it a boring fight

  • Tengku Syafiq
    Tengku Syafiq

    I've never seen uncle dana look so happy he can hardly contain himself ! If ngannou beat jon jones next i think he will take ngannou home with him and break out the red panties...

  • Mandeep Marwaha
    Mandeep Marwaha

    Im a big fan of Francis, but when UFC wants to promote a fighter they go full out. No subtlety in it at all.

  • sean ashford
    sean ashford

    I like Mike but they shoulda got rid of the other 2 kiss arses and kept Dan!

  • John Pringle
    John Pringle

    News flash Francis can also get better. I can't see many fighters wanting to go to to toe stand up not Jones at least. His take down defence was on show against Stipe.

  • l4mb01

    Bisping doing his best to tolerate these jobbers

  • pc pc
    pc pc

    francis life story is a great movie scenario and the only thing that could make it better was having a big bad villain to beat and jon jones vs francis woud be the ideal final scene for the movie with him knocking out the pregnant women hitter and cheating villain, what a great ending would that be.

  • MMA Casual
    MMA Casual

    It would be nice if Ngannou would recognize when a man is out cold. He's going to kill someone with those extra shots.

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo

    Jon Jones will not fight Big Frank After that i think Derick Lewis is the only person stupid enough to get inside a cage with him

  • devilfish killer
    devilfish killer

    What the hell is Nick Peets laugh. Like an old tractor trying to start

  • Fab KAB
    Fab KAB

    I wanna read this book and watch the movie... fantastic story

  • WahWahWehWah

    As soon as Francis stuffed that first takedown I knew we were in for a fantastic fight!

  • Andrew Elliott
    Andrew Elliott

    Bisping doing Dan dirty......

  • The Gorilla
    The Gorilla

    Looks like UFC have told BT Sport to sack Dan too. Or was it the other way round. Poor Dan being replaced by the Legend Bisping. Bisping is so entertaining.

  • Joseph Acedo
    Joseph Acedo

    Need the rubber band match!!!!!!

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    Nick is naturally irritating

  • More Plates More Nates
    More Plates More Nates

    BT sport have done amazing getting Bisping on these

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall

    John Jones can win 1,000,000 fights, with his history he will never be the greatest. He is tarnished.

  • Nghia Ha
    Nghia Ha

    good seeing mike here. got that british lad's humour that's relatable. hopefully this is permanent. i like dan but bisping's funny as hell.

  • Gemma Louise
    Gemma Louise

    Let's just say the the ufc has now conquered the whole of Africa

  • Gemma Louise
    Gemma Louise

    Francis is a living movie