"I was scared I'd missed!" Ilkay Gundogan on vital goal vs Everton to reach FA Cup semi-final
Ilkay Gundogan came up big for Man City yet again as his 16th goal of the season broke the deadlock against Everton in the FA Cup quarter-final.
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  • BakedandHectic

    Hes klopps invisible understudy. Mind blown.

  • onnu poda
    onnu poda

    The best player in prem league now.. Undoubtedly... Right now his stats blow out of the water even messi who usually has the best stats in almost every season.. Only lewa in front of him!

  • Have That
    Have That

    I feel sad that he will face his former club and teammates like it's going to happen kind of thing

  • Hola Amigos
    Hola Amigos

    he knows better english than harry kane lol

  • blue moon
    blue moon


  • fb 1908
    fb 1908

    His cousin Naz Aydemir Akyol is also among the best setters in women volleyball, cant recall her international silverwares.

  • 1011 7
    1011 7

    Better English then the whole English squad

  • 1011 7
    1011 7

    Better english then kane

  • ShortCakeMan

    U know what this guy is pretty good at football

  • Terry

    But what did Everton gain by playing like that, they still lost?

    • Maxy

      There have found there feet and going get better

  • Federal Gaming
    Federal Gaming

    He is soooooo goood

  • Lance Jones
    Lance Jones

    Dirty oil making cheats ruining football. should be banned for the after that farce last year. Rip football 😢

  • Karthic Venu
    Karthic Venu

    Gundogan is a muslim..facepalm

  • IcèCóld

    he looks like charlie cox

  • miksuwil

    he talk like a manager

  • Man United Podcast Southern Mancs
    Man United Podcast Southern Mancs


  • Silver Steel
    Silver Steel

    I like my goal. It’s very nice. I practice all the time. I play with my sister back in Kazakstan.

  • Vysyakh Ajith
    Vysyakh Ajith

    It's all about being there at the right place at the right time

  • Apon Sharker
    Apon Sharker

    Aguero:I am injured Jesus:I am out of form Gundogan:I am here

  • 222 handy
    222 handy

    Liverpool midfield can learn so much from the Man City midfield

  • King Enrique
    King Enrique

    Gundogan without moustache n hair=Pep Guardiola

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong

    Dude looks like the uncle who was a legend but rarely talks.

  • S Murari
    S Murari

    Oil flowing in the team....too greasy

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    Pep has said to everyone that just don’t talk about quadruple

  • The Pitch
    The Pitch

    Gundogan has been key in City's amazing form this season. We even have a VIDEO going In Depth into their amazing run 🎬

  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison

    Gundogan is the only reason I kinda respect Man City now.

  • FN5

    Centre midfielder-striker hybrid. What a player. A very nice bloke aswell.

  • anass

    Couldn't find the "Speaks better English than Harry Kane" comment. So here it is.

    • Əkbər Mirzəli
      Əkbər Mirzəli

      Aguero speak in English better than Harry Kane

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker

    Ngl, dude looks like peps lost son!!!

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man

    Big up gundogan🇹🇷🇩🇪

  • Ahmed Omar
    Ahmed Omar

    The quads on

  • TheMancinian


    • Mando of Mandalore
      Mando of Mandalore

      When the fans come back they have to sing this 🤣

    • Md Zawadul Karim
      Md Zawadul Karim

      underrated comment

    • Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra
      Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra


  • Jake Blues
    Jake Blues

    Poor beetle couldn't help it mention the quad ,,,,good answer from gundog International break the Leicester top man

  • Leo Kirk
    Leo Kirk

    Top man Mr Whippy 👏

  • Huddo Champ
    Huddo Champ

    Kdb and Gundogan is the best midfield in the world

  • Barry H.
    Barry H.

    Good lad Gundo! Top player mate!

  • Ness Lite
    Ness Lite

    Mo salah 👚


    All man city players speak fluently english! And I really think this makes it for them so much easier to play football. There is no barrier. Dias, Mahrez, Bernardo, Laporte, Mendy, Zinchenko, Fernandinho and I probably forget to mention some more... but they speak english flawless!

    • Faiz

      @Mark N aguero is never getting there and suprsingly cancelo doesn't speak it well enough? but im sure he understands it, just isn't comfortable speaking it. oh and rodri also has good english

    • Mark N
      Mark N

      @Faiz Gabby is getting there not sure about Ederson though

    • Faiz

      tbf ederson and jesus dont talk alot of English

    • 1056 Al-muazrar
      1056 Al-muazrar

      @YtbGamer yes but he just need to score without need to talk too much 😅

    • Burton Rd Forever 1977
      Burton Rd Forever 1977

      Fernandinho becoming a UK Citizen.

  • Ty Aftv
    Ty Aftv


  • herren p&n
    herren p&n

    He is actually turkish

    • Sam Wh
      Sam Wh

      Although Ilkay was even born in Germany while Sterling was born in Jamaica

    • Sam Wh
      Sam Wh

      In the same way that Sterling is "actually" Jamaican

  • Darvin Milevic
    Darvin Milevic

    This man is a class act on and off the pitch

    • Barry H.
      Barry H.

      Absolutely he is .... Very approachable, spends time in the cafes , art galleries, etc .... and shops in places like the Northern Quarter, just a top guy who enjoys meeting ordinary mrmbers of the public.


    How does 1 just suddenly turn into Augero with his positioning and finishing 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • Md Zawadul Karim
      Md Zawadul Karim

      all about his change in role in the team. previously, he played a lot deeper and wasn't asked to make those darts into the box

    • J Mizzy
      J Mizzy

      Development plan on fifa still got 2 weeks left

    • Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra
      Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra

      Being mates with Agüero probably helps.


      @TheEdgyDoggo my bad but would be interesting if city would be top without gundogan amazing form

    • TheEdgyDoggo


  • Rashid Khalid
    Rashid Khalid

    Why is he called a Btec troopz looks nothing like him 🤔

  • Rashid Khalid
    Rashid Khalid

    Wasn't expecting him to speak English

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes

    Simply a great player along with Silva

  • Ses

    He scores a lot

    • knibloe jon
      knibloe jon

      @Cai Howarth he needs pens

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi

      @Cai Howarth KDB was at wolfsburg doing amazing and they aren’t a great team and Gundo was good at Dortmund and they aren’t as good a Man City rn. KDB is better than Bruno (Chelsea Fan) its just facts whoever disagrees is a Man U fan who u probably support.

    • Cai Howarth
      Cai Howarth

      @Hello Hi but Bruno doesn’t need a great team to score goals like kdb and gundogan

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi

      @Cai Howarth Gundo doesn’t need to score pens like penandes

    • MadExploitz

      @Cai Howarthrent free 😂

  • Let Love Lead
    Let Love Lead

    City City City unstoppable Man City bringing home the quadruple come what may.

    • Luis Fernando Mariscal
      Luis Fernando Mariscal

      @Let Love Lead city is a mediocre team that tries to cover all of its years of failure with oily arab money. Manchester United is the only real Manchester team who has achieved great things without the need of oil money injections. GGMU

    • Let Love Lead
      Let Love Lead

      @Lalo portillo never again

    • Lalo portillo
      Lalo portillo

      Relax before I get lyon to come kick yall out to champions league lol

    • Let Love Lead
      Let Love Lead

      @P K who value Europa cup? it's for outdated clubs like man utd.

    • P K
      P K

      @Let Love Lead i will agree when they win ucl europa cup and club world club after city is the best team in the world for that year so far u have nothing

  • abdikani ismael
    abdikani ismael

    to call gundogan class is a understatetement hes elite

    • D-ishM

      @Joe Bloggs playing time is an issue for me, if he cannot show consistently on a week to week basis what he is capable of then that is something to consider. Its not always gundogans, pep just preferred different players in the past. Lets hope he keeps this form cause i dont hate the guy at all

    • D-ishM

      @Betselot Eyob its just sad he did not get the playing time he had at dortmund to truly shine like he does now. I really love the guy.

    • Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs

      @D-ishM He's been brilliant his entire time at City, he's just gone under the radar because he isn't flash and doesn't normally score tons of goals (his role in the team has changed recently). He's elite in my opinion. I'm glad people are waking up to now good he is.

    • Betselot Eyob
      Betselot Eyob

      @D-ishM He has been brilliant ever since the Dortmund days.

    • D-ishM

      Calm down, the title elite goes to players who do it in multiple seasons like his teammate de bruyne. Lets see how he does next season

  • Terry

    Everton players should be embarrassed at the way they played, hoping for a bit of luck or a defensive mistake isn’t my idea of football

    • Onyx FC
      Onyx FC

      @Play to winit was 5-3-2

    • astro aimbot
      astro aimbot

      we could have scored 20 everton played rlly well

  • Nethan Lock
    Nethan Lock

    His English as almost as good as his playing style. Class act💪

    • K QH
      K QH

      Better than Ancelloti 🤣🤣

  • Love Revolution
    Love Revolution

    His English is so good 👌🏾

    • Samı Sular
      Samı Sular

      @mike irvine he's Turkish

    • HamzaGSW

      @Adam Adam Germany aren’t even in the top 10 rankings They are even below Denmark 😂

    • Adam Adam
      Adam Adam

      @Hello Hi please don’t be stupid, he won them the wc and his trying to find the right players for the right team

    • Adam Adam
      Adam Adam

      @HamzaGSW better than most

    • TheEdgyDoggo

      @mike irvine Tell that to all the wars they lose lmao

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    congrats oil club

    • Himank Jangid
      Himank Jangid

      i can only imagine how happy and content in life your parents would have been had their failure, delusional, disgrace of a son didnt exist...i can only sympathise with them. May God give them strength.

    • Farhan Teni
      Farhan Teni

      I feel sorry for the guys living rent free in your head rn, probably gonna get diabetes with all that salt they have

    • Sahil Singh
      Sahil Singh

      Living rent free.

    • lil rocket
      lil rocket

      Okay bro

    • Sean Kennedy
      Sean Kennedy

      @yolol any time broski

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs

    The fact everyone's first thought is to mention Bruno on a man city clip shows how they really feel regardless of what they type... Rent free to the highest degree

    • H C
      H C

      It’s sad tbh why can’t people just agree that they are both world class players and that both should be respected instead of compared

  • Tendai M
    Tendai M

    He is the best cm not cam not cdm but cm rn in the prem

    • Tendai M
      Tendai M

      @Hammad Kabir yes very good explanation

    • Tendai M
      Tendai M

      @Aditya Choudhury Ik that

    • Aditya Choudhury
      Aditya Choudhury

      @Tendai M cm means box to box

    • Hammad Kabir
      Hammad Kabir

      @Tendai M he was never really a defending cm though tbh yes he's good at picking up loose balls but he always played aggressively passing the ball around dictating tempo of the midfield and just overall connecting up play. His role has always been to connect up play a bit like xavi for example and if they r attacking he runs forward to try to pick up loose balls and shoot. Although he has played cdm he's naturally a midfielder that passes the ball around dictates tempo and trys to connect the defence with the attack. Really intelligent player so underrated and so unfortunate that he's only getting recognition now because of his injuries.

    • Tendai M
      Tendai M

      @Josh Welsh Oh yes I understand that Gundogan is a cm he does the job but his positioning is like a striker tbh

  • P K
    P K

    Gundo is top this year good for Germany hes the best in england after baby face Bruyne and Bruno is very overrated i saw him against milan 25 wrong passes lool

  • Disaster Boy
    Disaster Boy

    Ancelotti will be eating a steak off Rodriguez’s arse to cheer things up.

  • H C
    H C

    All I see in these comments now days is just people saying that gundogan is better than Bruno can we just agree that they are both world class players and we should respect them both instead of consantly comparing

    • indra

      Agree. Why people always need to compare.

    • HeatWave

      No gundogan is multiple levels above 🐀 face fernandes the penalty merchant.

  • Sid

    Quadruple is on🔥

    • Rathurshan Rajeekaran
      Rathurshan Rajeekaran

      @EJ someone's jealous that they haven't won a trophy in 4 years while City are looking to win FOUR

    • Andrew

      Not if we have anything too say about it

    • kdbassistingsince1991

      @The Croydon De bruyne he is right son. Bayern will beat City easily

    • Kronic Maths Debater
      Kronic Maths Debater

      @Farhan Akram Not a United fan and everything I said was right.

    • HeatWave

      Ez quad

  • Hassan Din
    Hassan Din


    • Hassan Din
      Hassan Din

      @HamzaGSW lol

    • HamzaGSW

      This is the most amount of City fans I’ve ever seen

    • Hassan Din
      Hassan Din

      @Phil Foden chill out u idiot

    • Phil Foden
      Phil Foden

      @Hassan Din Why u mad when i only said to relax. Man u sensitise

    • P K
      P K

      @Hassan Din 🙊

  • Joshua Igbuya
    Joshua Igbuya

    Gundogan is just class and kdb

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      @Super Ninja yes didn’t know scoring more goals means your a better player lol

    • Super Ninja
      Super Ninja

      @Timothy Peters can someone get us the statistics book "cough, cough"

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      @Super Ninja he is but Kdb is much better

    • Aditya Choudhury
      Aditya Choudhury

      @Robadobflob7277 Gundogan is very intelligent, gets into good places, makes good runs, is at the right position most of the times. In a team which creates stuff left and right, he is bound to do what he is doing rn. He's a great player.

    • Super Ninja
      Super Ninja

      @Cai Howarth brunos really good as well

  • Shane Duffy
    Shane Duffy

    Only city player I like

    • Shane Duffy
      Shane Duffy

      @HeatWave no one asked for u to comment no one asked 😂

    • HeatWave

      no one asked

  • Hassan Din
    Hassan Din

    Haha Gundogan is a beast and we will always remember him in are hearts. Massive respect for him. 👍👍👍!

    • Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra
      Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra

      Gundogan has done far more impressive things in his career than Diver Penandes.

    • HeatWave

      @Cai Howarth Don't compare a stat padding penalty merchant like bruno to the 🐐 ilkay gundogan.

    • George Schofield
      George Schofield

      @Cai Howarth don't sent a message won't be reading it your waster space with your comment

    • David Scanlon
      David Scanlon

      @Typical Bayern fan 😂

    • muaad omar
      muaad omar

      @Cai Howarth yh

  • formulachicken

    man city

    • HeatWave


  • Szillar

    Clear of penandes

    • HeatWave

      @Eliezer Rios Rodriguez Bruno is a penalty merchant who dissapears in big games.

    • Eliezer Rios Rodriguez
      Eliezer Rios Rodriguez

      bruno living free rent, innit?

  • North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
    North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    Gundogan is who Bruno Fernandes wishes he was! 😅😬

    • Harsh Singh
      Harsh Singh

      @Kronic Maths Debater He wouldn't even start if he was in a city team .

    • HeatWave

      Bruno is a penalty merchant. He dissapears in big games when It matters.

    • TheEdgyDoggo

      @muaad omar Penalties are not actual goals, they are literal stat boosters. Gundogan plays as a 6, whilst Bruno plays at 10. Imagine a Defensive Midfielder scoring more goals than your Attacking Midfielder 😂 This season its definitely Gundogan > Bruno.

    • TheEdgyDoggo

      @muaad omar take away Bruno's penalties, and Gundogan only has slightly less goal involvements, even when Gundogan is playing at DM most of the time. Sorry but Gundogan is definitely having a better season than Bruno.

    • Phillip Jonesta
      Phillip Jonesta

      @Szillar which is something City can’t do. They can score goals, but they haven’t got a penalty specialist.

  • Ali Njie
    Ali Njie

    What a 2021 he’s had magnificent

  • Constable Kennedy
    Constable Kennedy

    I Used to View Gundogan as Overrated but I take that all Back ...

    • HamzaGSW

      @Phil Foden He has nothing to do with that World Cup did he?

    • Mistogun

      @Phil Foden Just crazy this is him without his burst of pace he had before that injury he got in his dortmund days

    • How about The number 53
      How about The number 53

      That because it pogba lol

    • Phil Foden
      Phil Foden

      He won a world cup(2014), Scored in a Champions league final(2013) won a Bundesliga(2012), 2 Premier leagues in a row 2 player of the months in a row and an FA CUP(2019), 3 Carabao cup and 2 German cups. And they still say Pogba overall is better

  • Ultra4game

    better than Bruno this season

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      @Niko omilana this guy man complete jokeman

    • Hany Wasef
      Hany Wasef

      @muaad omar ur living under a rock lmao

    • muaad omar
      muaad omar

      @Hany Wasef dc Bruno is better this season as well

    • Niko omilana
      Niko omilana

      Living rent free I like it keep crying 😂😂😂

    • Niko omilana
      Niko omilana

      @Phil Foden he is