WOW! 馃く Last-second KO after incredible James Krause coach | One of the clips of the year
Spurred on by coach James Krause, Grant Dawson delivered the goods in spectacular fashion with just two-seconds remaining...yes two! 馃く馃槼馃槺
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  • K. Byrnmr
    K. Byrnmr

    God dammit Santos hopefully he will back, such a fun fighter

  • Elliott Hudson
    Elliott Hudson

    Inspiring = saying the exact same thing every other coach says

  • piper180

    Heal hooks don't work in a real fight....... Not in this position anyway

  • eren eren
    eren eren

    Dream KO

  • The Poltical One
    The Poltical One

    What were the scorecards anyways

  • Ivan Tmc
    Ivan Tmc

    Krause is the man 馃挭馃憡

  • Surfer Blood
    Surfer Blood

    Punches to the throat are legal?

  • Irhli Youssef
    Irhli Youssef

    goosbumps !!!

  • D V
    D V

    i always liked krause, he is a bit different

  • PESO

    20 second un-skippable ad for a 50 second video, it鈥檚 getting ridiculous now

  • MTB

    Kevin Holland needs this guy in his corner

  • AlwaysRetr0

    He was actually up 2 rounds going into the 3rd. He won every round.

    • Trevor Johnson
      Trevor Johnson

      i actually thought he was down 2 rounds which is weird

  • The Notorious
    The Notorious

    that chemistry!

  • Ritalie

    THIS has to be the MOST VIOLENT hammer fists record in the UFC. Those hammer fists were coming from 2 miles way, and landing with full power. Please give this man and his coach some kind of new award.

  • ryan keane
    ryan keane

    Let me bang bro

  • James

    Remove the f**king cards at the end of your videos

  • Derek i
    Derek i

    james krause will be a legend one day

  • Granulated

    I need more G&P KO's

  • Apollo creed
    Apollo creed

    That perfectly timed cage hug is way more impressive LoL 馃槀

    • Kaaashhhhhhh

      Wow, was that rehearsed

  • mattensinger7

    30 second unskipable ad to watch a 50 second clip 馃憤

  • Chris Ravenci
    Chris Ravenci

    I'm a huge James Krause fan since TUF !

    • AlwaysRetr0

      Yeah, everyone in that house respected him and knew he was the top dog at that time.

  • scubagravy

    A professional wouldn鈥檛 have thrown those last two punches.

  • Raymond85301

    Ate those punches like they were a sandwich!

  • Ngo Q. Anh
    Ngo Q. Anh

    Honestly, that perfectly timed over-the-fence jump hug was way more entertaining than the knockout itself.

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Well that was a dumb way to get knocked out

  • MuMu124

    James Krause is an amazing coach man

  • Stephen Seress-Smith
    Stephen Seress-Smith

    Some of the best coaches are made from ex fighter potential!

  • Philip Smylie
    Philip Smylie

    Man left it so late the video was already finished.

  • Mr Pawri Hawri
    Mr Pawri Hawri

    The hug at the end was better than the KO.

  • Bubnova

    Incredible coach? He didn't do what his coach told him to. His coach told him not to wrestle or try to take him down, instead make it a stand up fight and get a KO. However, he grappled and took his opponent down and got a last second KO. He literally didn't listen to his coach whatsoever.

  • Day Howarth
    Day Howarth

    Jimmy Crute鈥檚 long lost brother there...

  • Pasquale Prata
    Pasquale Prata

    The referee has bad reflexes

  • xxHouseInMotionxx

    hmmm tack on a little cte


    Early stoppage.

  • Sanj


  • Etienne C.
    Etienne C.

    Flat top savant


    my heart goes out to everyone else whos accumulator had this fight on lmao

  • samuel kwakye
    samuel kwakye

    I dont know if im more happy for the guy getting the knockout win or if im more mad at the guy not avoiding those punches to the chin

    • Ritalie

      Those hammer fists aren't supposed to come from 5 feet away like that, I can't recall seeing someone throwing hammer fists from that far away. Very interesting, maybe a new technique, like the side elbows on the head that Travis Browne started.

  • Toby Lees
    Toby Lees

    Hits him once out cold clearly. Ref: I鈥檒l let him get hit 65 more times

    • Richard Jones
      Richard Jones

      65 more times, 2 more times....yeah, thats the same.

    • G G
      G G

      He wasn鈥檛 out after the first punch

  • Superfly Guy
    Superfly Guy

    James Krause will be one of the greatest coaches to have done it, and he is a pretty handy fighter as well.

  • R

    I dont know much about MMA but that looked unneccissary to me.......could have been stopped about 3 punches earlier.

    • G G
      G G

      2 punches

  • Calex Us
    Calex Us

    That was some wicked gnp

  • Bagrad

    This just tells me holland needs a coach

  • foginhaler Fuul
    foginhaler Fuul

    I wonder why there is no monster sticker on Dana's forehead

  • Rated

    damn those sounds...

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire


  • Lupo Esposito
    Lupo Esposito

    He was up on two of the judges scorecards 馃ぃ

    • AlwaysRetr0

      Watch the fight back without commentary. He probably did win the first 2 rounds because Santos did almost nothing.

  • TallGuy48

    A good coach fighter relationship is pivotal Krause knew he needed that, gave me teddy atlas vibes

  • Daniel B谩lor
    Daniel B谩lor

    Grant Dawson looks as if Jesse Eisenberg never created facebook

  • Rixpix

    Wow. Where was the Ref?!? He was like 2 days late jumping in and saving the fighter from getting killed. I thought no one would be as bad as Yamazaki. I guess I was wrong.

  • Belligerent Ulsterman
    Belligerent Ulsterman

    Coach said not to take him down though, so...

  • Will Bruh
    Will Bruh

    I had flashbacks of teddy atlas in michale moorers corner in the Holyfield fight

  • Jack Zivalic
    Jack Zivalic

    James Krause baby!

  • Mateusz Mateusz
    Mateusz Mateusz

    Nice nice

  • LordSuperAstro

    It was great advice. Grant spent 2 rounds trying to get him down but, his opponents defence was too good. In standup he was throwing the overhand right to setup the takedown and not following up his punches even though he got him hurt once. Krause noticed this and even though Grant spent about 2-2.5 minutes trying to take him down again he was lucky enough right at the end.

  • Gaz

    Incredible coaching?

  • jack hacks
    jack hacks


  • Grumpy Weasel
    Grumpy Weasel

    He also said don't take him to the ground, but Dawson did finally after 11 attempts and finished him on the ground, he was losing the stand up battle IMO

  • Mega Deuce
    Mega Deuce

    That was beautiful to watch

  • mahmoud abid ali
    mahmoud abid ali

    And then look at Kevin holland just walking away and blabbering in the final few seconds

  • FS16

    OOOF those punches hurt.

  • Joe Fanchun
    Joe Fanchun

    That was a real last second

  • Notloc Jones
    Notloc Jones

    Damn, Jessie Eisenberg got JACKED up and fights in the UFC now?? Lol

    • Nate Valentino
      Nate Valentino


  • Lets Get It Podcast
    Lets Get It Podcast

    Buckley don鈥檛 want that smoke.

  • Frank Padilla
    Frank Padilla

    Kevin Holland could have got lucky like that too but idk man thats crazy

  • Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH
    Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH

    tells him he cant get a takedown so go for the ko and he proceeds to takes him down and ground and pound him out am i missing something here or was krause wrong? lol

  • DIVAD291

    Thank god he continued to hit the clearly unconscious guy. I mean if he hadn't done that It's pretty much guaranteed that the other guy would have woken up with 0.5 seconds left, immediately understood the situation,gotten on his feet and landed a knockout strike. Well worth causing extra brain damage.

    • Rawiri Micheal Dawson
      Rawiri Micheal Dawson

      just lie there while he knocks him out

    • DIVAD291

      鈥婡Padraig McDermott I have a problem with the rules implying that this is what a fighter is supposed to do in the first place and I don't consider following the rules to excuse someone's actions.

    • Padraig McDermott
      Padraig McDermott

      yeah youre a big dummy. He stopped when the ref stopped him like a fighter is supposed to do

  • Mairis Berzins
    Mairis Berzins


  • Rex Luther
    Rex Luther

    Meanwhile At Edmund Tarverdyan's Coaching Head Movement! Head Movement! Head Movement!

  • Chris Logan
    Chris Logan

    Could Krause be one for the future in the coaching realm. We will see 馃憤


    I like moments like these

  • Potato Bros
    Potato Bros


  • Jesse Chavez
    Jesse Chavez

    Damn he really didnt even try to move his head away

  • Sourabh Chakrabarti
    Sourabh Chakrabarti

    Man, during those final punches I was expecting crowd to roar up. Sighh. This covid messed up badly. Sports not the same without fans.

    • Galaxy Vulture
      Galaxy Vulture

      @Gennaro Considering the fact back then would cut themselves to cure illnesses and use leeches let's us know they werent the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact they were as dull as the handle to a knife if ya got my point.

    • zwerdsw

      @Matt from Wii Sports I agree. No more booing unnecessarily and doing that stupid 'woo00oo000' thing.

    • Alexandre D'Avvocato
      Alexandre D'Avvocato

      @The Chronicles Of Munch Always the same song... the same sclerotic paradigm.

    • Matt from Wii Sports
      Matt from Wii Sports

      It鈥檚 better without fans

    • The Chronicles Of Munch
      The Chronicles Of Munch

      @Gennaro deadlier maybe lol but not as infectious.

  • Wew Lad
    Wew Lad

    I don't know why everyone is on Krause's D because so far I haven't seen a single good fighter attached to his name. This was such a weird KO aswell.

  • OG Grinder
    OG Grinder

    Krause is def a true intellectual coach with no bullshit when it comes to cornering 馃挴

  • AQR

    Dana: Who's streaming my events illegally Khabib: Tell me dis bullshit guy I smesh his face

  • selangor- 7
    selangor- 7

    Fkkkk referee

  • villager #2
    villager #2

    Imagine this guy against holland

  • elemeno

    lol this post is crazy, yelling at your fighter to "look at me" and "go knock him out" doesn't ensure a lucky knockout from a low-percentage punch like this. What a laughable connection.

  • Arthur Waring
    Arthur Waring

    Didn't know Jesse eisenberg was in the UFC

  • Chingy

    a real fight doesnt need judges, only refs.

  • jack hacks
    jack hacks

    never give lose hope until lmatch finishes

  • 2 real512
    2 real512

    Wouldn't mind a title run at 155 James. I mean he arguably beat a 185 Trevin Giles on 24 hour notice. Sheesh

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze


  • Khalidul Haq
    Khalidul Haq

    That's pretty much what every coach would say I assume "knock him the f*** out" 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

  • Will Salinas
    Will Salinas

    Krause is a great coach

  • Cobra8529

    This is absolutely amazing

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    Well he said not to try and take him down. But he got the take down

  • Jonhathon Faalogo
    Jonhathon Faalogo


  • che26 core
    che26 core

    The ref should stop it earlier.

  • Dominic Viner
    Dominic Viner


  • Rawiri Micheal Dawson
    Rawiri Micheal Dawson

    Love it 馃挒

  • Luke Nightwalker
    Luke Nightwalker

    Its not right when an opponent is already out and someone still pounding them.馃し鈥嶁檪锔 Just my two cents i guess, anyways congrats to the guy who won.

    • Luke Nightwalker
      Luke Nightwalker

      @ThePalskinator Yep, knock it out of the ball park. Its just sad that these sort of thing happens and guy on the receiving end will later suffer some brain abnormality. Sort of like whats happening in some of the current and retired NFL players.

    • ThePalskinator

      Sometimes these guys go into a sort of "kill mode" where they literally won't stop. Plus, it doesn't help matters that they are allowed to keep going until the referee physically pulls them off, according to the rules. These refs have a hell of a lot on their shoulders in there.

  • yngxn123

    Wtf....馃く no comment馃樁

  • Lord Berus
    Lord Berus

    Head movement Head movement

  • Jake Austin
    Jake Austin

    Felder and Bisping's commentary isso much better than DC and Rogan sucking each other off for 5hrs

  • Louie Souza
    Louie Souza

    But he said the takedown wasn鈥檛 working, and he took him down, how is that great coaching 馃槀 he wouldn鈥檛 Have knocked him out otherwise

  • LiveLearn Adapt
    LiveLearn Adapt

    So his coach told him ur not gonna get the takedown then he did ... where was the awesome coaching again

  • JJ Mill
    JJ Mill

    That guy on the bottom looked like he got dead

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