The 2021 British & Irish Lions Tour Is ON! Monye & Dallaglio Consider Who Should Play The Springboks
Ugo Monye and Lawrence Dallaglio consider who they believe have done enough to secure their place in the Lions XV to take on South Africa. Who do you think should fill the remaining spots?
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  • Conor Furlong
    Conor Furlong

    3:21 that Freudian slip is why so many Irish people don’t care about the Lions.

  • Richard Bagot
    Richard Bagot

    Huge fan of Sam Simmons. It's criminal he was left out of the 6N.

  • Eoin Barry
    Eoin Barry

    My Team: 1. Wyn Jones 2. Ken Owens 3. Furlong 4. Itoje 5. Alun Wyn Jones 6. Curry 7. Watson 8. Falteau 9. Murray 10. Biggar 11. Van der Merwe 12. Henshaw 13. North 14. Watson 15. Hogg 16. Jamie George 17. Sutherland 18. Sinkler 19. Henderson 20. Beirne 21. Youngs 22. Russel 23. Liam Williams Unlucky to miss out: Tipuric, Rees Zammit, James Ryan, Tomos Williams, Sexton, Ringrose, Farrell

  • TashBagash

    Is it me or does Faletau kinda look like Dwayne Wade?

  • Daniel O Connor
    Daniel O Connor

    Can always rely on Ugo’s Quin’s bias regardless of how ludicrous it is 🤯 Beirne nearly man of the match during each game and barely a mention

  • beatonthedonis47

    On form, very few English players - if any - get into the starting XV. But the Lions test side is never the same as the Six Nations team of the tournament. Gatland will still probably pick the Saracens stalwarts, and after that it's up to them to play themselves into the test side.

  • tallshort 1
    tallshort 1

    Once a quin always a quin

  • Hugh Ross
    Hugh Ross

    Personally I think van de mueve deserves a spot

  • Owen White
    Owen White

    Wyn Jones and Ken Owens in the front for me.

  • Hamish Thorpe
    Hamish Thorpe

    LRZ is not ready for lions rugby

  • Ian Sinclair
    Ian Sinclair

    No bias then, can’t even pick the player of the tournament!

    • B.

      @Ian Sinclair the French physically dominated him

    • Ian Sinclair
      Ian Sinclair

      Don’t t think I’ve seen Curry, who I think is an excellent player, sit three welshmen down one after the other and that I think included Faletau. The current French back row are hardly midgets eithe.

    • B.

      when he comes up against a very physical team he isn't as good

  • DBOY738

    So long as AWJ isn’t picked based on nostalgia then great. Offers nothing around the park anymore, he’s just a speed bump

  • Finlay Bingham
    Finlay Bingham

    Completely unbiased English predictions

  • The game is rigged NWO
    The game is rigged NWO

    Hamish Watson is nailed on too

  • Martin Keating
    Martin Keating

    Tadgh Beirne one of the best players of 2021 Six Nations

  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill

    No mention of Johnny May?

  • Martin Carm
    Martin Carm

    Itoje instead of AW Jones?!

  • kalzonibalboa

    Tony watson can’t compete against DVDM, DVDM and Rees-lightning on the wings is deadly. Hamish Watson is well overdue a start at flanker also. Man has an some engine on him.

  • Driver2616

    1 C Healy, 2 K Owens, 3 T Furlong, 4 M Itoje, 5 J Ryan, 6 T Beirne, 7 H Watson, 8 S. Simmonds, 9 C Murray, 10 Biggar, 11 Earls, 12 Henshaw, 13 G North, 14 Louis Rees Zammit, 15 Toss a coin between L Williams & H Keenan ( Hogg a brilliant player but inconsistent). That’s a team that’ll run the South Africans ragged around the pitch for 80 minutes with any number of top players to choose from for the bench that can continue any game plan.

    • John Pollock
      John Pollock

      This entire comment is just an attempt to try and say Williams instead of Hogg. Williams is a great player, but Hogg inconsistent? Consistently one of the best players in the 6 Nations and up there again this year as one of the best. Taken for granted now.

    • Finlay Bingham
      Finlay Bingham

      That's a dam good team maybe awj for itoje but other then thay tip top

  • Michaal de Jager
    Michaal de Jager

    I see more people sure about what the best Lions XV looks like (or at least in something resembling reasonable accord) than what the best Bok XV looks like. So many variables and unknowns for us- new coach, local players vs overseas based players, fitness, match-fitness, time as a team together assuming we aren't just going to bank on the same guys (minus retirees) that did it for us in 2019. Still, very much excited for the tour empty stadia or no.

  • Cameron Baird
    Cameron Baird

    duhan van de merwe definitely needs a start

  • pascal jacob
    pascal jacob

    Interesting that he puts henshaw at 12 and not 13 leaving space for Farrell at 12

    • Ellis Thomas
      Ellis Thomas

      Farrell was absolutely shocking during the six nations. doesn't deserve to be in the team

  • Matt Price
    Matt Price

    Deluded. AWJ, Tipuric, North all nailed on. Think again!

  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson

    Itoje over awj and people keep overlooking Johnny gray who has been superb!

    • Jamie Jenkins
      Jamie Jenkins

      Personally Idk about that. Before the 6n I would have said fair enough. But he’s shown a lack of discipline that I’m not sure gatland will risk when the game will almost definitely come down to kicking penalties

  • Jake Lfc
    Jake Lfc

    Finn Russell and Ben Youngs are two players I want to see Warren Gatland select for the tour.

  • Christiannov1911

    No ones been talking about Jamie Ritchie but he’s been incredible at flanker for Scotland alongside Hamish Watson and deserves a spot on the team in my opinion

    • logosg

      Watson will make the squad for the First Test 100%!

    • Simon Hill
      Simon Hill

      Nah, he's a nutter. Way too volatile

  • André Rademeyer
    André Rademeyer

    As a Bok supporter, I dont think we will be ready for the Lions. Not enough game time.

  • W G Jansen van Vuren
    W G Jansen van Vuren

    A lot of Springboks supporters dread this B&I Lions tour because the Boks hasn't played a test since November 2019, they are lacking true Test preparation while the Six Nations has provide the tourists ample preparation.

  • bill neath
    bill neath

    I would definitely consider Jonnie sexton, Conner Murray and George North too

    • bill neath
      bill neath

      I would also take a Danny care too he's been playing out of his skin for his club this season and has international experience

  • billy nomate
    billy nomate

    Never should this be taking place,players from all diff countries, must be one big bubble COMEDIANS

  • Daisy Superdog
    Daisy Superdog

    Crazy Springbok supporter here: If they pick a proper Lions team (without Farrell and Otoje on the bench as an impact player because of his penalties he donates, and AW Jones as captain), the Lions should CRUSH the Boks. I do not see the Boks win any of the games, having not played for such a long time.

  • bampie1

    Otoji should not be in there unfortunately he's not playing enough top class rugby

  • G L M
    G L M

    Danny Care... Yeah right

  • Stuart McHugh
    Stuart McHugh

    Danny care best 9? John Cooney surely

  • Mpbeasto Hugbear
    Mpbeasto Hugbear

    How the hell is Watson nailed on?

  • Fe Fid
    Fe Fid

    itoje the way he played the six nations he = number 4th placed lock

  • Ritchie Mullins
    Ritchie Mullins

    Mako vunipola better not be picked, can't scrum to save his life, liability, consantly giving away cheap penaltys!

  • Alastair Measures
    Alastair Measures

    Running with players who haven't played, e.g. the Sarries part of the England squad, does not seem to be a winning strategy. As an England supporter: Itoje is the exception that breaks that rule. Elsewhere Rees-Zamit is wonderful but lacks the gravitas (bulk) against the Boks who will aim to hit him hard and target him with bullying treatment on the basis of size. Lions selections are a matter of vision (what they want to achieve) and opinion: good selectors could pick two valid squads with little overlap - so chill - it is just fantasy rugby.

  • Mark Jo
    Mark Jo

    Would go 6 from first place team then 4,4, 2 from placings in 6 nations. Then just add 2 to from each team from there. That way form is being rewarded and the team who finished last still has a decent contingent. Because in the past even when Scotland have done ok like finished 3rd they've only had 2 lions. There is absolutely no justification for that this time there should be 6 or 7 minimum same for ireland. Wales 8 minimum which is only 1 more than then and 5 for England which isn't even half as bad when Scotland had 2. And if there injuries replace with in form players from their same countries not from another. So if 4 Irish players get injured not to suddenly replace them with 4 from England or Wales etc. But if the position a hard one to fill then yes go outside the country, but by form then not because of childish drama like oh we got less than everyone else as if we need more complaints and media bullying the lions coach. which will only negatively effect the whole squad if they doing well before injuries. thats the kind of bs In the past that needs to stop.

  • Barney Paws
    Barney Paws

    Alun Wyn has to be nailed on no. 5. Lions captain too

  • longdongmilo

    duhan has to start

  • QuietTF2

    Amazed no one has brought up farrell. Yes not his best showing in this tournament but God damn he's still one of the best in the world. Should really consider playing him at 12 and moving henshaw to 13, he's more than capable of that.

    • Cecil Bru
      Cecil Bru

      And his tackling style and temperament make him a total liability.

    • ahlads

      Because Farrell is useless on current form.

  • Geraint Hopkins
    Geraint Hopkins

    Itoje ?? why what did he do. overrated take him he can play mid week

  • Dean James
    Dean James

    Why does everyone miss out Justin Tipuric, he’s been a lion so he has experience, with the exception on these last couple of games he’s had the highest tackle count, he’s everywhere on the field and has a massive skill set

    • Jamie Jenkins
      Jamie Jenkins

      @Harry Gray personally I’d say tipuric over hamish. Obviously a bit biased but imo his handling skill set give him the edge

    • Damo666

      Yes. Tipuric is the best all_round number 7 in the 6Ns.

    • Harry Gray
      Harry Gray

      Because Hamish Watson and Tom Curry also exist

  • Aspiring Mane
    Aspiring Mane

    In an ideal world, this is my team: 1. Wyn Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 2. Cowan-Dickie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 3. Furlong 🇮🇪 4. Itoje 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 5. Ryan 🇮🇪 6. Curry 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 7. Watson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 8. Faletau 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 9. Murray 🇮🇪 10. Russell 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 11. Van Der Merwe 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 12. Henshaw 🇮🇪 13. Slade 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 14. Watson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 15. Hogg (C) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 16. Owens 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 17. Healy 🇮🇪 18. Sinckler 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 19. Alum Wyn Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 20. Bierne 🇮🇪 21. Hardy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 22. Biggar 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 23. Rees-Zammit 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • Damo666

    There shouldn't be an English player in the backline. Adams over Watson.

  • Tom Naylor
    Tom Naylor

    Wyn jones has gotta get in there

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips

    Sam Simmonds should be in the squad. He could prove how badly Jones messed up his squad selection.

  • T. boz Mkw
    T. boz Mkw

    This is rubbish. The 15 based on the 6N shouldn't include any English lads bar Itoje and Curry.

  • Charlie Stewart
    Charlie Stewart

    russell far more skilful than biggar

  • SeanS Sangster
    SeanS Sangster

    very anglic slant here freudian slip by Ugo.

  • Tom C
    Tom C

    no mention of george north at 13? also beirne, curry, hamish watson and duhan vdm all absolutely have to play

    • Ales lon
      Ales lon

      @Richard Cook that rules out most of the English then

    • Richard Cook
      Richard Cook

      hamish watsons bad haircut is enough not to pick him for the squad let alone the test team!

  • Thomas Revello
    Thomas Revello

    Also South Africa has played currie cup and super rugby unlocked so we should be good in that aspect . The gent on the right provided a great point that I never thought of about selecting players who perform in away games ! Awesome thoughts that

  • Thomas Revello
    Thomas Revello

    Faletau is only in their because the other options at 8 have been poor.Unfortunate that Stander can’t play

  • Stuart Gordon
    Stuart Gordon

    Itoje is a liability, to many penalties and not really sure what Anthony Watson has done to be selected.

  • gavin bissell
    gavin bissell

    itoje nailed on wow isnt even in the starting lineup for me. liability

  • Alun Morgan
    Alun Morgan

    11 is not nailed on. There's van der Merve and Adams. Think there all close. Alun wyn will be ahead of otoje. Players that are not here. Hamish Watson, North, can't name anymore as the competition is so close. Be nice to have an even spread and probably will be.

  • will smith
    will smith

    Itoje is definitely a no after this six nations

  • Ross Thompson
    Ross Thompson

    Do want to see Chris Harris in the conversation, never stops working

    • Calmaria *X*
      Calmaria *X*

      @Attack Pattern Delta Zammit and May play for Gloucester.....

    • Leo Hodges
      Leo Hodges

      @Attack Pattern Delta his club team has nothing to do with the lions selection... he’s a class and very underrated player

    • Attack Pattern Delta
      Attack Pattern Delta

      There’s a reason he plays for Gloucester and not one of the better teams in England. He’s not going on the Lions tour lads.

    • Cellan James
      Cellan James

      He played class against France think he changed the game

    • Calmaria *X*
      Calmaria *X*

      Probably the best defender in the Northern Hemisphere even if he isn't starting he should be in the squad the way he shut down Vakatawa was something special put him right on his backside

  • Dominic Stewart
    Dominic Stewart

    Why does Watson always get picked?? He's done nothing all championship. Adams and VdM miles more effective

    • Jamie Jenkins
      Jamie Jenkins

      @Kyle Carson despite how poorly he’s played I’d say Daley might still be considered. Almost entirely for his kicking ability

    • Dominic Stewart
      Dominic Stewart

      @Kyle Carson well, VdM has more tries, metres and less missed tackles than LRZ, so he has to go if LRZ does. I admit experience does count for a lot though, and aye, Daly shouldn't be considered. I reckon Biggar will be 10, even though Russell is one of the best in the world in that position. Too flashy for Mr Gatland

    • Kyle Carson
      Kyle Carson

      @Dominic Stewart its close tbh and I wouldn’t be strongly against choosing one or the other, i think LRZ has to go although should he be starting? I’m not sure. I’m glad daley isn’t really in the discussion though

    • Dominic Stewart
      Dominic Stewart

      @Kyle Carson May or Watson and take LRZ, VdM, Adams, Hogg, Williams and North can cover for 13 and 15

    • Aspiring Mane
      Aspiring Mane

      @Dominic Stewart honestly I don’t rate May as a player. Sure he’s a gifted athlete but I believe Watson has the edge. I don’t think Rees-Zammit should start but I certainly believe he should be on the tour. My wingers would be Watson and VDM.

  • fleshen

    A good game against England whilst hard is not a nailed on route to a Lions place this year!

  • welshevo1

    1. Wyn Jones 2. Ken Owens 3. Tadgh Furlong 4. Tadgh Beirne 5. Alun Wyn Jones 6. Josh Navidi 7. Justin Tipuric 8. Taulupe Faletau 9. Ali Price 10. Finn Russell 11. Duhan Van der Merwe 12. Robbie Henshaw 13. George North 14. Louis Rees Zammit 15. Stuart Hogg Bench 16. Jamie George 17. Cian Healy 18. Kyle Sinckler 19. Maro Itoje 20. Sam Simmonds 21. Connor Murray 22. Owen Farrell 23. Anthony Watson

    • Damo666

      Pretty good. Liam Williams as cover for the back three though. I would put Adams in at 11. Clinical..... and he can defend.

  • Mark Mottershead
    Mark Mottershead

    Lol still looks very fit, I’d put him in at 8!

    • OmegaMan


  • Anthony Lynch
    Anthony Lynch


    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson

      @B. faletau might have something to say about that

    • B.

      @Nathan Thompson if hes available he would have to start at number 8

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson

      @Calum Nolan he said he’s available for the lions

    • ELM2018

      Not gonna happen

    • Calum Nolan
      Calum Nolan

      He’ll be retired

  • alex gold
    alex gold

    French opinion 1. Wyn Jones (WAL) 2. Ken Owens (WAL) 3. Tadhg Furlong (IRE) 4. Tadhg Beirne(IRE) 5. Maro itoje(ENG) 6. Tom Curry (ENG) 7. Hamish Watson (SCO) 8. Taulupe Faletau (WAL) 9. Conor Murray (IRE) 10. Dan Biggar(WAL) 11. Duan van der merwe(SCO) 12. Robbie Henshaw (IRE) 13. George North (WAL) 14. Louis Rees-Zammit (WAL) 15. Stuart Hogg (SCO) (CAP)

    • benjicool2808

      I'll put Finn at 10, because he's strategic kicking is the best and that's a very strong point of the springbok

    • Joe Davies
      Joe Davies

      AWJ in for Itoje and as Captain, and Huw Jones for North. Otherwise totally agree. Edit: Watson for Van de Merwe, as someone correctly pointed out he may not be fast enough to compete with RSA wingers.

    • Andrew Williams
      Andrew Williams

      1. Wyn Jones (WAL) 2. Ken Owens (WAL) CAPTAIN 3. Tadhg Furlong (IRE) 4. Tadhg Beirne(IRE) 5. Maro itoje(ENG) 6. Tom Curry (ENG) 7. Justin Tipuric (WAL) 8. Taulupe Faletau (WAL) 9. Gareth Davies (WAL) 10. Dan Biggar(WAL) 11. Duan van der merwe(SCO) 12. Jonathan Davies (WAL) 13. George North (WAL) 14. Anthony Watson (ENG) 15. Liam Williams (WAL)

    • Jamie Jenkins
      Jamie Jenkins

      @Taku Talk yea that’s why I thinking awj should play. Not many other real options to consider as a captain, and none with the experience he has

    • mudbath142

      @Sean Oconnor Robbie Henshaw has already done a pretty good job at that already

  • Arda Kolimsky
    Arda Kolimsky

    Biggar? No way.

  • zabaleta

    Hogg 15; Watson 14; Huw Jones 13; Henshaw 12; Rees-Zammit 11; Biggar 10; Murray 9; Navidi 8; Tipuric 7; Curry 6; Itoje 5; AWJ 4 (C); Furlong 3; Owen's 2; Wyn Jones 1. Liam Williams, DvdM, May, Farrell, Sexton, Fagerson, Henderson, Watson, George for the squad.

  • Kaz Eveready
    Kaz Eveready

    AWJ is a definite dont listen to these so called experts.. its Warren Gatland team not anybody else's

    • Rory Slaine
      Rory Slaine

      Shane Williams with a shock call-up?

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel

    Danny Care!!

  • mickser101

    Out Half is the interesting one. Sexton, Farrell, Ford, Biggar, Russell and M.Smith as a bolter. Only two of those will go

    • John Pollock
      John Pollock

      There's truly never been a year than 10 is so weak/diluted. If he doesn't take Russell there's something wrong.

    • Paul Coffield
      Paul Coffield

      Probably 3. They had Sexton, Farrell and Biggar on the last tour (with Russell joining at the end). I'd go for Sexon, Biggar and Russell on current form. Faz is useless right now and Ford will get rolled over.

    • Ali O'Rourke
      Ali O'Rourke

      @Alexander Sims yeah i think it’s out of sexton, biggar and russell

    • Alexander Sims
      Alexander Sims

      I'd certainly take Marcus smith over George Ford lol

    • Noel Shannon
      Noel Shannon

      @Adam Dickinson been more than one game the fellas just not as good as the rest of the 10s on offer for the lions , wouldn’t even put him ahead of sheedy

  • Gunga Galunga
    Gunga Galunga

    Cant see my dying Dad but these guys from different countries and hold each others ball sacks

  • Alec Castro
    Alec Castro

    Finn Russell at 10, Sexton on the bench. Embrace the new, lads!

    • John Pollock
      John Pollock

      @Andrew Frost maybe if he gets a chance with the lions he'll play within himself and still be the better option that anything out there

    • Alec Castro
      Alec Castro

      @Andrew Frost Farrell's a liability, as is Sexton at times. The only consistent option is Biggar but he isn't x-factor enough

    • Andrew Frost
      Andrew Frost

      He’s an absolute liability. Not consistent enough,

  • David Haley
    David Haley

    After how dominant Ireland’s line out was this 6 nations it’s hard to make a case not to start Iain Henderson with James Ryan to match SAs world class second rows

    • Jamie

      @Aspiring Mane ryan has kinda dipped the past year

    • Aspiring Mane
      Aspiring Mane

      1-2 years ago I thought Itoje and Ryan would make an incredible pairing. Not too sure why AWJ would be considered other than his leadership qualities.

  • Pierre Saint-Romas
    Pierre Saint-Romas

    1. Wyn Jones (WAL) 2. Ken Owens (WAL) 3. Tadhg Furlong (IRE) 4. Maro Itoje (ENG) 5. Alun Wyn Jones (WAL) 6. Tom Curry (ENG) 7. Hamish Watson (SCO) 8. Taulupe Faletau (WAL) 9. Conor Murray (IRE) 10. Jonathan Sexton (IRE) or Biggar 11. Anthony Watson (ENG) 12. Robbie Henshaw (IRE) 13. George North (WAL) 14. Louis Rees-Zammit (WAL) 15. Stuart Hogg (SCO) That's my opinion...I'm french

    • ieuan conlin
      ieuan conlin

      @Morgan Dunn it will be a physical match and who better to bring on upfront after 50/60 minutes when the game opens up. Let's the others bash it out and bring him.on when there's some running room

    • Morgan Dunn
      Morgan Dunn

      @ieuan conlin tips should start.

    • ieuan conlin
      ieuan conlin

      Could easily be the starting 15 for the first test

  • Fergal Collins
    Fergal Collins

    wheres sexton

    • ahlads

      If he stays injury free he’ll be the 10

  • Kelvin Jones
    Kelvin Jones

    1. Wyn Jones 2. Owens 3. Fagerson/ Furlong 4. Itoje 5. Beirne 6. Curry 7. Watson 8. Faletau 9. Price 10. Russell 11. Williams 12. Henshaw 13. North 14. Zammit 15. Hogg Bench: AW Jones Ryan Tipuric Watson Murray

    • Rob Jones
      Rob Jones

      Ali price no chance. Takes a year to shift it from a ruck

  • Car Tours Europe
    Car Tours Europe

    Doesn't strike me as a particularly strong pool of players this time. That aging sexton is still our best 10 is a problem. To think the lions once had players like robinson and o'Driscoll in their backs. I don't see many match winners in there unfortunately. Gatland is a wise coach though so i expect he'll get the best out of what's available if anyone can.

  • Nosaj

    6, 7, 8, 10 & 15 should be Scottish. That's it.

    • Anon Ymous
      Anon Ymous

      @Morgan Dunn youve not seen him bouncing the first 3 tacklers every single game for the last 5 years?

    • Nosaj

      @Anon Ymous Farguson's been great too.

    • Morgan Dunn
      Morgan Dunn

      @Anon Ymous Watson is too small.

    • Anon Ymous
      Anon Ymous

      Ritchie and Watson are so underrated, should definitely be in the test squad

    • Sion Hughes
      Sion Hughes

      Falatau will be 8 no question

  • Fin .Reilly
    Fin .Reilly

    In Gatland we trust. He will pick the team to win the matches and I have 100% confidence in his choices. I do worry that we don't have as perhaps as good form or as good players than the previous three tours had going into it.

    • Rory Lynch
      Rory Lynch

      @Jamie Jenkins yeh some of the welsh players are great but names like alun wyn or Leigh halfpenny just aren’t starters

    • Jamie Jenkins
      Jamie Jenkins

      @Rory Lynch it’ll probably still work tho.

    • Jeffrey

      Thought he was great for the NZ tour but awful for the aussies, worst aussie team I've ever seen and he barely barely beat them. Awful aussie pack and a winger at 10 who didnt even make subsequent squads

    • Rory Lynch
      Rory Lynch

      Nah he’s going to pick all Welsh team

  • Askers

    9 has to be Connor Murray, he’s been superb.

    • corny165

      Was superb against England and definitely has the highest ceiling of the scrum halves. Its hard to ignore his form for the previous year and a half though. He's been going through the motions.

    • Fin .Reilly
      Fin .Reilly

      Ah not really.. He's been very much out of form

  • J. Aguirre-McMorrow
    J. Aguirre-McMorrow

    they should pick Sam Simmonds

    • Morgan Dunn
      Morgan Dunn

      Lol no mabye as a mid week player but he's not better than falatau.

  • Joker

    George North at centre for me

  • william wallace
    william wallace

    nice for them to fill the lions team befoe the competition is even over for Scotland. Typical bias

  • I P
    I P

    Marler Owens Furlong Ryan Itoje Watson Curry Faletau Williams Farrell Rees-Zammit Henshaw Slade Watson Hogg Wyn Jones Cowan-Dickie Sinckler Beirne Simmonds Murray Russell Williams

    • GNAL1610

      How is Marler in the squad let alone the starting 15?

  • Pablo Nush
    Pablo Nush

    Ugo was paid by Danny to mention him as possible number 9

    • KitOnSwitch

      But let's be honest Danny Care has been outstanding for Harlequins recently

    • Alexander Sims
      Alexander Sims

      Hes been exceptional lately

  • 07015678

    Astounding that these media broadcasters still give Lawrence Dallaglio a job here. His views as utterly bias. Itoje in this selection? Has he been watching the 2020 or 2021 six nations?

    • CD

      Itoje will start. I think they got the wingers wrong though.

  • Pack Rugby
    Pack Rugby

    I like Itoje but I think their are better options elsewhere like Gray, Beirne, AWJ, Henderson etc that don’t give away needless penalties and no doubt if Itoje starts South Africa will try exploit it.

    • Teme Valley Asset Investor
      Teme Valley Asset Investor

      No game time. He shouldn't have played for England and he shouldn't go with the lions. But he is probably the best 2nd row on the planet, when playing regularly!

    • Aspiring Mane
      Aspiring Mane

      It was 1 game against Wales that this assumption has come from. We also have to take into account the ref that day and his decision making (not complaining about final score, I just mean the calls against Itoje).

    • Paul Coffield
      Paul Coffield

      I would have said Gray, but he was injured against France, which may end up working against him. If he'd performed in that match, he might have gone.

  • Fintan O'Hagan
    Fintan O'Hagan

    Tadhg Beirne is a cert

  • joe moody
    joe moody

    Tadhg beirne hast to be in there absolutely no doubt

    • Bob Roberts
      Bob Roberts

      At 6 maybe.

    • Sean Oconnor
      Sean Oconnor

      @Aspiring Mane the bench? Bruh if he ain’t playing Warren on some craic he’s been Ireland’s best player and has performed way better than itoje but I suppose it’s the familiarity aswell and not being in the squad before might go against him but he’s probably the most on form forward

    • F Dog
      F Dog

      @Aspiring Mane yeah fair shout, we’ll see if he plays himself into the starting team against the sa clubs

    • Aspiring Mane
      Aspiring Mane

      Great player. Personally I’d have him at 20 on the bench as he could cover 2nd row and anywhere on back row.

    • F Dog
      F Dog

      Yeah Tadgh is a beast. Such a workhorse and just comes up with some mad turnovers in pressure situations

  • Luke McAdie
    Luke McAdie

    Duhan van de merwe I streak of watson

    • Joe Boon Music
      Joe Boon Music

      Not good enough defensively in my opinion. I'm sure he'll be on the team though, but Watson has proven himself time and time again.

  • Alex Troth
    Alex Troth

    Surprised Ugo did not make a case for Ashton and Turner-Hall as well.

    • Jamie Jenkins
      Jamie Jenkins

      I haven’t seen them play much but highly doubt they’ll get a call up just because the options available atm

    • Sam Cohen
      Sam Cohen

      Or Marcus Smith or Dombrandt... It's true though, some of the best English player's are the ones outside the England squad, perhaps they deserve a lion's call up

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    I'm glad Warren Gatland is in charge not social media, despite him saying he almost quit because of the amount of criticism he got last Lions tour. We all know England had a poor six nations but quite a few players are World class and just because they came 5th doesn't mean all if their players are suddenly shocking. Itoje is non-negotiable, on his day he is one of the best players on the planet and even in the Wales game he was unlucky with some calls and gave their 9 nightmares. May has been World class for a while now, Watson has also been on form. My the time the Lions come about the saracens players will be back on form due to playing a lot more Rugby,

    • M3th0d

      I’d like to see more Irish and Scottish players in the lions squad this time, maybe around 8-10 from each country

  • James Parkin
    James Parkin

    Englishman here. Tadhg Beirne was immense during the demolition of England, if he performs anything like that he is a walk in for the lions side.

    • mudbath142

      @Andy Mccreight 4-8? let's keep it at 4-6

    • Henry Bullock
      Henry Bullock

      @Andy Mccreight not immense for 2 years he has never really performed at the international level until this six nations

    • D C
      D C

      @F Dog yes but at International level was poor. He’s finally maturing into a good player at this level

    • F Dog
      F Dog

      @D C he was amazing before when he was at scarlets, he’s just about running into that kind of form now

    • Cookie Monster
      Cookie Monster

      @Andy Mccreight “destroyed”, he's on great form but don't be ridiculous. Doesn't address the point I've said already tbh

  • John Mc
    John Mc

    Quite a bit a hair dye with the 2 on the left 😂

  • Joe Tait
    Joe Tait

    Curry and Watson are the only players that deserve to go on the lions tour, and that’s coming from someone who’s English lol

    • B.

      @Carpy FatMan how is Watson overrated

    • B.

      does no one remember tuilagi exists

    • OKmusic

      @Andy Mccreight Not curry??? Most successful ruck specialist in the whole of the six nations.

    • Rickky Bobby
      Rickky Bobby

      Watson, itoje, Currey starting. May, ford, Slade definitely there too. Maybe Farrel and Sinclair as subs

    • Andy Mccreight
      Andy Mccreight

      @D. Allan I'd disagree. Thought he looked pretty good in the 6 nations and has performed at club level reasonably well. By miles he's the best defensive fullback

  • Matt_Dobson06

    To fill the gaps: 1 - Wyn Jones 2 - Ken Owens 5 - James Ryan 6 - Tadgh Beirne 7 - Hamish Watson/Tom Curry (I can't decide between them) 9 - Conor Murray (could literally be anyone though) 10 - Dan Biggar 13 - Garry Ringrose (if fit)

    • CD

      Ryan and ringrose not going to be there. Both will be lucky if they make the tour

  • LewTube

    Watson defo

  • Barrie Rankin
    Barrie Rankin


  • Jacob Edwards-Hann
    Jacob Edwards-Hann

    Maro Itoje😂😂

    • Tony SA23
      Tony SA23

      @Henry Burton Very doubtful that he was ever the worlds best lock, but he is a very talented player. However, against SA he has never dominated and he was no better than any of the 4 locks SA used in RWC final. More importantly he seemed to have thrown his toys towards the end of the game and I think the Lions would be making a big mistake to pick him as Captain at this stage of his development.

    • D C
      D C

      @Jonny Baynham say that again without tears

    • Jonny Baynham
      Jonny Baynham

      @D C he officially got the most turnovers in RWC 2019 and was one of the players of 2020. On form he steals lineouts, turns over ball, and hits dominant tackles. So just because this tournament was bad doesn't mean they're going to throw the baby out with the bathwater

    • Nick S
      Nick S

      @agr78 I'd debate that.

    • D C
      D C

      @agr78 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Frank DuPreez
    Frank DuPreez

    Duhan van der merwe 11 and Sam Simmonds 8

    • John Pollock
      John Pollock

      @GNAL1610 VDM scored most tries and with supposedly the 4th best team. Player of the championship form, and not even in the running for it. Just because he plays for Scotland doesn't mean he deserves being hit with the political stick. He should be in the team on merit.

    • GNAL1610

      @Frank DuPreez Faletau, Stander and Billy V are all better than Simmonds. Adams, Watson, May, LRZ and Stockdale all better than Van der Merwe.

    • Frank DuPreez
      Frank DuPreez

      What is your “better” opinion then?

    • Silvio Dante
      Silvio Dante

      Sam Simmonds over Faletau. Next joke please.

    • GNAL1610

      What a bad opinion