"To reach the semi-final you have to earn it" Jurgen Klopp reacts to Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp reflected on a difficult night for Liverpool as they were beaten 3-1 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final tie with Real Madrid.
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    Man even I'm a Real Madrid fan but I like Klopp

  • Sopheap Horm
    Sopheap Horm

    Love Liverpool

  • w_smmh

    Jurgen sounds weird to me I’m so used to jurgens voice from 444toons haha


    Wow. He's so sure they can't pull it off now, makes me doubt if it's still Liverpool, Klopp and Anfield from a year ago.....


    Milner, Thiago and Fabinho in midfield.... Then Liverpool win in aggregate....... Trust or not. Liverpool never stopped in this rage.

  • Sunwaves On Mars
    Sunwaves On Mars

    just wait for anfield , just wait

  • Casluck Shazy
    Casluck Shazy

    I love and respect klopp n i like to hope to see him outta reasons but hes definitely oe of the best in this new generation

  • Erik Bergson
    Erik Bergson

    "But but La LiGa is A FarMers LeaGue..."

  • Muhammad Irteza
    Muhammad Irteza

    apart from van djik, liverpool's main strength always had been their fans, in presence of fans in Anfield, many teams have forgotten how to play and their atmosphere is crazy as hell for opposition team, now i know people will start bashing about the last year tie against atletico, but it was a one time thing, even in that leg, liverpool had made a comeback and scored 2 goals which was enough to pass them through but then adrian made blunder. Without fans, liverpool had been average at anfield and been losing consistently

    • røsa

      Same thing with Real Madrid your debate doesn’t make sense. Real Madrid is without Ramos , Varane or Carvajal and Hazard gets injured everytime!

  • Dominik Santic
    Dominik Santic

    Real Madrid is NOT Barcelona, 0 1 at Anfield, bye bye Liverpool! Big regards from Chelsea fan

  • Patrick Donnelly
    Patrick Donnelly

    Klopp the flop.

  • OrthoËpic

    I don't think Klopp has anything up his sleeve.

  • michael hoskin
    michael hoskin

    Have to show them like we did Barca make them feel like they did come on reds have the faith and believe YNWA

  • Husna Asif
    Husna Asif

    liverpool played so well in the last couple of minuets real madrid couldnt get the ball but they were a joke in the first half thye acted as if they were asleep if liverpool plays how they di at the end then i think they could win real madrid

  • Khalid Bardi
    Khalid Bardi

    Welcome to Anfield it’s not over

    • Zar Zar
      Zar Zar

      sir its a team from spain not catalonia liverpool with klopp only beat barca

  • S M
    S M

    TAA can play with 3 CBs, his defense is atrocious

  • k tom
    k tom

    It seems that the Liverpool's "Klopp project" is finished and has come to its usual conclusion. Apparently the same happened at Borussia Dortmund... It seems that Klopp builds an excellent team which lasts 2 or 3 seasons, then it quickly burns down and collapses. Klopp cannot create a project that lasts.

    • Alex TB
      Alex TB

      At some point the players can't run the sun black anymore. Klopps only tactic is just...gegenpres. And if that doesn't work, well.

  • Singering Star
    Singering Star

    This loss hit him so hard , he started rapping and became a rapcoach

  • Red Foxx
    Red Foxx

    YNWA Liverpool will turn it all around as always,

  • Christopher Darko
    Christopher Darko

    Liverpool performed badly at Camp Nou with their best set of players, they were 3-0 down in the first leg. But Liverpool won the second leg 4-0 with a weaker set of players. I am sure Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool will have the last laugh in this quarter final tie. Don't expect Liverpool to just come and concede defeat, they'll fight and they'll make it to the semis. Let's wait and confirm this prophecy next two weeks.

  • Aaron Naidu
    Aaron Naidu

    TAA is so good going forward. But defensively… probably the worst RB in the league.

  • Waiko the Amazing
    Waiko the Amazing

    Time to go.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    in jurgen we trust

  • MD Tv
    MD Tv

    Boom 😂😂


    I no longer support Madrid after Cr7 left the club. All the very best Liverpool

  • Matevž Koren
    Matevž Koren

    I feel comeback coming...

  • 唯Jerz

    Kabak: i heard before the game, everyone trying to critic on me, in the end, i defend well, it was others who perform bad. LOL

    • Wla-agif Yehh
      Wla-agif Yehh

      Did he say that?😂😂

  • H C
    H C

    2:36 I think klopps in the wrong job lol

  • Henry Minjoot
    Henry Minjoot

    Keita instead of Thiago? Why?

  • Nymgmhb A
    Nymgmhb A

    It wasn’t Liverpool that was bad it was Real Madrid that were amazing

  • Nymgmhb A
    Nymgmhb A

    Liverpool at Anfield in 2021 prem: 6 matches 5 defeats 1 draw And there are some people waiting for a comeback 😂

    • Twixsted

      From a barca fan lolll

  • john doe
    john doe

    is he on speed

  • Chris Silvester
    Chris Silvester

    Liverpool got completely outplayed. They just didn't turn up. It's like they didn't want too. I don't think Real was out of 2nd gear Liverpool were that bad. Summit is clearly up with them they just aren't firing & as for Trent he was the worst of them all.

  • richard stevenson
    richard stevenson

    The only thing liverpool need to do is BELIEVE !!!!! as they did last year and body language.. sloppy.... man up liverpool !!!!!

  • scooby196I

    i bet Klopp felt like head butting Zidane after the match.

  • Dhananjay Patil
    Dhananjay Patil

    He seems under pressure and frustrated. Rarely seen him like this.

    • Pete Sampras
      Pete Sampras

      That's what I was thinking, he seems a bit manic and stressed. Second leg at Anfield though and Jurgen will be fine

  • JB

    We were utterly awful, they didn't deserve to wear the shirt. However, we knew Zidane returning to Madrid, he's just pure quality, as a player and coach. There's a reason he's got so many trophies under his belt.

  • Nicholas Edwards
    Nicholas Edwards

    Keep the faith, in klopp we trust

  • William Marsh
    William Marsh

    Why there utd fans giving it big when did they last win a trophy didn't they get knocked out in the group stage they wont even win the Europa

  • Kermit Trump
    Kermit Trump

    Jurgen klopp telling the ref he was unfair when the ref didn't give madrid a clear penalty to benzema

    • SLAV BOI
      SLAV BOI

      @Kermit Trump That's what I said, the ref was horrendous

    • Kermit Trump
      Kermit Trump

      @SLAV BOI so your telling me fouls (which some are not fouls) are as bad as a clear pen? And it wasn't just mane the whole game he wasn't giving fouls to any side even us

    • SLAV BOI
      SLAV BOI

      Yeah but it was constant with sadio, not saying that it wasn't a pen but he made some horrendous decisions

  • runner

    is he not complaining about the grass 🤣

  • Jason Genovaweight
    Jason Genovaweight


  • 070 Jordan
    070 Jordan

    Trent got exposed

  • Lewis Bates
    Lewis Bates

    I wanted PSG to win the champions league but I have so much respect for Klopp and he sounded so sad to lose that now I want Liverpool to come back in the second leg and win the champions league

    • Dj cliff Joseph
      Dj cliff Joseph


  • Esdras Aguilar
    Esdras Aguilar

    This was an easy win for Real. Real didn’t even play good. They just got the easy goals. And to have only scored 3 against them is reall shocking. Especially cause Liverpool haven’t playing at their best. This game would have been totally different with Van Dijk and Gomez. Real would have gotten smacked.

  • Matt Wordsworth
    Matt Wordsworth

    I just want this season to end now, yesterday's performance was shocking. Did get a vital away goal and Liverpool could do what they did against Barcelona but the way the team is playing not likely. Let's just get through this awful season and comeback next season stronger and better.

  • Malcom Kebe
    Malcom Kebe

    My tram Liverpool is lost franckly speaking but lets hope the next match

  • Nay

    Never seen Liverpool being dominated like that

    • aq x
      aq x

      Man City beat them 4-1 at anfield

    • Abolisher ROS
      Abolisher ROS

      No van dijk Matip Henderson firmino Thiago ...

  • sayan roy
    sayan roy

    Midfield got outplayed by Madrid's midfield most of the game. Mistake/mistakes leading to goal. 3-1 scoreline. It gave me 2018 feels. Hoping for a comeback for my team in the 2nd leg although there is a tiny chance for that.

  • Ishaan Panaser
    Ishaan Panaser

    Where is Robertson 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andy Dragusin
    Andy Dragusin

    Mark my words Liverpool well go through at Anfield Madrid got very luck Liverpool to win 3-0

  • Sledge Dog
    Sledge Dog

    Jurgen Flopp one trick pony, ITS TIME TO GO!!

  • LOL server
    LOL server

    Question, has any Kloop team ever won a football match vs any team from Madrid? Kloop must hate Madrid badly : ))

  • LOL server
    LOL server

    Difficult for Brits to accept defeat of their teams in international football, Liverpool lost against the 9th championship winner of the competition called indeed Real Madrid

  • Vincenzo Ramsay
    Vincenzo Ramsay

    Klopp shame on u, the way Liverpool plays right now is horrible. U need to get better and fast

  • Ankit Josh
    Ankit Josh

    Top 10 rappers Eminem is afraid to diss:

    • gabriel 1
      gabriel 1


    • GrealishSZN


  • Jeremy Van Briesies
    Jeremy Van Briesies

    Madrid will not win at Anfield...i agree with Jurgen ...Liverpool lost the ball at the wrong moments ....very poor defence cost them

  • Sumaya Azizi
    Sumaya Azizi

    We always do a come back in the second leg and then our legends Mo.Salah,Sadio Mané and Diogo Jota can all save us in the second leg and Jugen Klopp and all the other Liverpool players

    • Dj cliff Joseph
      Dj cliff Joseph

      The Madrid’s are not barca

    • Sumaya Azizi
      Sumaya Azizi

      So we can still win WERE LIVERPOOL

    • Trav J
      Trav J

      There was no comeback last year 😂

  • Foreign Currency
    Foreign Currency

    May be liverpool are just burned out. Their style of football is very draining

  • somanath Pradhan
    somanath Pradhan

    Liverpool can't come back against king of Europe

  • Balázs Malik
    Balázs Malik

    Liverpool wont have to face Lenglet, roberto, rakitic, vidal, and semedo... madrid wont bottle this sadly

    • Zar Zar
      Zar Zar

      its liverpool 2season wonders

  • Fr Carmen Benedict
    Fr Carmen Benedict

    Remember 2019 UCL 2nd leg against Barcelona 😭😭😭😭.

    • Dj cliff Joseph
      Dj cliff Joseph

      Madrid is not Barca mate



  • Mohamed Chowdhury
    Mohamed Chowdhury

    We only need a 2-0 win at Anfield to go through on away goals so it’s not a million miles away think of the comeback we did when facing Barcelona!!! Come on reds 🔴💪

    • Jean Kirstein
      Jean Kirstein

      We dont bottle it

    • James101

      that's going to be difficult, madrid always change tactically

  • Brad Lopez
    Brad Lopez

    The big question for Liverpool is why the performances are not the same this season. After reaching the top there was always going to be a drop off. Firstly, they did not deal with this by buying quality players for competition. Which would have helped. More likely the summer recruits should rectify the situation for next season. (Obviously the injuries did not help).

    • Syed Illyas Aljunied
      Syed Illyas Aljunied

      Jota and Thiago were great signings which provided quality and competition in midfield and attack but both were injured for a few months. Defensive injuries mean Liverpool cannot defend and counterattack as they used to. They look like conceding any time the opposition is near the box. Mane and Firmino have been terrible this season as well, they look so tired and out of ideas. Salah can't carry Liverpool alone lol

  • A1

    Jürge Klopp is a Clown. When he loses it is always the Refs fault. I say that as a German. He can only do it at a sunny afternoon in Stoke not when its raining 🙃

  • A P
    A P

    Trent is back..😂

  • Edward Scissor Hands
    Edward Scissor Hands

    Silver lining... theres another classic Anfield night ahead of us then.

    • Lower Lobster
      Lower Lobster

      Another record breeding defeat?

  • Rizwaan

    2:36 top 10 rappers eminem was too afraid to diss

    • Dominik Novotka
      Dominik Novotka

      @Fadli Suryanto i listen their music sometimes and i like Suga's rap, he is pretty fast rapper

    • Fadli Suryanto
      Fadli Suryanto

      @Dominik Novotka to be honest i dont like bts. But i admit jungkook the only one can sing well without autotune in that band

    • Phil McKrakin
      Phil McKrakin

      Klopp is a great guy

    • Dominik Novotka
      Dominik Novotka

      BTS Suga won't try to diss Klopp as well 😂

    • داني تحسين
      داني تحسين

      im dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Avtar Dhillon
    Avtar Dhillon

    So much hate for Liverpool, must be united fans in the comments lol

  • Mason Turner
    Mason Turner

    If only LiVARpool could play as good as Jurgen talks

  • Philip

    Best prem side ever!

    • Zar Zar
      Zar Zar

      u talkin about madrid?

  • gary jagger
    gary jagger

    German sore loser He will be sacked at the end of the season

  • Khairul Fuad Bakhti
    Khairul Fuad Bakhti

    Trent played a very good game with an assist why the heck Southgate didn't pick him for national team lol

    • Kazar Gaming
      Kazar Gaming

      @-- overall bad he cost us two goals I am not blaming the loss on him but come on Trent

    • --

      1st half atrocious 2nd half very good

    • Kazar Gaming
      Kazar Gaming

      He played a horrible game from a Liverpool fan

  • Xeph

    Yergone Klopp

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    Loserpool : welcome to trashfield 😂😂😂

  • R M
    R M

    Klopp out. Benitez in.

    • Harry Kane
      Harry Kane


  • Titan


  • Tt Yy
    Tt Yy

    i think nacho>varane militao played very well tonight but i love all madrid players psg was offering vinicius+165 million for mbappe i think this price is going to decrease as vini's finishing increases😀

    • Zar Zar
      Zar Zar

      i disagree varane is better he had a bad start thats it if u wach madrid he made up for the mistakes

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik

    Not a Liverpool fan but I do want them to win.

  • Rares Armenciu
    Rares Armenciu

    Use this as a "came here to see what excuses he finds this time" button

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan

    It’s only half time YNWA

  • Nell Shaw
    Nell Shaw

    Jurgen needs to take some of the responsibility- winning team last game yet once again brought in a player who hasn't played for weeks regardless of how good they are and without hendo, millie brings the leadership - gini is a great all around player but doesn't have the same vocal leardership in the game

    • Syed Illyas Aljunied
      Syed Illyas Aljunied

      @Millmoor Michael Agreed. Milner and Hendo was missed in midfield. I'd drop Gini and Mane for the 2nd leg to give them a kick up the arse and bring them on as subs

    • Millmoor Michael
      Millmoor Michael

      We lacked a leader on the pitch. Someone has to take the responsibility

  • Bridie Mccormack
    Bridie Mccormack

    It was pure karma

  • Gary John Nuznyi
    Gary John Nuznyi

    Round 2 ....ready ....ding ding

    • Gary John Nuznyi
      Gary John Nuznyi

      Yea....thought so

    • Harry Kane
      Harry Kane

      Nope loserpool

  • Aymaan .T
    Aymaan .T

    Southgate masterclass yet again

  • Nat Rfc1
    Nat Rfc1

    Always someone else’s fault. Liverpool are the worst sore losers

  • mark sullivan
    mark sullivan

    What's the problem,two goals at Anfield put's them through...

    • The Best Name In The World
      The Best Name In The World

      Who will stop Vinicius, Benzema, and Asensio from scoring another 3 goals?

  • Dan 15
    Dan 15

    We just miss van dijk and gomez too much.

    • Dan 15
      Dan 15

      @The Best Name In The World not at all mate nacho and militao are still very good players we have Philips and kabak who wouldn't be near the team in a normal season.

    • The Best Name In The World
      The Best Name In The World

      I would argue Sergio Ramos is more important to Real Madrid than Van Dyk is to Liverpool. So is Varane and Carvajal. Mendy was the only first team defender for Madrid.

  • Ervin Fidelis
    Ervin Fidelis

    Just love seeing Mr CryBaby Klopp getting served humble pies almost every week lol

    • Niall Craig
      Niall Craig

      Crybaby.... he literally said in this interview they weren’t good enough

    • Argon CH
      Argon CH

      He is a better manager then u would ever be

  • Anurag Panda
    Anurag Panda

    That's the difference between Experts and minnow clubs😂 Halamadrid

    • liverpool for life
      liverpool for life

      Yeah just like how madrid got knocked out by a minnow like ajax and city

  • mothusi letsatsi
    mothusi letsatsi

    Liverpool Finished, it will just to honour the game 2nd leg!

  • Mogan Dishu
    Mogan Dishu

    Klopp out don't cry klopp hahahaha 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • William Marsh
      William Marsh

      Your deluded

  • s mahmoodi
    s mahmoodi

    Mane is concentrated on ensuring Salah doesnt score. The most selfish, envious and egotistical player I've ever seen. He's throwing Liverpool under the bus for his personal gain. Just to get 1 over Salah. This so obvious to see. Either Salah or Mane needs to go in the summer. I'll keep Salah atleats he brings goals to the table

  • Inglese001

    Real Madrid will be pleased, but at the same time, they know that the tie should be over. They know that they've left the door slightly open for a possible Liverpool come back at Anfield.

    • safari africa999
      safari africa999

      @Patrick Redmond hi what happened now?

    • Ebitari

      @Patrick Redmond madrid are far better defensively than Barcelona

    • Patrick Redmond
      Patrick Redmond

      @Hustle Hard but they didn’t so? We are still in the tie

    • Patrick Redmond
      Patrick Redmond

      @safari africa999 bro Madrid have declined massively since Ronaldo if we could beat Barca with the likes of messi and without mane and firmino We can beat Madrid they don’t have Ramos Ronaldo is gone we will see Wednesday 👍😉

    • safari africa999
      safari africa999

      @Thomas Cowan and if madrid payed more better u would have losed 6-0.liverpool fans should be relieved that they didnt became humiliated

  • Bené Naidoo
    Bené Naidoo

    We not counter attacking, wallowing the game down by getting it and playing it square or back. We cant play it back with our inexperienced centre backs. I hated the last 10 minutes when we got to the box but was too afraid to play it in or look for that gap

  • Takiowns Poker
    Takiowns Poker

    the energy of Real Madrid midfielders (Kroos, Modric, Casemiro) is insane. These guys are the best midfielders in the UCL, and maybe in the whole world.

    • Shrihan708

      Really People Are Comparing other midfields with Real's Midfield ? THE MIDFIELD WHICH WON 4 UCL , 3 OF THEM IN A ROW.

    • Gabriel Bueno
      Gabriel Bueno

      Kroos and modric are up there with the greatest of all time

    • Ben Castro
      Ben Castro

      @Fei Long 黄飞龙 stfu ur bullshit

    • Enzo Mon Chou
      Enzo Mon Chou

      @Collin Nazareth I love how mob fans always bring up KDB as the best in the world, while he doesn't even contend Joshua Kimmich. Popular isn't THE BEST dumdum.

    • Fei Long 黄飞龙
      Fei Long 黄飞龙

      That's bullshit. They are definitely not the best midfielders. Kimmich and Goretzka and Müller (attacking midfielder) is by far the best midfield duo. They are much more energetic, stronger, faster and aggressive, and Kimmich's tackling and Goretzka heading and power are insane.

  • s mahmoodi
    s mahmoodi

    I would rather play firmino instead of Gini, Keita or Milner in midfield. Firmino behind Mane Jota and Salah. With fabinho and thiago.

    • Hayaan Arafen
      Hayaan Arafen

      Give sadio a rest put jota in his position and put on firmino in that false 9 position

  • Bang Joni
    Bang Joni

    ego Mane indefensible use number 10

  • Sarang Bhardwaj
    Sarang Bhardwaj

    Real Madrid is not Barcelona... As much as I want Liverpool to win, probability of Zidane bottling at Anfield is really slim.

    • Deepy Ram
      Deepy Ram

      Tbf Real nearly bottled a 3-0 away lead at the Bernabéu vs Juve so who knows🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Abdullah H
      Abdullah H

      When liverpool did it against barca they finished the league with 97 points, and against a team that bottled a year prior (bottle team) Now although a goal away is scored, extremely difficult with the current team’s performance against a team that doesn’t bottle and dominates champions league consistently Would be an amazing game to watch if something happens

    • A

      @Collin Nazareth wasn’t that 6 months ago ? A lot have changed since then

    • Clemente Martinez
      Clemente Martinez

      Real madrid is going to smoke them like they did in the champion league finals in 2018

    • H C
      H C

      @Collin Nazareth Real Madrid are never good in the group stage they always perform well in the knock out rounds though

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