"We probably should have scored a little bit more." KDB bemoans missed opportunities in narrow win
Kevin de Bruyne spoke to BT Sport's Reshmin Chowdhury after Manchester City edged their way to a 2-1 home win over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League quarter-final first leg on Tuesday.
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  • soyuncu lcfc
    soyuncu lcfc

    Penaldes can't even lace his boot

  • Justin Brusselman
    Justin Brusselman

    Probably should have paid the ref more, then it would have been 13-0 ow yh and half of the dortmund selection would have been suspended due to excessive red cards

    • Justin Brusselman
      Justin Brusselman

      @soyuncu lcfc yh man 😂😂😂

    • soyuncu lcfc
      soyuncu lcfc

      Man city are the most robbed team

  • i like this girl
    i like this girl

    still mad that bellinghams goal got taken away

  • mario scafroglia
    mario scafroglia

    Prince Harry

  • Eliud S.O.
    Eliud S.O.

    Much love and respect for DeBruyne 💗

  • Kushra Producer
    Kushra Producer

    I'm a red but gotta hand it to him he's class

  • M T
    M T

    consistent masterclasses from this guy, top 3 in the world.

  • Filmon Kidan mariam
    Filmon Kidan mariam

    kiven my bast plyer

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Prince Harry on fire 🔥

  • mohammed ahmed
    mohammed ahmed

    another one that hasn't see the replays 🤣

  • Tokky Tim
    Tokky Tim

    Best in the world in his position no doubt

  • misfit

    Got away with 2-1. KDB great player.

  • Martyn Birks
    Martyn Birks

    He would fit in any1s team world class player

  • njn brl:re
    njn brl:re

    We should have scored more "A HUMBLE BRAG"

  • Jordan Belfort
    Jordan Belfort

    Why cant everyone in the comment section just LET HIM TALK!!!!!

  • Sandi Eržen
    Sandi Eržen

    Cool KdB !! Man City Champs CL21 .

  • Vortex Gaming
    Vortex Gaming


  • Ady Zekou
    Ady Zekou

    The most player I hate

  • MCFC 1992
    MCFC 1992

    Is it just me that thought of something else when she asked him if he had a 3rd eye 🤣🙈

  • Revolution Recording Studios Company
    Revolution Recording Studios Company

    Now I'm worried that we might not get through... I really have the feeling in the 2nd leg that Dortmund will push to get 2-3 goals in the first half..

  • Barry H.
    Barry H.

    Always speaks well, top player and guy .... and he's right about City, yet again, missing too many chances!

  • meu02136

    Probably should have conceded a bit more too

  • Bad Dub
    Bad Dub

    This man is a legend

  • Benja haga
    Benja haga

    Staying till 2025. We are blessed 💙

  • Van Noah
    Van Noah

    Mahrez & KDB ✨🦈♥️

  • McMahon143

    Man of the match yet again

  • zackypoii

    City extraordinary,kdb marvellous but who has the guts to stop them as we look forward to the 2nd leg of the tie

  • Junior ndaka
    Junior ndaka

    How old is debrune? He looks very old. Football age is not true

  • Khayam

    Dortmund should have 2 away goals but no one talking about that. Cheaty paying the officials off again 🙄

    • Barry H.
      Barry H.

      What a t.i.t ...

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali

    Best midfielder in the world?

  • Tiagito P
    Tiagito P

    Not gonna lie, City are looking really good, gonna win the tournament easily...

  • PepperCryBeatz

    I presume he meant conceded?

  • kun mwas
    kun mwas

    Oooooh Boy,He was so good vs Leicester and again vs Dortmund 💙💙💙💯

  • Hüseyin ÇETİN
    Hüseyin ÇETİN

    The world's best

  • Deano Perksio
    Deano Perksio

    KDB says he looks up before getting the ball and reads the game. When asked about controversial decisions he says he didn't see it, smart guy.

  • Rizwaan

    Ref needs to be investigated. First he tried to give city a bs penalty, then when he went to check the monitor it took him like 20 replays to make a decision even tho it was obvious after 1 replay there was nothing in it, its like the ref was trying to find an excuse to let the penalty stand. Then disallowing the Bellingham goal was straight up cheating, no other word for it. Deliberately blew the whistle before the ball went in the net to ensure VAR was unable to get involved. I'm not even a dortmund fan, I was neutral but that ref was disgusting.


    He so humble and such a amazing player

  • George Coombes
    George Coombes

    Best player in the world atm

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but


  • Avtar Dhillon
    Avtar Dhillon

    Good game, hope they win in the next game

  • RGdeath

    Best midfielder in the world!

  • Mustapha Gagigo
    Mustapha Gagigo

    At the moment he is the best player in the world. I love watching him play.

  • ActiveSport

    Best player in the world right now.

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but


  • Jake SCOTT
    Jake SCOTT

    Kevin probably assists his teamates opening doors, tying there laces and probably even assists them making lunch

  • Mike


  • Alvin Anis
    Alvin Anis

    They finally let the man talk

  • Zakariye Jaamac
    Zakariye Jaamac

    Kdb the best amf at right now

  • Onit Uastum
    Onit Uastum

    Should be a draw their goal shouldn’t of been disallowed

  • Amir and Guitars
    Amir and Guitars

    best midfielder in the world

  • Pritesh Patel
    Pritesh Patel

    Modric and Kroos>>> KDB

  • Nassim B
    Nassim B


  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt

    Its gona be a tough pill to swallow when man city gets eliminated in germany next leg.

    • Tady 20072000
      Tady 20072000

      Stop dreaming lol

  • Dino Lumière
    Dino Lumière

    Hier City n'a pas été sont niveau On veut voir le vrai Man city les gars

  • Tino Ajha
    Tino Ajha

    Fokus leg 2 kalin Yakin Bisa Juwara

  • Tino Ajha
    Tino Ajha

    Love Man Cityyy

  • akhilesh


  • Marco Max
    Marco Max

    Mistake give man City the led goal

  • Fede Wesley
    Fede Wesley

    Man city must not win this competetion. It will a travesty. The sheer audacity from most of their fanbases to disrespect The greateast club competetion time and time again even after getting favourable draws and help from refrees....Would 100 percent rather PSG win. The arrogance and audacity...forgetting that these scrubs were playing shrewsbury 15 years ago. For football's sake BVB has to win. common lads. In hindsight, Pep could hv chosen any team in england . disappointed he chose city...

    • Conspiracy Theory
      Conspiracy Theory

      Your just capping

  • Gouboi gaming
    Gouboi gaming

    I really want mancity to win champion league under pep,even iam a big fan of real

    • Zingo

      This is wrong in many ways

  • Krish Rao
    Krish Rao

    should have been 2-2 dortmund have been cheated of.......looks like they are using the oil money different places now....probably taking inspiration from the red devils

  • Chris

    Kevin is one of the best creative players. He reads the game so well and makes decisions quickly. Brings so much energy and passion. He's a leader. Cheers mate.

    • Mason Mount
      Mason Mount

      @Dragon of Echigo not only that, but de Fraudne isn't even the most creative midfielder ngl. He is one of the best, but he is the 2nd best midfielder

    • Dragon of Echigo
      Dragon of Echigo

      @Mason Mount is Messi a midfielder?

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      @Dragon of Echigo So kimmich doesn't exist then?

    • Mason Mount
      Mason Mount

      @Dragon of Echigo Messi plays tennis???

    • Dragon of Echigo
      Dragon of Echigo

      One of He is the best No one else is doing what he is doing right now

  • LP


  • Adrian Padua
    Adrian Padua

    They are letting him talk

  • Noah Bowie
    Noah Bowie

    I think I'm I love with KDB and I'm not even a City a fan

  • Himal Poudel
    Himal Poudel

    Looks like City are gonna choke again 😂

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      Nah since we actually won this leg I’m confident we’re winning the second leg

  • KyotoKami


  • Matthew Danny
    Matthew Danny

    0:04 when people ask De Bruyne to do an impression of Prince Harry

    • Mario Lisa
      Mario Lisa

      lol KDB looks a bit like Harry but Harry's voice is soooo much deeper loool

  • Captain Win
    Captain Win

    It should have been 2-2. Dortmund were robbed by play acting from Man City keeper..

    • cogamers84

      Didn't the ref get Haland's autograph after the game?

  • Gunnerz Tv
    Gunnerz Tv


  • Ivette Lobo
    Ivette Lobo


  • kaza ahmed
    kaza ahmed

    Best MIDFIELDER in the world

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      Not even the best in Manchester lmao sit down.

  • Zachymol 1
    Zachymol 1

    we were awful today but this man carried us as usual hes just amazing

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      @EpicNiv nah gab does make a difference many times his pressing is too good

    • EpicNiv

      @Fatality ! na we are better with a false 9 except if we start aguero, sterling would miss sitters and gab doesnt even make a difference

    • Fatality !
      Fatality !

      Maybe becoz Sterling Jesus and a AGUEROOOO didnt start which couldve made a difference

    • Bill Mwika
      Bill Mwika

      Personally if I was Pep my front 3 would of been Bernardo, Torres, Mahrez. And in midfield KDB, Gundogan, Rodri.

    • Rvssian

      awful mate.. football is not easy. Champion League is not easy. Winning the Quadruple is not easy. We as football fans should just appreciate how hard our team works ⚽️💙

  • Jesse Hitchcock
    Jesse Hitchcock

    People gotta starting talking about De Bruyne in conversations for the best players on the planet right now. He’s like someone who’s got almost all the attributes from the other great midfielders.. Iniesta’s passing and ball control, Lampard’s shot, Gerrard’s power and Scholes’s long ball and crossing abilities.. in 1 player. Would walk in to ANY team on the planet and instantly make it better.

    • Kuro Savagee
      Kuro Savagee

      @Mario Lisa I think the impressive thung about him is that he just has bits of some of the midfield greats and it’s moulded into him 😂😂

    • Flash Kay
      Flash Kay

      @Adrien Le Clair bro btw wht i said was absolutely correct. No one is better than mess rn as a dribbler or defensive midfielder as kante

    • Adrien Le Clair
      Adrien Le Clair

      @Flash Kay no

    • Flash Kay
      Flash Kay

      @Adrien Le Clair doesnt everyone has a right for his/her opinion😂

    • Jesse Hitchcock
      Jesse Hitchcock

      @Mario Lisa the fact Robben is even being mentioned is beyond me.

  • Dominic Preece
    Dominic Preece

    Completely agree KDB

  • Oliver Marcus
    Oliver Marcus

    Imagine if he has a world class forward to finish all these golden opportunities! It's a shame that Man City doesn't pursue a real opportunist like Haaland, Mbape or any great scorer.

  • Aran

    To think people wrote him off as a failure when he moved back to the bundesliga ... best midfielder in the world for me

    • mosouss

      @mapalo muzenda bruno penalty fernandes ? Are people really picking Bruno over KdB ????? He is good, but not on KdB's level

    • jakub Zera
      jakub Zera

      @Nikhil Morales sym

    • Nikhil Morales
      Nikhil Morales

      @jakub Zera Deluded.

    • jakub Zera
      jakub Zera

      @Syntheo Valdy midfielders better than him, gundo bruno kimmich muller kroos de jong

    • mapalo muzenda
      mapalo muzenda

      @Syntheo Valdy I'd honestly say Bruno, not just his G/A, but his overall impact. OLE is a terrible manager and Bruno makes him seem good. He carried them with his performances this season and was the 2nd best player in the league for me this season!!


    Man like KDB our leader

  • Thomas Rikelme
    Thomas Rikelme

    He is too good to be human

  • Dawood Pervez
    Dawood Pervez

    In my lifetime messi, ronaldo and de bruyne are the best three players I’ve ever seen.

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      This is such a dumb statement lol

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      @DAKM_07 That's the most obvious fact ever stated.

    • DAKM_07

      Iniesta > de Bruyne imo

  • Putu Satriawan
    Putu Satriawan


  • The lone Soldier
    The lone Soldier

    Best midfielder in the world.

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      In your dreams

  • Joker_10

    De bruyne>Modric>Kroos>>>>>>>>

  • Raven Marc
    Raven Marc

    Let me talk!

  • Garin Oakley
    Garin Oakley

    King Kev 👑

  • Akash SK
    Akash SK

    Finally he's talking

  • Anthony Anthony
    Anthony Anthony

    2:10 378 mile pass "I try to chip it" 😂

    • Adam Erdian
      Adam Erdian

      By his weaker foot as well 🔥

  • Dylan 04
    Dylan 04

    Seriously he could go down as the best midfielder in pl history he is one of the best I’ve ever seen


      @LUCAS 123 LOLlololololol....

    • LUCAS 123
      LUCAS 123

      @ADITYA PANDEY hahahaa


      @LUCAS 123 kdb< fernandes...

    • LUCAS 123
      LUCAS 123

      @ADITYA PANDEY yes, kdb>penandes


      @LUCAS 123 Did i say anything wrong?

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard

    He’s getting old, Gundogan is getting old. Guardiola won’t be at the club forever. City’s downfall will come, eventually.

    • Whiterun Guard
      Whiterun Guard

      @Colby McDowell yeah we’ll see lad

    • Jonas Vermijl
      Jonas Vermijl

      Old??? He is 29 u moron he will play till he is 35 or more

    • Colby McDowell
      Colby McDowell

      U do realize city has an abundance of young talent waiting to take those spots, Foden will slot in, and then they have Palmer, Delap, Torres, etc. if anything, it’s just getting started for em

  • Ιωαννης Πιατιδης
    Ιωαννης Πιατιδης

    Man city without de breune is an average team... maybe the best player in the world right now

    • cogamers84

      They were unbeaten the entire 6 weeks he was injured???

  • Hola Amigos
    Hola Amigos

    De Bruyne when he has the captains armband turns into prime zidane

  • saurabh

    we can also say that for Dortmund and they were robbed a goal

  • Young Heartthrob
    Young Heartthrob

    Kevin “Obviously” De Bruyne

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    Best in the world player 💙

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      @Prime Babatunde He isn't tho

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      Messi Lewandowski plays cricket

    • Damani McDonald
      Damani McDonald

      messi exists

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      @Rotimi Taiwo he is though

    • Rotimi Taiwo
      Rotimi Taiwo

      @Pain Killer lol, he aint

  • Fazard

    If KDB wins the CL this season + the uero , i think he will win the balon dor . Who else agrees

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      Not winning the Ballon'dor this season. He hasn't been good this season, no way he can win it.

    • Dragon of Echigo
      Dragon of Echigo

      Maybe but we'll see

    • AllthatremainsMV

      Idk Lewandowski is just unreal.

    • LJ CM
      LJ CM

      To be honest bro I reckon a CL and PL title would be enough for him. The man is simply amazing to watch

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    He is running too much 💙💙

  • Tshire Monchonyane
    Tshire Monchonyane

    kevin come to Beshiktas

  • Sniper

    I got $5000 Dortmund go to the next round

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde


  • Sebstine Nyanumba
    Sebstine Nyanumba

    Dortmund vs Chelsea in the final

    • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
      My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

      @Prime Babatunde All they need is to win by any number of goals. 1-0 will do it.

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      No city is going through

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes

    I hope that referee is investigated

  • Joseph Gough
    Joseph Gough

    Such a selfless and humble player. Definitely one of my favourite players to watch

    • Mustapha MOHAMOUD
      Mustapha MOHAMOUD

      100 percent

    • Suyash Singh
      Suyash Singh

      My favourite midfielder ,big game player

    • Bazza McFro
      Bazza McFro

      Yeah no doubt

    • MR GAYLE
      MR GAYLE

      Most definately

  • M.Y 115
    M.Y 115

    Gotta love this guy