"We are going there to win the game." Pep upbeat after Man City win late vs. Dortmund
Pep Guardiola had his eyes on the second leg and some praise for Phil Foden after Man City left it late to grab a first-leg lead vs. Dortmund. He spoke to BT Sport's Reshmin Chowdhury.
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  • Hugo Marx
    Hugo Marx

    And they did it.

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis

    The way he smiles when asked about Phil Foden...

    • Hugo Marx
      Hugo Marx

      He knew 😁😉👌

  • Dominik Santic
    Dominik Santic

    UEFA Wants Semis: Bayern - Man City Real Madrid - Chelsea Villarreal - Arsenal Ajax/Roma - Manchester UTD

  • Laughlots

    I didn't see your honor

  • GSM

    Pep ...Phenomenal manager imo Edit: not a Man Citeh fan. Just admire his achievements and motivation for players to actually play.

  • Tahmid Ahmed
    Tahmid Ahmed

    *Anyone else agree with me that they can hear 👂 KDB interview while Pep is talking*

  • Nikhil KARNAM
    Nikhil KARNAM

    Here we go again City will get knocked out Same story again Again hype up next season too It continues for few more years Until they go bankrupt 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • fxiz

    Ref be like thanks for the money pep


    I would love to see who pep is always looking at and why?

  • Dre Denny
    Dre Denny

    The goat. Pep is just in a league of his own. Greatest manager I've ever witnessed along side Sir Alex

    • Frostyz LF
      Frostyz LF

      @Dre Denny It's not an opinion it's a fact

    • Dre Denny
      Dre Denny

      @Frostyz LF Ok your opinion Alex great but he hasn't gone to another country and managed clubs & Win the league

    • Frostyz LF
      Frostyz LF

      I'm a City fan but don't compare Pep with Sir Alex Ferguson Pep is not as good as he is

  • Natnaeal Mergia
    Natnaeal Mergia

    Pep will walk in any team to make them champions

  • puneet pes love word
    puneet pes love word

    antonio mateu lahoz referee Bayern Vs psg easily penalty kick no this referee UEFA Champions League match

  • Nenad Bibic
    Nenad Bibic

    He will

  • Kevin Rugaibura
    Kevin Rugaibura

    For real... Cancelo and Rodri need to stay calm and create the chances in the 2nd leg of the champions league

    • Maher Abdalla
      Maher Abdalla

      Cancelo was left back and did his job as defender but he is much better at rb

  • Murdock

    Famous last words

  • Pablo Shicoan
    Pablo Shicoan

    Pep has contracts with referee's, allowing his players to foul with no cards or free kicks

  • Cityzen

    cmon pep wind in our sails.

  • Varun Kapoor
    Varun Kapoor

    I love him but Bernado is not good enough at striker. Pep subbed Kun off early vs Leicester all for him not to be involved today, I really hope he starts in Germany.

    • Matt Johnson
      Matt Johnson

      @Varun Kapoor oh

    • Varun Kapoor
      Varun Kapoor

      @Matt Johnson No I mean the second leg at Dortmund in Germany

    • Matt Johnson
      Matt Johnson

      Germany? u mean Argentina

  • Nick Hollis
    Nick Hollis

    ridiculous decision from the referee, very clearly being paid off by Mansour. Disgrace!

  • Fantastic3

    Arab money will never win the the prestigious trophy of Europe

  • Asad Abbas
    Asad Abbas

    City going to get destroyed by bayern in the semi's.

  • e leigh
    e leigh

    Pep's English is good

  • Valid Non Official
    Valid Non Official

    He looks very happy

  • Elvin Vincent
    Elvin Vincent

    People keep pointing out the disallowed goal. It's not like BVB would have asked the refree to give the goal to City if the situation was reversed. No one's gonna complaint, if the winning team had this kind of favor on their side.

  • Charles Bryant
    Charles Bryant

    Not a Cityzen fan but I've love watch City play and have watched City alot bcus they play the best in world football at the moment but Rodri is a very poor player for a Spaniard, he never makes a forward pass, all his passes is backward, he looks and only consider passing back all the time. That isn't football and very poor and he does nothing significant on a football field. Don't know what he cost but any player in Sunday league could do qhat he does and some

  • Rossadinho

    City get some decisions going towards them and it’s immediately that they paid the ref But when decisions like that go against them it’s all part of the game and we need to deal with it. Can’t win lmao

    • Horia

      People that say this become ignorant idiots when it happens to liverpool

    • prototype345

      @Adam Erdian agree with everything u said but the fact that literally every fan base is against us and want to see us fail just shows how good we are and how jealous every other fanbase is of our amazing form

    • Adam Erdian
      Adam Erdian

      Nobody talked about Laporte being tripped by Lyon forward in the buld up before Lyon's 2nd goal, it was clearly foul on Laporte and the goal should've been ruled out. Nobody talked about spurs' last goal against City which was handball on Llorente, but after watching the replay the goal still standed. And nobody talked about Sane's goal against Liverpool being ruled out as offside even though it was onside after watching the replay. It's common for me as a City fan, we are literally the most hated people and club in world football. Only because we are successful after the takeover, but why wouldn't people hate chelsea and psg the same way? They are successful after the money takeover too. Be strong City fans around the world.

    • Maincity 11
      Maincity 11



    All who agrees 👍 Guardiola suits being a City manager really 💙👇🏼

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    Semi Finals: Madrid vs Porto BVB vs Bayern

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia

      @shubham singh ye

    • shubham singh
      shubham singh

      Madrid vs Chelsea PSG vs City

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali

    Man City going Win the champions league!!!

    • Ridwan Ali
      Ridwan Ali

      @Craven Moorehead not plastic fan lol I’m Chelsea fan hope we beat Fc Porto then play city in the final and lose

    • Ridwan Ali
      Ridwan Ali

      @Drunk Blumpkin 😂 that don’t make sense it’s not our year to win champions league just being honest

    • Drunk Blumpkin
      Drunk Blumpkin

      Haha city and Chelsea have a plastic relationship

    • Craven Moorehead
      Craven Moorehead

      Plastic City/Chelsea fan 😂 u support City one night Chelsea the next 😂🤡

  • matthew jeffers
    matthew jeffers

    100%. Perfect is was drama and funny learnt about man city as well in all 4 competitions. Haaland quick feet. Bodan would love to with my boy, more about getting the right partner for Bodan. Finishing will come snatching at the ball more of a timing issue play as a striker he needs to be brave or smart both is better. Playing less time as a striker on the field. False 9?

    • Frostyz LF
      Frostyz LF

      His name is Foden not Bodan

  • momozoki

    Boss i love ur attitude

  • wee malle
    wee malle

    Not a chance , Dortmund is not Burnley. I do not see them winning the CL.

  • Jean-Paul Loh
    Jean-Paul Loh

    His wrinkles are so alligned

    • Jean-Paul Loh
      Jean-Paul Loh

      @Cityzen klopp more tactical G

    • Cityzen

      Perfect like him.

  • Martha Solomon
    Martha Solomon


  • Mr Neel
    Mr Neel

    I really don't like Foden as a Human but he is really good footballer so talanted

  • Dally Hayer
    Dally Hayer

    How much did man city's owners pay the ref? About a million atleast

    • Elvin Vincent
      Elvin Vincent

      Oh and that's why the refree ran for an autograph from Haaland? Okay.

  • Kunal Gupta
    Kunal Gupta

    The referee was kind to man city. They would have lost the game without the help of the referee. Pep know he was lucky. Dortmund were amazing and showed that EPL is overrated.

    • Kunal Gupta
      Kunal Gupta

      @talha Ali man utd hahahahaha.. they are epitome of overrating.

    • talha Ali
      talha Ali

      shut up man utd are not overated

    • Kunal Gupta
      Kunal Gupta

      @S.BILLS no mate.. it's overrated

    • S.BILLS

      Cool down ..prem is the best league

  • Mike Zion
    Mike Zion

    Pep has made it clear. 'Believe it or not, I don't see any disallowed goals or penalties.'

    • Lewis McLean
      Lewis McLean

      @James Nelson yeah but he won the ball?

    • Ahmed

      @Charlie Cunningham To be fair to Ederson, it must've hurt him

    • James Nelson
      James Nelson

      It was dangerous to win the ball like that.

    • Charlie Cunningham
      Charlie Cunningham

      Dortmund had a goal but it was disallowed cause Ederson kicked Bellingham and ederson made it look like he kicked him

  • James Woods
    James Woods

    Did the ref apologise for his mistake disallowing the dortmund goal?

    • James Nelson
      James Nelson

      Studs showing

    • Murdock

      Did hell freeze over?

  • JJ Turkey
    JJ Turkey

    Pep finally resorting to paying UEFA for favorable referees. Worked at Barcelona, looks like it could work again this year

    • A4

      One mistake and Man city are ruining football, smh

  • Benny 10
    Benny 10

    Ryad the best 8'7/10 Where's the journalist who said must punish Ryad against Leicester .stupid journalist Ryad was in training against the foxed prepared for CL without assist from him city never scored

  • Phil

    Dortmund got robbed... The ref is a shame for a CL quarter final...

  • Nasro ATS
    Nasro ATS

    Riyad mahrz

  • Seldom seen kid
    Seldom seen kid

    Foden will be playing for Stoke in two years. Average, overrated side robbery of a Bellingham, Rodri should have got sent off

    • Gnoe1337

      There is absolutely 0 chance foden isn't playing for city still in 2 years

  • stormtrooper30

    *FEAR THE WALL!* ~Westfalon Stadion

    • stormtrooper30

      @A4 We saw how Håland dropped Dias just like that. We will see the next guy dropped in the second leg. Just wait.

    • A4

      Fear the wall that consists of Dias and Stones 🔵🔵🔵

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Greenwood
    Cyberpunk 2077 Greenwood

    The wasn't nothing close to their most comfortable game but let's see what happens I the next match

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Greenwood
    Cyberpunk 2077 Greenwood

    I just believe Manchester City players need to relax more so that the football can be more of that of a champion performance and play like the opposition's are 2 goals ahead of them

    • half blood SA¡YĂN:mode
      half blood SA¡YĂN:mode

      *Rodri* need to reduce the simple mistake. if *Eddy* clearing the ball like that idk on 2nd leg *Dortmund* gonna punish him 4sured. if *Foden* not waisted the chance it could be 3 or 4 goals indeed..

  • Victor Eke
    Victor Eke

    Pep is feeling happy and confident That's good

  • Critic one
    Critic one

    Still ..He can’t beat Bayern Munich with out Messi

  • Danny Hassam
    Danny Hassam

    He's graduated from Arsene Wenger's school of Not seeing It

  • Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer

    REF played very good for mancity

  • mahabub zakaria135
    mahabub zakaria135

    Losers (man utd and Liverpool fans) came here for Justice... Please someone give them justice please 😢😢

    • Craven Moorehead
      Craven Moorehead

      @Rehan 90% are 😂 they didnt know City were a club 10 years ago

    • Rehan

      @Craven Moorehead lol and anyway half their fanbase is plastic

    • Craven Moorehead
      Craven Moorehead

      How many UCL's have u won with all that oil money again? 🤡

    • Rehan

      @Electric Mead city fans are stupid they like to include utd in everything that happens its not like utd fans are clean either well for the fact all english club fans are like that

    • Electric Mead
      Electric Mead

      Why united fans ,why are we involved in that statement ,yes we are in the europa league ,but we don’t have 360 million pounds on the bench do we ???

  • Adeel Ahmed
    Adeel Ahmed

    Paying the ref

  • Sokhom Loum
    Sokhom Loum

    Really like this interviewer !!!!

    • Luciole Dizerot
      Luciole Dizerot

      Agreed! Relatable and good questions

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo

    Good job pep👍 Implementing your old habits (paying the refs) in city 🔥🔥

    • talha Ali
      talha Ali

      @Christiano Pulinaldo oilsea

    • Christiano Pulinaldo
      Christiano Pulinaldo

      @Russow 10 1 decision vs 1000 decisions Yh russo

    • Azel

      @Russow 10 im not even a chelsea fan thats a lot of mistake from the ref

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @Azel Not even a robbery. Ref mistakes all time for both teams. We deserved to win that match and we win. Chelsea fans don't remember what happened in 2004-05.

    • Asad Raza
      Asad Raza

      Wish he did that for the past 3 CLs considering how none of the decisions went his way

  • 🤔

    I hope they’re not playing like this game in germany so sloppy with touches, pass and to often they’re got slipped, lucky city got away with that kind of performance

    • Rehan

      @JN- MCI usually pep overthinks and ends up fcking it up lets see tho

    • JN- MCI
      JN- MCI

      @Rehan yes Pep knows that and that's why they are aiming to win the match

    • Rehan

      @JN- MCI Dortmund has to score one and defend well and they win the tie

    • JN- MCI
      JN- MCI

      The next performance is going to be better

  • Shuja Rasheed
    Shuja Rasheed

    ayo anyone know what jacket he's wearing?

    • Breakout Gamer
      Breakout Gamer

      A sleeping bag 💀

  • hamzza

    Imagine kdb Mahrez and haaland with foden n gundogan

    • half blood SA¡YĂN:mode
      half blood SA¡YĂN:mode

      its sounds like monstrous midfielders with the starvation deadliest forward ready to diggin the opponents

  • Ivette Lobo
    Ivette Lobo


  • Kronenbourg 1664
    Kronenbourg 1664

    "our pass was not better for the mate".. glad its not just me.. i love gundo and ridri but omg the amount of misplaced passes... it was lucky that dortmund decided to misplace their passes also...maybe its because of the bad quazlity of the pitch right now at etihad

    • Adam Erdian
      Adam Erdian

      Dang finally, someone with awareness. I knew i was not the only one who thought the pitch was below standard

    • Frostyz LF
      Frostyz LF

      @JN- MCI Fernandinho will get so many fouls

    • Ollie Grigg
      Ollie Grigg

      Lucky that Dortmund got cheated out of it by the ref

    • JN- MCI
      JN- MCI

      I hope Fernandinho plays the next game

    • Roblox Master Trader
      Roblox Master Trader

      Dang Ridri didnt play very very good he played in cred ib le.


    Foden - Should have Hattrick Pep - at fault

    • _ RECORD
      _ RECORD

      Wath HOW

  • Samsun Green
    Samsun Green

    Man City didn't play great, Dortmund did, city still won and should've had a couple more

    • Baljeet Slayer
      Baljeet Slayer

      @Avril Cordova asked him at the end to make it seem like the refs weren’t against Dortmund throughout the whole match 🤣🤣

    • S M
      S M

      @Ryan Mac Donnell a penalty which the ref gave and after the video check came to the conclusion it was not City fans defending the robbed goal for a no-contact penalty overturned 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ryan Mac Donnell
      Ryan Mac Donnell

      @S M they literally overturned a penalty for Man City lol

    • PrometheusTV

      @Avril Cordova The linesman not the ref

    • PrometheusTV

      @Avril Cordova That was VAR, the ref gave the penalty but VAR ruled it out.

  • Blow And Chill
    Blow And Chill

    Man city barely beat a team that is 5th in the bundesliga. Man city cannot beat bayern. They don't score enough goals. Once bayern demolishes psg, man city is next to get exposed. It will be a bayern madrid final.

    • A . D
      A . D

      wigan also beat us (twice 😔) so position doesn’t matter. every game is different

    • ajy 7
      ajy 7

      liverpool are ninth beat the 2nd best bundesliga team and bayern just about beat hoffenheim so just dont make these dumb assumptions its cl

    • MILO

      @Glory Hunter Dortmund is a bigger Club than Man City

    • perry luca Perry Luca
      perry luca Perry Luca

      @Tauheed_ tell him

    • perry luca Perry Luca
      perry luca Perry Luca

      @P K true

  • Yahqoob Ali
    Yahqoob Ali

    “I didn’t see”. I don’t believe that as they both technical areas have screens to see the incident.

    • adilio m
      adilio m

      he always says that

  • AJDO P
    AJDO P

    He seems nervous like they paid the refs off

    • Victor Eke
      Victor Eke

      Keep on crying😭😂

    • Angelina Martin
      Angelina Martin

      @A Ugly Blue Thing yep cry more❗❗😂😂😭😭

    • Byakuya

      @Muhammad Eyssa it’s your own people giving City the money, cut it out

    • Flockingsheep _hence_never_asleep
      Flockingsheep _hence_never_asleep

      @Muhammad Eyssa they made ur lot..oil

    • Kronenbourg 1664
      Kronenbourg 1664

      So last season yous were saying city should be banned because uefa is against them... now youre saying city and uefa are on same team paying the refs....

  • Crack Fox 500
    Crack Fox 500

    Dortmund will knock City out next week. I don’t know what it is about City. There’s just something missing.⚽️⚽️

    • xDarkxez35

      Finishing, thats what missing

  • Realist Gooner
    Realist Gooner


    • Zacco

      Rehan salt

    • Rehan


    • nyasha


  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    UEFA always suck city dry, get the easiest draws and have decisions like today go their way. bs

    • Cityzen

      Next : Real Madrid are so easy...." its comical ..🤣

    • Farhan M
      Farhan M


    • vishanth ganesh
      vishanth ganesh

      Cry 😭

    • Áron Császár
      Áron Császár

      This is the first time a decision went city's way in the champions league

    • Victor Eke
      Victor Eke

      Dortmund easy draw??😆 Toxic Man U fans🤡

  • BeamTheRed #MUFC
    BeamTheRed #MUFC

    the assistant ref asked for Haaland's autograph after the game 😭

    • Ctrl alt De Ligt
      Ctrl alt De Ligt

      @Kronenbourg 1664 yh haaland joke lol

    • Ctrl alt De Ligt
      Ctrl alt De Ligt

      @Christiano Pulinaldo yh it was mate haha

    • Gafar Olawale
      Gafar Olawale

      might've been for his son :/

    • Saif

      @MCFC ok what

    • Mr Neel
      Mr Neel

      Why not De bruyne

  • Elo Isme
    Elo Isme

    “I didn’t see” move on. If it was the other way around “how could I not see, everybody saw” lol

    • Ctrl alt De Ligt
      Ctrl alt De Ligt

      @Elo Isme yes

    • PrometheusTV


    • Eoin Charles
      Eoin Charles

      Well yeh pretty sure the majority of managers would say something similar

    • Elo Isme
      Elo Isme

      @Ctrl alt De Ligt Maybe acknowledge the luck they got in the game and mention how they’ve been unlucky previously? Rather than pretending nothing happened. Atleast that addresses the bad quality of refereeing in a professional sport with all the technology available.

    • Realist Gooner
      Realist Gooner

      @MCFC Clips No one cares man 😭😭


    Love how they approach the next games... always going for the win. Sayin openly and sayin to be favorites... most of the time I would call it arrogance... but with city its different. They back up what they think and say.

    • Rehan

      @Pritesh Patel as a barca fan real madrid can actually even beat an in form bayern because of how unpredictable they are one day madrid loses to 4th division plumbers but the other day they can actually beat a prime barca:( im somewhat scared for clasico

    • Pritesh Patel
      Pritesh Patel

      Real Madrid are 6th favourites for this trophy and this isn’t the first time they get it wrong. PL pundits and the likes don’t understand

  • La ciel Bleu
    La ciel Bleu

    Europa League fans are commenting on Champion League!!! Ha

    • Hamzah Ahmed
      Hamzah Ahmed

      @Elvin Vincent poo poo head

    • Elvin Vincent
      Elvin Vincent

      @Electric Mead and stfu idiot

    • Electric Mead
      Electric Mead

      And ?

  • Cr 824
    Cr 824

    Sterling had to play, at least some minutes from the bench. Bernardo and Mahrez didn t do too much.

    • king ryuga
      king ryuga

      @Frostyz LF but Lewy scores like 8 times the amount of goals than Foden.

    • G V
      G V

      Mahrez got doubled the entire game.

    • Frostyz LF
      Frostyz LF

      @talha Ali Lewandowski missed a few open goals does that mean he should be a bench warmer?

    • talha Ali
      talha Ali

      he'll miss an open net again

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      @Cr 824 mahrez won the ball and foden played a terrible pass which mahrez did brilliantly to keep in His ball control is one of the best and that’s one of the reasons city scored

  • Tasty

    How much did the ref cost? More than Haaland’s asking price, I hope.

    • talha Ali
      talha Ali

      more than ur dad's secret wife

    • Liam Nicholson
      Liam Nicholson

      @Pain Killer not much then?

    • Realist Gooner
      Realist Gooner

      @Pain Killer pressed 😭😭

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer

      More than your mum

  • Charles Xav
    Charles Xav

    Pep: benching KDB for experimental purposes.

  • CB 1234
    CB 1234

    Dying to see the Dortmund interview

  • Knockout King1995
    Knockout King1995

    Pep has great reverse psychology tactics and will get his man (Haaland) in the summer

    • Tristan Ramsaroop
      Tristan Ramsaroop

      @Kevin De Bruyne spent money and got the trophies to show. Other teams spend money and fail

    • Tristan Ramsaroop
      Tristan Ramsaroop

      @Kevin De Bruyne it is funny because they really haven’t 😂😂😂😂

    • Mishael Julian
      Mishael Julian

      @Kevin De Bruyne city don’t spend over 100 million for 1 player like psg

    • Ghost of the Uchiha
      Ghost of the Uchiha

      @Kevin De Bruyne and ur team is a disgrace ..

    • Kevin De Bruyne
      Kevin De Bruyne

      @ghely i already said that does not matter. they only spend from oil

  • H C
    H C

    Watch Man City bottle the 2nd leg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Victor Eke
      Victor Eke


    • perry luca Perry Luca
      perry luca Perry Luca

      @Jaimon Jaison city go true and play very well against the next opponent

    • Abu Naser Jaman
      Abu Naser Jaman

      not gonna happen this time when their all best 11 is fit.

    • Miles

      Want them to win it this year :) hope they can don’t want another disappointment :(.

    • Ismail Rauf
      Ismail Rauf


  • Mr Hussain
    Mr Hussain

    Man City don't usually get the best decisions in CL, but today the ref was trying his utmost to make sure it's a Bayern Vs Man City semi final. Edit: Looks like PSG might ruin UEFA plan 🤣🤣

    • Ctrl alt De Ligt
      Ctrl alt De Ligt

      @icecream ice no wrong way around city Bayern, Chelsea Liverpool or Madrid

    • ZakaSlocka

      Here after Bayern just lost to PSG

    • Mr. CheeseGrater
      Mr. CheeseGrater

      If UEFA really wanted us in the competition they wouldn't have tried to ban us.

    • tomasz kus
      tomasz kus

      @Cbsc Boys u wrong..and stupid 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • R.J.D

      @Ctrl alt De Ligt then we have an Abu Derby

  • Konrad Fischer-Appelt
    Konrad Fischer-Appelt

    If there would have been a good referee, BVB would have beaten the money factory!! In 8 days we‘ll beat them and go through, ManCity will never win the UCL, otherwise Bayern will beat them!!

  • Puskás is a god
    Puskás is a god

    Dortmund were robbed. Fair play City but the ref was ridiculous.

    • beyond ultragaming
      beyond ultragaming

      @Puskás is a god they did they played very well

    • Puskás is a god
      Puskás is a god

      @beyond ultragaming Yeah fair enough. Tie isn’t over yet tho, Dortmund did well to get an away goal tbf.

    • Ea_mcfc

      Poor refereeing lmao, happy that we city won of course but my mind will still be stuck on how lucky we got

    • beyond ultragaming
      beyond ultragaming

      Agreed dortmund should have got a draw as the bellingham goal was a clear goal and this is from a city fan. However we do look better than previous years because when dortmund scored we had the hunger to get another goal against lyon last season we lost our heads the minute they scored same with liverpool in 17/18 the only game we probally were very unlucky not to get through was spurs in 18/19 as we showed fight up to the end

  • Charlie Carolan
    Charlie Carolan

    Bellingham goal should have counted

    • Rehan

      @PAWEL finally someone not deluded

    • Breakout Gamer
      Breakout Gamer

      @Oo oO as a city fan it should have stood ederson kicked him

    • Electric Mead
      Electric Mead

      @Oo oO 🤡😂😂😂😂

    • Victor Eke
      Victor Eke

      True but eh sometimes fortune favours the brave😂

    • Christiano Pulinaldo
      Christiano Pulinaldo

      @mahabub zakaria135 Those Losers have won more ucls than your club F

  • spek888

    Pep should also be thanking the referee for that abysmal officiating in this match.

    • Blue Moon
      Blue Moon

      @ILcomp News Like United have been paid off the ref and Var all along this season.

    • Tariq Ahmed
      Tariq Ahmed

      @ILcomp News nobody said this about other teams when we had terrible decisions given against us.

    • Will Johnson
      Will Johnson

      @ILcomp News stop being delusional mate

    • Phil Foden
      Phil Foden

      True. The ref are always against us so might as well say thanks 😒

    • ???

      Just go bed. No need to cry in everything related to this match

  • Rayaan J Ladha
    Rayaan J Ladha

    Ye pep is so bald

    • Finn Roberts
      Finn Roberts

      Captain obvious

    • i have 501 kids in my basement
      i have 501 kids in my basement

      oh did i mention pep is bald

  • i have 501 kids in my basement
    i have 501 kids in my basement

    pep is bald lol


      Floor is floor

    • Bilal Ahmed
      Bilal Ahmed

      @talha Ali Bruh

    • talha Ali
      talha Ali

      @DASHER JKD ur also bald due to medical regulations.

    • mike irvine
      mike irvine

      Brilliant, Holmes


      Peps bald wowwwwwwww