"They are the best team in the world!" Ancelotti speaks after Everton 0-2 Man City
Carlo Ancelotti revealed that he believes Man City are currently the best team in the world after they reached the FA Cup semi-final with a 2-0 win at Goodison Park.
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  • Ruth Romero
    Ruth Romero


  • Joel Thomas
    Joel Thomas

    The king

  • Birakta Jamatia
    Birakta Jamatia

    Ancelotti eyebrows looks amazing 😂😂😂😂

  • d one
    d one

    City's bench is cheat fr

  • Saynab Adan
    Saynab Adan

    Respect to the guy the way he was soo calm after being knocked out just calms me down From a united fan

  • Ryan Ph8te
    Ryan Ph8te


    • Ryan Ph8te
      Ryan Ph8te


    • Ryan Ph8te
      Ryan Ph8te


    • Ryan Ph8te
      Ryan Ph8te


  • JOE

    Bayern are a better team

  • Akaza

    The best team in the world is arsenal no cap on that 🧢

  • I. A.
    I. A.

    Respect from Ancelotti, great man and manager

  • otot ymmer
    otot ymmer

    His voice has an amplifier

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg

    Bayern is still the best team in the world bay far !

  • Muhamad Gilang
    Muhamad Gilang

    Don Carlo 🙏 Massive Respect

  • Klink Klang
    Klink Klang

    City really are an unstoppable team right now. Even if Liverpool hadn't fell into an absolutely terrible form they'd have struggled to keep up with them.

  • Prateek Vasisht
    Prateek Vasisht

    But Ancelotti is the best guy, in PL and in the world! Brings a unique human dimension to coaching.

  • CND63

    Best manager Everton have had for a long time. Respect. CTID

  • John Diggle
    John Diggle

    City is always the best team in the world until they get knocked out in UCL 🤣

  • Target Lejekeje
    Target Lejekeje

    Everton, don't let go of this timer he's likeable please keep him

  • bear boye
    bear boye

    Bayern had a player sent off after about 15 minutes, and proceeded to score 4 quick goals without reply. Would City be able to do the same against the same opposition? I think they'd still win the game but not in that style.

  • 5 goals in 9 Minutes
    5 goals in 9 Minutes

    The best in the world he said lol Bayern exist

  • tony greene
    tony greene

    Brilliant manager & a really nice humble guy. (Leeds fan).

    • dalekwatcher

      Same could be said of Bielsa. (Everton fan).

  • Richie Rifle
    Richie Rifle

    This guy has looked 70 for 70 years.

  • unknown Unknown
    unknown Unknown

    Ancelotti is right they are great we will be better next year definitely up the blues

  • Simon Harry
    Simon Harry

    I would like him to speak Jamaican i can't understand him he sounds like he needs to Fart out loud

  • Michal Rodzinski
    Michal Rodzinski


  • thejuanfandangoclub

    Is it me or is Ancelotti's left eyebrow trying to escape

  • Tyson

    Their not the best team in the world because they haven’t proved that against the likes of Bayern Munich or Barcelona or tbh against any team that’s classed as best in the world! Only proved it against teams in the premier league who most of the top teams have all been struggling this season

    • Tyson

      @Bungee Speaks they also beat Barcelona 8-2, Chelsea 4-1, Dortmund 1-0

    • Tyson

      @Bungee Speaks 😂😂😂 they won the champions league mate last year, had to be psg in the final

    • Bungee Speaks
      Bungee Speaks

      Who have bayern proved it against?

  • Sam Belfie
    Sam Belfie

    Everton are absolutely shocking!

  • Aidan Griffiths
    Aidan Griffiths

    We'll get there soon 💪

  • Ve2vi

    Come to Munich then we Can Talk.....

  • Facts Trump Feelings
    Facts Trump Feelings

    Hopefully Bayern will have something to say about being the best team in the world

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson

    Anyone else find that they couldn’t stop watching his eye brows 🤨

  • Yawar Ganaie
    Yawar Ganaie

    They are not , bayern are the best team in the world and everyone will realize it when they come up against each other in UCL semis

  • Victor Eke
    Victor Eke

    This man is a proper manager

  • Taj Khan
    Taj Khan

    lets see if mancity can win the champians league then they truly are the best. My moneys on PSG

  • Mathew Jones
    Mathew Jones

    Sorry big Duncan maybe another 25yrs 4 a trophy

  • Uncut Eagles
    Uncut Eagles

    Are we forgetting the last Manchester derby?

  • moslemecoz

    Very respectful from Carlo! I'd probably give Bayern the edge over Man City at the moment, but there's not a lot in it.

  • Tony Celestino
    Tony Celestino

    These Farley impressions are brilliant , I love his Frank Lampard as well !

  • Tony Celestino
    Tony Celestino

    Great guy is Carlo

  • Kalitoonz

    So Bayern doesn't exist?

  • bigceazer21

    best team in the world and yet they have never won a CL or a club world cup. yeah ok anchelotti..Bayer Munich send their regards on that one.

  • Nazmul Sagor
    Nazmul Sagor

    I am Liverpool fan but watch every city game bcz Their beauty of playing football

  • Mark Lynch
    Mark Lynch

    I think Everton gave man city to much respect. Everton are way bigger club. Time to put the fear back into man city. I think it's crazy to see teams like Madrid Barcelona United Liverpool and Bayern all below man city bow day's who are no one until the free money. Hope someone stops them from ruining football. It's like FIFA on cheat mode

  • Pilot Fire
    Pilot Fire

    Please explain how they’re the best team in the world? Every yearrr we call them the best team in the world, and they always get knocked out in the champions league against mediocre teams

  • FeelsBadMan n
    FeelsBadMan n

    Please Everton needs to buy this guy actual real players... Everton could easily compete... They need a top tier striker midfielder..

  • daniel leblanc
    daniel leblanc

    10 years time Everton gonna smash city one time, city in a crisis, and sky sports retro will release this beauty

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe

      @vl aude true man, they have unlimited money, lol they will always have good player

    • vl aude
      vl aude

      bruh what !??? city’s team can play another 10 years except for players over 25 plus haaland is coming ion think city are gonna have any problems

  • Canary Cuteness
    Canary Cuteness

    Donate plasma

  • Neversleeponme Yola
    Neversleeponme Yola

    Bayern Munich just ordered an Olympic drug test for Ancelotti

  • steven forrest
    steven forrest

    No, they aren't the best team in the world, Bayern Munich are. Didn't see Manc. cita lift the World clubs cup last month.

  • Sean Paul Mcqueen
    Sean Paul Mcqueen

    If there the best team in the world they need to win champions league and I can’t see that happening eny time soon so there the best team in England 👌🏻

  • Qwerstu1982

    Best team in the world?.... I beg to differ.

  • Ralph Munonyedi
    Ralph Munonyedi

    No they are not the best team in the world.

  • fullershady_COB

    Best team in the world? 😂

  • Harry Hughes
    Harry Hughes

    City can’t beat united tho

    • John Malone
      John Malone

      City beat united when it mattered 2xcarabou semis and 3x runners up premiership 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Gaming dude 288
    The Gaming dude 288

    Hahaha If that was Jose he would say “ We deserved that win we were the better team Man City were just lucky so there not the best team in the world at the moment

  • Youwin Louw
    Youwin Louw

    They honestly did the best they could 💯

  • Andrew Marsden
    Andrew Marsden

    0.50 - 'Most difficult game this year'. Surely losing 0-2 to Utd was more difficult?

  • Shonesy Mike
    Shonesy Mike

    Difendid vel, lot of oprtuninitis, we wantd to kip dem avaj from gol....

  • akhilesh

    i really want to see bayern vs city

  • n. ghina
    n. ghina

    genuinely hope everton will make it to top 4

  • Maan K
    Maan K

    He waffles too much . I wanted Everton to go through Extra time but oh wait Richrialson missed many opportunities.

    • Conor Soady
      Conor Soady

      What chances did Richarlison miss exactly. He only had a volley outside the box that just went wide


      Well....I didn't know Man City is weak at defense?..Richie got t canceled out by defense....same as G Jesus doing nothing the whole game until...ball deflected by bar and fell down n Gu. Head.... Well still City plays better ...so fair result

  • fuzz man
    fuzz man

    Best team I have ever seen in the prem has been Peps man city. Not in Europe so much but domestically best I have ever seen. Also they win lots of the cup competitions too

  • Muhd Syazwan
    Muhd Syazwan

    Even Ancelotti praise man city performance while man utd fans still talking about oil money lol

    • John Malone
      John Malone

      Fun fact united spent a billion since fergie left and won nothing 😂😂😂😂😂

    • A Ali
      A Ali

      what's he going to say after losing? the better team lost?

  • wobbuffet 17
    wobbuffet 17

    I wanna see city vs Bayern

  • miksuwil

    he always calm

  • Joakim Lindholm
    Joakim Lindholm

    Class manager. Deserves a bigger club. As a Chelsea fan i felt he was unfairly dismissed.

    • jordizee

      He deserves a bigger club like Burnley or Brighton.

  • Lockey Cityzens
    Lockey Cityzens



    Dagenham is the best.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Manchester is...and always be RED!!!!

  • Vicerollz 90
    Vicerollz 90

    I hope they win the champions league just because of Mahrez. He is my favorite player now

  • Eduardo Orozco
    Eduardo Orozco

    Haha just possibly the richest but that's about it

  • Darren Mcpike
    Darren Mcpike

    Bayern are a squash team

  • g-reg

    Love ancelloti . Thanks for your time in the Premier league and for my club. (Chelsea fan lol)

  • H I
    H I

    Didn’t know that Bayern were a Croquet team...

  • Geoff Morris
    Geoff Morris

    I hope City win the lot, I think the European Cup will be the hardest but I hope they do it

  • 320speed

    Man City Vs Bayern Munich That's a showdown!

    • Uri Colthrust
      Uri Colthrust

      @Empire Joshvir262 it’s not even that its if Dortmund defence can actually look competent

    • Gemma Barclay
      Gemma Barclay

      @Derick JD your right my mistake. Would in my eyes be the only one that's worthy

    • Gemma Barclay
      Gemma Barclay

      @56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc would be nice for halland to stay at dortmund for a few years but it's never going to happen.. Dortmund want to cash in on him due to financial reasons with the pandemic which is a shame

    • 56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc
      56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc

      @Gemma Barclay i dont think haaland really needs to move to europe's elite clubs just now .. he can wait one or two years cause atm the clubs are in a bit of troble except bayern and city tbh .. barca real will rise and again become big in 2 years time ..meanwhile if he can win big with dortmund it will be a big achievemnt ..i personally prefer that cause ronaldo had a worldclass team and started performing after 2014 ..i want haaland to peove he can put up numbers even in weak teams .. which is more important even if he doest qin ucl ...winning things aint the most important sometimes

    • Derick JD
      Derick JD

      @Gemma Barclay City Bayern can only meet at the Semi final, the draw has been made already. City faces either Bayern or PSG at the semi finals

  • Lincoln D
    Lincoln D

    His left eyebrow raises are astonishing 🤨

  • Ronado Ron
    Ronado Ron

    Everton played beautiful football at the start of season but they are playing long balls and crosses, so predictable and boring

    • Ronado Ron
      Ronado Ron

      Really thought Southampton and Everton will fight for champions league/ europa league places but then realised both teams capacity.. City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool will finish top 4..

    • Thomas Foster
      Thomas Foster

      Neverton back to normal . 😈😬


      Try to understand the players he got to play at beginning of season and now injuries plagued teams.... who plays in midfield now? Not difficult to figure out why

  • Rice and beans
    Rice and beans

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him repent before it’s too late. It’s your choice .. heaven or hell . Change your ways and turn to Him !!!

    • Rice and beans
      Rice and beans

      @Miski Guled yes no other God

    • Miski Guled
      Miski Guled


  • Megat Afiq
    Megat Afiq


  • David Walsh
    David Walsh

    How are they they cant even get to champions league final with all the billions they have spent.


      I do not think $$ sign = championship.....

    • nai poios einai
      nai poios einai

      Are u stupid? Jesus Arabians bought city 2008 and city became good at 2012 when they had a loooot of transfers so explain it to me plz how a team being 8 years on theyr prime winnig the ucl? I'll give u a clue real couldn win it in first 8 years utd couldn't barca also couldn't so just admit that city is better is not so bad to tell the truth im a city fan and im saying that liverpool is the best team in engalnds history cauze they are so how im i suppose to lie like u do?

  • Augustine Manga
    Augustine Manga

    Man u will still stop city like we have done

    • Rafael Santos
      Rafael Santos

      Man City fans reading that rn: *laughing in Leicester City*


      Already played each other this season. Man U won't stop City.....either combined teams or city stopped themselves which ........

    • Augustine Manga
      Augustine Manga

      Ok so

    • Rishabh

      @nai poios einai *14 points for now actually😂

    • nai poios einai
      nai poios einai

      Hahahaa howwww??? Ur in the europa league 😂 and ur 2nd 11 points behind 😂

  • Harrison King
    Harrison King

    No there not rangers are

  • MrReconnaissence

    Liverpool full fit are the best team in the world.

    • Rowan Whittingham
      Rowan Whittingham


  • sharpy

    There always the best team in the world when they just beaten your club i swear every football fan has said this b4

  • Critic one
    Critic one

    Conclusion.. He hesitated to say Bayern is beat team in the world because he was sacked. 😆

  • L R
    L R

    Ancelotti is a geezer

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    He knows they are playing against a world class side

  • Atillla the Hun
    Atillla the Hun

    They 'almost beat' City, City had 70 per cent plus possession....

    • geo

      wtf was he talking about?! im looking for a comment on this, insane, everton didn't even score how did they almost beat them?

    • PrometheusTV

      City had 70% possession against United and they lost 2-0.

    • Rowan Whittingham
      Rowan Whittingham

      Ummm yes, counter attacks exist

  • Baked Gamer18
    Baked Gamer18

    No there not Liverpool done better last season won 27 in a row in the premier league Man City were unbeaten in 28 games in all competitions until that was ended by Man Utd

  • Will Merriman
    Will Merriman

    Carlo Magnifico

  • Mark Side
    Mark Side

    No Bayern Munich is the best team in the world. Bayern just won 4-0 with 10 men lol.

    • John Malone
      John Malone

      Farmers league germany fact 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mark Side
      Mark Side

      @Van Landings Will see then lol.

    • Van Landings
      Van Landings

      That just proves how bad the quality of opposition is in Bundesliga is if they won 4-0 despite playing bad.

  • Kranxin MJ
    Kranxin MJ

    Everton fans won't even be upset. What a season they are having. This man is unreal in that build. Fair play to them


      Oh ...believe me..we have many "Everton Fans" non stop criticising Carlo..accusing him to change Everton into defensive park the bus team. Two long stretches of unbeaten runs still not enough for these fans.....some calling for Carlo head.........

  • Tendy Zacchaeus
    Tendy Zacchaeus

    Honestly.., saying city are the best team in the world is huge disrespect for bayern

  • Fabrício Costa
    Fabrício Costa

    They just lose for Manchester United 😂

    • Paolo H
      Paolo H

      @Buster Nut No, they have one world class player the rest are average. City couldn't put two passes together in that game down to their own form not the way United played - shows they bottle it on the big occasion as they'll prove in the UCL this year. edit: .....again! 🤣

    • PrometheusTV

      @nukroturk Europe They can beat anyone away from home.

    • Miski Guled
      Miski Guled

      Your English 😂😂

    • nukroturk Europe
      nukroturk Europe

      @Buster Nut united can never beat bayern comfortably

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey

    I wanna hear Carlo say “uncomfortable” more often

    • Leo

      and 'regrets' :D

  • Turk angle 8
    Turk angle 8

    Bayern are

  • Haider Lami
    Haider Lami

    And Tottenham fans think they gone win the cup

  • Ezekiel Ben Yisrael
    Ezekiel Ben Yisrael

    He's only saying that cause he lost. Bayern is the best team in the world right now. And Manchester United beat Manchester City at the ethiad very recently, so they aren't unbeatable either. He did well but these comments are only to cushion the blow of losing! Losing to Manchester City isnt such a bad thing thou to be honest.

    • Ezekiel Ben Yisrael
      Ezekiel Ben Yisrael

      John Malone they are the reigning champions league champions. They won the FIFA club World Cup making them the champions of the world officially. Man City haven't won a champions league to even be the best team in Europe, let alone the world. Leave biases to the side and be fair. Officially Munich are on top! I'm not saying that can't change, I'm just saying it hasn't yet!

    • John Malone
      John Malone

      What have bayern done to make them best team in the world they play in farmers league every week only beat psg 1 0 in champions league final city will not fear anyone they let there football do the talking so we'll see what transpires 😁

    • Mohamed Abdi
      Mohamed Abdi

      B.muchengladback beat B.munchen at their own studium 😜🤗

    • Ezekiel Ben Yisrael
      Ezekiel Ben Yisrael

      Mr. John Eevie Dean lool that's a big maybe. Psg may prove a challenge

    • Mr. John Eevie Dean
      Mr. John Eevie Dean

      Could be Bayern against Man City in the Champions League Semis soon. We'll see

  • TankCommander

    Keep hearing this but I think we have several years domination from Bayern to endure.

    • fLightTakesFlight

      @bhbuvyvbk vgvthv Chelsea & city still have a league game to play aswell👀

    • bhbuvyvbk vgvthv
      bhbuvyvbk vgvthv

      @fLightTakesFlight Yes, especially since it'll be a UCL Final. Tuchel's Chelsea is top class. If it happens, may the best team win.

    • 56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc
      56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc

      @bhbuvyvbk vgvthv do u know what it means in future?? .. barca will come back in future ...they r slowly doing it

    • fLightTakesFlight

      @bhbuvyvbk vgvthv 2 best defence in the EPL

    • fLightTakesFlight

      @bhbuvyvbk vgvthv Tuchel vs pep will be game of the season imo