Fight Week UFC 260 Preview Show | Stipe Miocic v Francis Ngannou! | Welcome Michael Bisping!
Francis Ngannou gets his chance at revenge as he faces the greatest Heavyweight in UFC history in Stipe Miocic at #UFC260.
Britain's first UFC champion, Michael Bisping, is the new addition to the team and he joins Adam Catterall and Nick Peet to preview Saturday's main event!
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  • BT Sport
    BT Sport

    The Dan Hardy Breakdown Show drops Tuesday night - keep it locked on BT Sport 👊

    • Nicola Maxwell
      Nicola Maxwell

      That's what we're looking for!!!

    • Daniel Cannon
      Daniel Cannon

      Not really. He is awesome though

    • Chainy Rabbit
      Chainy Rabbit


    • Richard Crawford
      Richard Crawford

      Shout out Dan

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      Kick him off the show but advertise another one..........brutal!

  • klausmkl

    woodley couldn't sell a ppv

  • Ryu Hayabusa
    Ryu Hayabusa

    Stipe Mayocic hahahaha

  • Anshuman Sinha
    Anshuman Sinha

    Didnt BT give Dan his own show? Why can’t they have Dan here as well?

    • Richard Davies
      Richard Davies

      They most likely will after the situation blows over. Ariel was given the cold shoulder for a long time after his fall-out with the ufc and he's back at the top now. Wont be long until Dan is back in the fold

  • Sum bhoy
    Sum bhoy

    Bisping is great love the guy but Dan is much better chemistry wise and analysts wise

  • Revanth Moses
    Revanth Moses

    If DC couldn't stop Stipe from taking him down, Francis isn't.

    • Big Nasty
      Big Nasty


  • Alfredo Manccini
    Alfredo Manccini

    I want to see Dan and Bisping together on this show

  • tuco1099

    Thank god we don't have to listen to people like ariel helwani in the uk

  • Dee HD
    Dee HD

    They really called Chris wideman a Anderson silva beating machine Do the not remember how both fights was going both was luck


    I see bisping I watch.

  • Sulaiman Rafiq
    Sulaiman Rafiq

    Bisping is a great addition. In time, I think he'll be an upgrade on Dan! Glad Dan is still around though

  • jaja veve
    jaja veve

    I will miss Dan hardy he was the best analyst

  • John Estrella III
    John Estrella III

    John jones the cheater

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    Great content.good to see the count branching out.🔥👊👍😊

  • Ali Gillani
    Ali Gillani

    Bisping is as good of a commentator as he was a fighter, maybe better

  • Chainy Rabbit
    Chainy Rabbit

    If this is BT show, why cant Dan be on it?

  • TheMAU5SoundsLikThis

    Bisping on a well produced show, what I've been looking for a long time

    • Richard Davies
      Richard Davies

      Yup. Last time he was consistent in media was FOX but FOX kinda sucked in general

  • AdamantMovies

    It does not matter if Stipe likes to be the underdog, point is he does not deserve it. He IS the favorite going into this fight, not only cause he beat Francis before, but ALSO cause he is the baddest man on the planet and champ.

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz

    Bispings fake eye is fake news , its cgi he has 20 20 vision in both eyes

  • Alexander Da Mota
    Alexander Da Mota

    Fun analysis. Loved it.

  • Alexander Da Mota
    Alexander Da Mota

    Great analysis. I surprisingly agree with Keet on his points of why N'Gannou is the favorite and Jon Jones.

  • Alan Heavey
    Alan Heavey

    I'm really happy to hear BT kept Dan Hardy. 👍

  • geeksworkshop

    Nick Peet one of the dumbest asshats working in MMA. Replace that tool not Dan!

  • Ritalie

    Make no mistake, O'Malley is the best knockout artist in the history of the UFC.

  • Ritalie

    We should have got to see Stipe vs. Jon Jones. Stipe vs. Jon Jones was always the right fight to make. Both guys are the exact same size, and both guys have full MMA ability, and good wrestling. It would have been one of the most competitive, evenly matched fights. Now we probably won't ever see it. This is Jon's fault. Someone has to be blamed.

  • Ritalie

    I am not arguing with Bisping. He is a true expert. But Derrick Lewis technically holds the record for the hardest punch ever recorded on the UFC's punching machine. Ngannou and Cormier are 2nd and 3rd behind him. Justin Gaethje recorded the hardest punch, pound for for pound.


    I'd take dan hardy and bisping. And one of the others can get the drop.. lol

  • Neuri

    great insight from The Count


    Bisping must be so bored with the americans lol they have zero banter and no slang or sayings lol..

  • Bruno Serra
    Bruno Serra

    Hardy gets his own segment on BT and Bisping replaces him here. Sometimes life just works out wonderfully.

  • B B
    B B

    How does CC pick up those accents so well? I'm actually impressed.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    is anyone gonna adress the elephant in the room?

  • riseofazrael

    I'm all the way over in Canada but I love the MMA content BT Sport puts out. Came for Hardy, stayed for the banter.

  • Aashish Khatri
    Aashish Khatri

    dan hardyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Dustin Kilburn
    Dustin Kilburn

    Can’t say I’m mad that Bisping is replacing Dan... It’s like a second best case scenario.

  • Real Socrates52
    Real Socrates52

    Miocic is the humble quite achiever a true champ

  • Corey Dallmeyer
    Corey Dallmeyer

    Please keep doing these

  • John Estrella III
    John Estrella III

    Both guys have a chance but much better a win with KO.. Baddest

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki

    Stipe won the first fight 50-44 on all 3 scorecards and Francis is the favourite!

  • Victor0328

    What a fun video thanks guys.

  • mani khaled aidoud
    mani khaled aidoud

    this time Ngannou will probably get finished or even ko'd

  • rafa cereceres
    rafa cereceres

    Great replacement. Still sad Dan is no longer part of this, but hey he got his own show now😎👌

  • Ptre J
    Ptre J

    What’s the story with Dan?

    • Richard Davies
      Richard Davies

      He got in a argument with herb Dean last year and got in trouble with a staff member at UFC recently again so he was fired, ufc don't want any contact with him or his company probably. Pretty much the same as what happens to anyone that pisses Dana off

  • Randy Cowart
    Randy Cowart

    Definitely a Stipe crew member, however he'll have to certainly 'up' his game this time around to keep that swanky belt...hope he's realizing this & prepared

  • OG Grinder
    OG Grinder

    What a pleasant surprise...the count 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Women Empowerment sports fan
    Women Empowerment sports fan

    Haha bisping the legend with legend's ✌👑 bisping is so funny 🇬🇧 the uk banter is back 😆 🤣

  • Big boi 18
    Big boi 18

    Just replace nick peet with Dan hardy and it couldn’t get better

  • D S
    D S

    Win or lose he is the goat that being said id like ngannou to take the spot and working 2 times a month sending ppl to the final frontier ....

  • Mikelax23

    I’m on board! Great show! Really enjoyed it

  • A M
    A M

    Don't understand why people gravitate towards fighters that have a round of fighting in them. I'd rather see a 5 round war than a first round ko or 5 mins of swinging and missing and then seeing somebody getting dominated for another 20 mins

  • Resilient American
    Resilient American

    *The biggest intangible is not Francis power or when they will land. It is simply how he will defend those takedowns IF they come to fruition.*

  • African Soldja
    African Soldja

    Why this guy keeps calling black fighters monster ?

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    This would have been 10 times better if that lunatic on the right wasn't on the show.

  • Luis Vega
    Luis Vega

    Adam Catterral looking like GSP's and Marvin Vettori's older brother 👀

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker

    The chemistry between these three works so great. Fair play BT sports, fair play

  • Omar Peoples
    Omar Peoples

    i need a translation to real american english

    • Richard Davies
      Richard Davies

      Its called ESPN

  • Simon Egli
    Simon Egli

    Nick "stipe mayonnaise" Pitt

  • Hobo survival
    Hobo survival

    Adam "rudolph the reindeer" Catterall

  • jack leroy
    jack leroy

    Anyone else replacing hardy I wouldn't have watched again but do love mikey b

  • Harrison Mackay
    Harrison Mackay

    Great to see Mike

  • kblanz

    We need Dan Hardy back

  • Michael Easter
    Michael Easter

    2:11 "contrary to popular belief, I'm not a complete moron" ... LOL ... Bisping is wonderful

  • Kendra Anton
    Kendra Anton

    Love Mike and his podcast but Dan is the best at breaking down mma.

  • Krky Ivan
    Krky Ivan

    I'm a MMA fan and not savage puncher, come on People

  • OMGEVANable

    I like Bisping but not having Dan is a big loss

  • Matthew Braybrooke
    Matthew Braybrooke

    Is dan not doing the show anymore ?

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    dan hardy

  • caribbeanj

    This needs Dan

  • Bobby Benjani
    Bobby Benjani

    Why is Dan not there. Get Dan in there get rid of of that scouser

  • LFC91

    DJ Mikey B, Now im tuned in

  • Zora


  • gary brown
    gary brown

    Great show , Nice to see the count Michael Bisping in the Dan Hardy chair , everything was brilliant till the end , then Dana , she's let herself go since her win in the Eurovision song contest in 1970 LOL! yes I'm that old

  • Anfg

    bisping is a bit.....dumberer

  • Ben Zeltser
    Ben Zeltser

    Michael bisping >>>>>>>>>> Dan hardy Everyday, all day

  • Dan Chivell
    Dan Chivell

    Great show lads looking forward to more of these with DJ Mikey B. 👍🏻

  • David Scholes
    David Scholes

    Bisping is awesome. Many better DJ's out of the north west though, not that I'd say that to his face haha

  • Trent McDonald
    Trent McDonald

    Lol bisping loving the pay rise with Hardy's sacking..... Good on him!

  • Strawbs1969

    Dan is awesome but Super Substitution from BTUFC United 👍👍


    Where is Dan Hardy??? The Two Stooges and a guest format is rubbish 🗑

  • Jimmy Flinn
    Jimmy Flinn

    “ Downing pints and loses the Plot! “ 😂😂😂

  • J p
    J p

    Did the pomes even watch the first fight? Stipe outstruck Francis.

    • Big Nasty
      Big Nasty

      Dc outstruck him. But stipe couldn't get a finish

  • Denny Roman
    Denny Roman

    goodnight Vienna was good

  • Betta Babe Pilipinas
    Betta Babe Pilipinas

    Very good! Love this show, bisping is really good!

  • Nayeem Ali
    Nayeem Ali

    It's over Chael said Francis by KO.

  • Aaron Auld
    Aaron Auld

    Nick needs to stop talking about the eye. Stipe was just name the HW GOAT, and btw he just debunked the idea his eye has any problems with Helwani. Stipe gets the finish. Was no one else blown away by his last fight?

    • Big Nasty
      Big Nasty

      Beating a 41 year old guy that 5 inches shorter made him a goat?

  • prodigiii712

    Best ufc preview show.

  • dave foster
    dave foster

    Who wins between Dan the Outlaw and Michael the Count?

    • Richard Davies
      Richard Davies

      The count easily but the outlaw is great in other ways

  • gupstaa

    Nice one, no Dan hardy in sight lol nicely done !! Thank god

  • giftofnothing

    Nick really out here telling a 1 eyed champion that Stipe's eyes are gonna make him lose.

  • Sam Keino
    Sam Keino

    Shame on BT for ditching Dan Hardy so quickly!

  • Aldo Estrada
    Aldo Estrada

    What happened to Caroline ?

  • Denis Olivera
    Denis Olivera

    Alright. I'll watch this one cuz it's Michael Bisping. But no more!

  • Ilyas Good
    Ilyas Good

    Francis strong man yes But nothing change in him Stipe he need to work hard in first round and maybe 2 using wrestling to make francis confused and why not stipe try ti finish him

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust

    There is absolutely no way in which Francis Ngannou comes out of this rematch a winner. It’s just not going to happen. Stipe Miocic is just way too good.

  • Brandon Alexander
    Brandon Alexander

    I don’t think the last one of there fights were boring at all

  • Elan Romaine
    Elan Romaine

    It’s just not the same without Dan :(

  • Conor Laithe
    Conor Laithe

    Still want Hardy back

  • man frombritain
    man frombritain

    Loving the British pride at the start haha EE BAH GUM LAD

  • AceLinkFPS

    Wrestle and keep him moving backwards

  • shubham chauhan
    shubham chauhan

    It's stupid to say that the first fight was not entertaining. It was the perfect man performance.

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