"I'm ready for Jon Jones in the summer!" Francis Ngannou wants super fight at UFC 260 win!
Francis Ngannou speaks to Joe Rogan straight after becoming the new UFC heavyweight champion at #UFC260 by beating Stipe Miocic by knockout. Ngannou is keen to face Jon Jones with the former light heavyweight champion moving up a division this year.
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  • Dan W
    Dan W

    Can’t believe people even think for a second Ngannou could beat Jon Jones hahahaha

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    Someone get the champ a bottle of water for god sake what’s a man gotta do around here!!

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson

    One bad word and its a murder case

  • Dominic Ippolito
    Dominic Ippolito

    Pure class from a phenomenal champion. Congratulations Francis. Hard-earned and well-deserved title.

  • Tw0 Crows
    Tw0 Crows

    Jon Jones is going to have a bad time at heavyweight

  • Turbo gig Woof
    Turbo gig Woof


  • BritishBloke66

    Francis still breathing hard even long after the fight. If someone gets him to the ground it's probably over for Francis. He's no cardio Cain.

  • Abhishek Kadam
    Abhishek Kadam

    But can Jones actually survive nganou? Skill matters I know...but still...power does count for something right?

  • MJ

    Dana should definitely make this fight happen but he's playing games with Jones who now wants his release from the UFC.

  • hammers2006

    Who rmemeber when Dana said francis ego rana way with him, I thi k that's wrong because he far from has a bad ego

  • hotnac

    What a nice bloke! Will support him 100% if the money does not go to his head. Sad for Stipe, also a nice humble champion! Francis will own Jones!

  • Charlie Stewart
    Charlie Stewart

    adesanya usman and ngannou the 3 heaviest current champs?

  • You You
    You You

    im surprised he won jones is such a great athlete.

  • Joseph Blessed
    Joseph Blessed

    I would have loved to see Ngannou vs Brock Lesnar

  • Flesz

    I would prefer fighting nganou than Jones. It's quick decapitation compared to being slowly mauled

  • amen

    This is a great achievement for Nganou congrats broda but I still think Him putting up a challenge aganist Jones sound stupid he should be challenged as a champ he must cook it

  • Gomes

    Looking forward for Ngannou to have is Movie story 🎥 happen well done champ👑

  • Gomes

    Summer would be summer AJ vs Tyson fury and if it happens Francis Ngannou vs John Jones

  • ghyslain de sintat
    ghyslain de sintat

    Bien joue Francis , de Paris jusqu’au cameroun 🙏✊😎

  • Happy Skillmore
    Happy Skillmore

    7:32 i think Ngannou doesn’t understand what Jones means by “show me the money.” Francis, he means “I don’t really want to fight that monster.”

  • Ayu Gales
    Ayu Gales

    Ngannou is a humble champ has more knock-out power and Jones has more technic He can win the fight but must be carefull one punch can pinish Jones, Let's Get Ready to Rumble! The main event Jones vs Ngannou and the cage announcer please Michael Buffer not His half brother bruce the lebay baper

  • Steven Stevanus
    Steven Stevanus

    Trilogy first Jon jones later

  • Rocket

    Cant think of anyone more worthy of the title.

  • Lasha Zhvania
    Lasha Zhvania

    Fight of the decades -Scariest of all time vs Greatest of all Time

  • OVO Begzino II
    OVO Begzino II

    God bless Africa.

  • Broonzied

    I'll bet JJ was secretly rooting for Stipe big time.

  • Razor jaw86
    Razor jaw86


  • Shabir Sharif
    Shabir Sharif

    Fat Dana doesn't want to pay jones what deserves he does to conor and khabib

  • itiswhatitiss


  • Chris

    Ngannou is a lion definitely a predator i don't think anybody is going to take the title from him until he retires, now that ngannou beat stipe fair and square without any eye pokes or dirty boxing like DC stipe cannot say that ngannou won a lucky lottery ticket like DC

  • george palaio
    george palaio

    Stipe needed the money and got into a fight with a real heavyweight

  • Baby Porky
    Baby Porky

    Jon "Tweet Then Delete" Jones

  • Lee Joseph
    Lee Joseph

    Jon Jones will take him to school. Better movement, striking. People keep mentioning this dudes power, y'all honestly think Jon Jones is just going to stand in front of him? Jon Jones will beat this dude

  • Darren Broughton
    Darren Broughton

    Well done to him but he can't get too carried away cause he will face fighters who won't trade but take him down and submit him so he needs to work on his ground game and be an all rounder it UFC not boxing he might have a power punch but if he get took down it over

  • V C
    V C

    I’m sorry but Francis will eat John Jones alive, Jones can’t beat the currently light weight champion Francis has a very long future as champion

  • Alexander Dragutinovic
    Alexander Dragutinovic

    I think Camaru Usman played a huge part in the revolution in Francis Ngannou.

  • WalterSobchak1000

    nice man, he deserves his success

  • krimo 44
    krimo 44

    🇨🇲💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🥷👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾NGANOU va rester assis sur le trône très très longtemps ce n'est q'un début....il est humble,intelligent,patient,fort,très élégant... c'est un camerounais dans toute sa splendeur !🤲🏿🇨🇲🙏🏾merci

  • X X
    X X

    Dude giving title shot to derick Lewis cuz he didnt get enough money from ufc sounds like hes scared cuz i thought he really wanted to fight ig not

  • H

    Not gonna lie, Jon Jones will beat Ngannou with score. First 1-3 rounds will be outboxing and oblique kick. Jon Jones will not let Ngannou into mid-range. Round 4-5 will be wrestling and stamina.

    • Mouad Naf
      Mouad Naf

      Lol unless ngannou swings and lands and Jon melts like an ice cream scoop🍦

  • nikhil mahesh
    nikhil mahesh

    Jones playing smart. He will blame the ridiculous amount of money which he obviously wont get , what a gr8 way to backout from the fight .😎

  • Lk

    He is good man..

  • brandon jackson
    brandon jackson

    This guy gnna get wrecked by jones

  • Mark Such
    Mark Such

    Joe Rogan has more damage on his face than Francis.

  • chris sisson
    chris sisson

    BT can't show video? I thought they were ESPN / UFC partners?? Effin still shots lol

  • Irek Furtak
    Irek Furtak

    No way John Jones will step into octagon against Francis or Jan in 205, where he run away not to lose legacy 🤷‍♂️. Dana had a good point saying if he was John Jones he would move to 185😉😅 explain alot. Peace ✌️

  • Alex Grocio
    Alex Grocio

    JON! is going to stop him 100%

  • Salamander Fry
    Salamander Fry

    His nickname should have been The Sandman, considering he went from mining sand to putting people to sleep lol.

  • Meditation Awaken
    Meditation Awaken

    Movie pending.. this guy 👏🏼

  • Ez 82
    Ez 82

    Hats off to this man 👏

  • Smd Ebk
    Smd Ebk

    I can honestly see Jon having his next fight in heavyweight since he has been working in that range. At the same time I can see him either before or afterwards go fight Izzy ( if Izzy willing to accept ) to finish off all the Izzy hype

  • Viking Adventurer
    Viking Adventurer

    It's just a title means nothing.

  • dodo Gamma
    dodo Gamma

    This is why covid-19 does not succed in africa

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan

    This was Kamaru Usman's fight, patient, calm and amazing takedown stuffed. Kudos for him helping his brother

  • Douglas Alves
    Douglas Alves

    Ngannou is like the shingeki`s colossal titan

  • Ramsay MacFarlane
    Ramsay MacFarlane

    What a brilliant and humble man. Listening to him speak, he is hardly imaginable as the monster that he is in the ring! The effort in his language alone is beautiful. WOW - long live Ngannou! 🙌👑

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis

    Ngannou vs Wilder please

  • akad m
    akad m

    What about Derek?!

  • A P
    A P

    Absolute domination. And he's only getting started.

  • michael m
    michael m

    Jon Jones will tame the Beast, everyone has a weakness or a achilles heal and Jon has better fight IQ.

    • jkm

      Everyone has their time. Jones will be humbled

  • Rillionaire Adam-might
    Rillionaire Adam-might

    jon jones is gonna get smoked God willing

  • B Ilic
    B Ilic

    It's going to be Derrick Lewis next I doudt Jon will take the fight

  • Boxer786

    Who hits harder Francis ngannou or George foreman prime I think it's a draw 💯💯💯💯

  • Heloisa Tavares
    Heloisa Tavares

    Joe Rogan is so fake🤭🤭🤭🤭

    • አቤል አብርሃም
      አቤል አብርሃም


  • Julito Maraña
    Julito Maraña

    Usman will finish masvidal

  • Juicc

    Ufc better make the fight in Africa

  • Lu Silk
    Lu Silk

    top marks brother

  • Frederick Oparah
    Frederick Oparah

    I think that there are a few things to be considered for the new champion. Jon Jones has far more experience than Francis and is completely unknown at heavyweight plus the winkle team have solved every fight to date. Francis now has a mega fight which more than likely ensures a retirement purse if management is done well. Does jones get a shot straight away? Francis could decline the Jon Jones offer and then have a good picture of how Jon Jones operates at heavy weight, because Jon Jones certainly has more than enough data on Francis at heavy weight, and the winkle camp will use that data wisely. Jon Jones has dominated for an unprecedented amount of time at light heavy weight this should not be taken lightly and would be my concern. Ultimately for Francis this should be tactile and finical, and if he has a good camp the right decision will be made.

  • DMD

    Give the man a drink ffs. 3 African champions. Stipe should retire but both these guys are incredible, humble and goats


    He Deserves it. congrats!

  • Obiageli Nmonye
    Obiageli Nmonye

    Every time Francis says "listen" , my ears tingle and my feet trembles. Scary!

  • Roger Reid
    Roger Reid

    I knew he got this this time come on champ 🏆

  • Filippo82Livorno

    But Dana want ngannou vs Lewis 2.....😒

  • Connor Griffiths
    Connor Griffiths

    Whenever i see somebody koed like that i always think of chicken leg for some reason

  • Player 0.5
    Player 0.5

    2:03 ohh

  • Allman

    1-1 Be good to see a 3rd fight with a big crowd.

  • jinus oliver duno
    jinus oliver duno


  • Rob M
    Rob M

    hes gonna be -500 favorite for Jones, and really should be -1000

    • Rob M
      Rob M

      @B Ilic thats some easy money on ngannou , watch the line shift when no on ebets on jones.

    • B Ilic
      B Ilic

      He's -140 against Jon the line is out.

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher

    The king is dead, long live the new king!

  • joe lennon
    joe lennon

    We need a movie

  • Damion Taylor
    Damion Taylor


    • Lost in the sauce
      Lost in the sauce

      dont cry after the fight then lmao

  • Tyrone Cox
    Tyrone Cox

    I am so happy right now when that takedown failed it was game over

  • Reza A. Yudha
    Reza A. Yudha

    Congratulation Ngannou! Big win🦾

  • Matt Kay
    Matt Kay

    The biggest meanest looking underdog story ever ! So much respect for this man and his journey. All respect to Stipe one of the best ever but I can't lie I was super rooting for Ngannou on this one. Hope his story continues at the top for a long time to come.

  • Barry Lindon
    Barry Lindon

    Happy for him, good guy with huge power!

  • Toby Johnson
    Toby Johnson


  • Toby Johnson
    Toby Johnson

    BLACK 👑

  • Toby Johnson
    Toby Johnson

    BLACK KING 👑👑👑

  • Krishan Patel
    Krishan Patel

    Rogan needs to shut up about that being the biggest fight in the history of the sport lmao

  • Dévo OTB
    Dévo OTB

    isreal adesanya represents new zealand, kamaru usman spent almost his whole life in america so if we look at it, francis ngannou is the first fully african champion in ufc

  • Wilma DikFit
    Wilma DikFit

    Jon is shook right now

  • Bùs Dominik
    Bùs Dominik

    Anyone that fights this man is making a mistake

  • Jason Genovaweight
    Jason Genovaweight



    He can eat Johnes like a light tunna sandwich


    Francis is humble guy. Congratulations from Africa, Morocco

  • Googlebanmetoomuch 2
    Googlebanmetoomuch 2

    Jones vs Ngannou is a mega card and a mega fight!!! Hope to attend!

    • Mouad Naf
      Mouad Naf

      @Hiraether ottawa here and I would sacrifice a kidney to see that fight live lol covid gotta gtfo tho 😭 I hope they book it for August at the latest

    • Hiraether

      Yeah I live in remote northern Canada but would go see that fight in a heartbeat if it cost me a limb. Such a superfight. Hopefully negotiations don't sour and prevent it from happening.

  • Ketayi Mtongwizo
    Ketayi Mtongwizo

    We need a movie on Ngannoe's success His journey is incredible and very institutional.

  • Nik Scott
    Nik Scott

    So happy for him.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    Tony Ferguson just flew out to Cameroon to work in the sand mines

  • Rob A.
    Rob A.

    Francis was super hungry for this so I'm happy for him but I'm sad to see Stipe go like that.