"We knew from the Everton warm-up it would be tough!" Pep Guardiola reacts to Everton 0-2 Man City
Pep Guardiola praised his side's patience after they beat Everton 2-0 at Goodison Park to reach the FA Cup semi-finals.
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  • Trimaine Sylvanus Naidoo
    Trimaine Sylvanus Naidoo

    The warm up he is talking about was their PL game a few weeks back , cause City only needed to play like it was a pre season game to get passed Everton.

  • English football 33
    English football 33

    Of course i dont know for sure but it seems to me Pep is going through not easy time in his life besides football, because for last several mounths he looks as if doesnt care about football, but even though he keeps doing perfectly his job and Man city has a good chance of winning everything this year.

  • Liam Floy
    Liam Floy

    Sick of losing to mancity every game its like a stumbling block

  • DJAMZ Bena
    DJAMZ Bena

    Bt corresponder : pep!! Pep : call me Darhvader pls !

  • DJAMZ Bena
    DJAMZ Bena

    Pep is in such a powerful position he Actually wears Darthvader coat and smirk

  • Nelson Demba
    Nelson Demba

    Unpopular opinion- If Everton had James Rodriguez and Doucourè fit, it would have been a different outcome. Iwobi is useless

    • Azツ

      "it could've", is the better phrasing

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark

    He’s so chilled he’s wearing an airplane neck pillow

  • Mamang Joni
    Mamang Joni

    pep looks exhausted😳

  • Alastair Brewster
    Alastair Brewster

    Wasn’t that long ago ppl who know nothing about football were saying he should be sacked - same idiots who want Klopp sacked

  • Melanie Wilson
    Melanie Wilson

    We are just sooooo good💙M.C.F.C 🇬🇧

    • Arabian Boy
      Arabian Boy

      CITY 💙

  • Fede Wesley
    Fede Wesley

    finished team. will get brutally exposed by bayern/PSG

  • Lockey Cityzens
    Lockey Cityzens

    MY LOVELY BALD BOSS 😘😍🥰💙🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥

  • a1iffnaufa 1
    a1iffnaufa 1

    He look a bit exhousted, probably because keeping up with all the matches and winning them...anyway good job pep

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Guardiola forgot Manchester is RED!!! 2-0 Loss so how was this your toughest game of the season?

    • Arabian Boy
      Arabian Boy

      They kick u out in Carabao cup 2-0

    • Thomas Lawley
      Thomas Lawley

      It mattered?

    • prototype345

      Mind the gap

  • Zac Almazari
    Zac Almazari

    The " Eagle Eye "

  • Neem Noa
    Neem Noa

    Pep has the smuggest face ever at the start of this interview. Something special is brewing at City and as a United supporter it's tough to see...

  • Vicerollz 90
    Vicerollz 90

    From a real madrid fan, this man is the best manager right now I wish he manages madrid but I know thats not happening because he is catalan

    • Real OG
      Real OG

      My Words. Remember when he was at Barcelona & we had the squad against the level Barcelona yet except for one Seaoson we didn't do anything good.

  • EB

    Pep "YEAH" Guardiola

  • UraStr

    btw no COVID-19 in months, the elephant in the room is that the players are vaccinated

  • HeatWave


    • Sanivde

      I'm pretty sure KDB = Bruno.. both are class.. It shouldn't be a thing putting KDB above him since Bruno is amazing every game even when they lose..

    • Barcelona Barca
      Barcelona Barca

      I agree on this, but please stop trolling

    • ChubbyBob1945 Lol
      ChubbyBob1945 Lol

      Stop stating the obvious

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      Everyone knows this is a fact

  • Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2
    Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

    No to forced or coerced vaccines, no to vaccine passports.

  • alan t
    alan t


    • luckyjambon

      That's because he misses 10 sitters and scores 1

  • lemon tree
    lemon tree

    Bayern will destroy City in champions league

    • Barcelona Barca
      Barcelona Barca

      @lemon tree Lenglet tax

    • lemon tree
      lemon tree

      @Barcelona Barca 8-2

    • Barcelona Barca
      Barcelona Barca

      Deluded af

    • luckyjambon

      @HeatWave just because people think they should doesn't mean they will. I've seen plenty of shocking results over the years and there will definitely be one or two shocks in the quarter finals.

    • HeatWave

      @luckyjambon They should both win those games but pep might throw and play a back 5 😁

  • Phewbo 89
    Phewbo 89

    Fair play, if pep pops the quady he’s the goat

    • Barcelona Barca
      Barcelona Barca

      @A Ali Though I do regard Pep as at least a top 5 or top 3 greatest managers of all time.

    • Barcelona Barca
      Barcelona Barca

      @HeatWave Respect Alex

    • A Ali
      A Ali

      @aa 12 pep got manager of the century toward safs end. cmon and saf did this with a lot less backing. pep is amazing but saf was different gravy

    • aa 12
      aa 12

      @A Ali ik it sounds far fetched but Pep did get manager of the century. Just saying.

    • A Ali
      A Ali

      @HeatWave good joke

  • Jay dog
    Jay dog

    City are a class act but Chelsea will show them who's boss


    Pep got the Star Wars hoodie on 😂

    • Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra
      Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra

      Darth Pep

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt

    Nowadays Man City winning 0-2 is defined by a very hard game.

    • Mancmac

      Means peps getting better too. He's picking up on more in games and willing to change and listen to his team

  • M. Bison
    M. Bison

    These man are really going for the quadruple... 🤯 mad

  • --

    Look how smug he looks at the beginning haha love it

    • HeatWave


  • Fausty666

    Pep always looks like he cannot be bothered , love the guy .

  • L Loko Loko
    L Loko Loko

    Why i have always the feeling that pep guardiola is so passiv and aggressive in the same time 😁

    • HeatWave

      @Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra Woah

    • Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra
      Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra

      Yeah thats called passive-aggressive.

    • HeatWave

      Nah he's chill

  • Drogba

    1:43 " Everybody plays a good lover"

    • Olwethu Silo
      Olwethu Silo


    • Tommy

      Deep stuff man



    • RDS Kainth
      RDS Kainth

      Truer words have never been spoken. 😂

  • talha Muhammad
    talha Muhammad

    I'm a liverpool fan and oli city not winning champions league ( 7 is coming)

    • talha Muhammad
      talha Muhammad

      @Ricky Sengupta I mean klopp has won both at liverpool but pep the fraud has only won a PL

    • Ricky Sengupta
      Ricky Sengupta

      @talha Muhammad pep hasn't won PL? What?

    • talha Muhammad
      talha Muhammad

      @HeatWave klopp at liverpool has won a PL and Cl and pep hasn't won both yet even with all the money they had

    • HeatWave

      @talha Muhammad Ah yes pep a fraud who is about to win a 3 pl title. 🤦

    • talha Muhammad
      talha Muhammad

      @HeatWave have a better chance than oil city let's be honest pep is a fraud

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    This Manchester City team is so overrated, they won't even win the UCL. Watch them lose to Dortmund in the next round, the biggest bottlers of all time in the Champions League. Lucky they were facing Everton today and not Tranmere Rovers who are the biggest team in Merseyside, otherwise they would have got battered

    • aa 12
      aa 12

      bruh 😂

    • Thomas Lawley
      Thomas Lawley

      Mate were bang average have been all season...

    • HeatWave

      Yeah a teams thats won 25/26 games is overrated.

    • P K
      P K

      @Ethan Gallant im laughing u not?

    • Ethan Gallant
      Ethan Gallant

      @P K we were being sarcastic it’s jus not funny at all🤣

  • Marlon Campbell
    Marlon Campbell

    City ain't winning the CL this season, mark my words

    • Thomas Lawley
      Thomas Lawley


    • HeatWave


    • astro aimbot
      astro aimbot

      sure mate

  • D Murray
    D Murray

    City only need one more league title to be considered a more successful club than Sunderland

    • vl aude
      vl aude

      fun fact: city have the most trophies in the 21st century in England and are gonna add some this season u can google it u don’t believe me Chelsea were first

    • my memories
      my memories

      And Chelsea, but still a few European cups to go still.

    • Barry H.
      Barry H.

      I doubt whether City will ever play SUnderland again!


      Centurions 👑

  • M. Fahri
    M. Fahri

    this city is ridiculous. i'm a chelsea fan and i'm concerned that we will face them in UCL final 😜

    • aa 12
      aa 12

      Chelsea? Just wait for Real Madrid to smash the hell out of LFC and then Chelsea. I'd watch ur players backs just in case he dislocates another shoulder. 😏

    • M. Fahri
      M. Fahri

      @Rohit R so easy to trigger some haters that actually deep down inside worried about chelsea making through 🤣

    • Rohit R
      Rohit R

      @HSA don't see the use of his emoji?

    • HSA

      @Sports memes ok idc chelsea still have 0% chance of beating dortmund, city or bayern. Certain Europa league teams would still absolutely smash chelsea

    • Sports memes
      Sports memes

      @HSA thats not possible

  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb Sauce

    best manager in the world. cmon city.

  • 5thDawg

    Hate to see it coming but this man city team could make history with the quadruple.

    • Naved Ahmed
      Naved Ahmed

      they should only focus on the UCL.

    • Azツ

      @HeatWave it's not pep fault sterling missed a 2 yard sitter

    • HeatWave

      prem and carabao cup is a wrap. ucl depends on whether pep chokes or not.

  • koolworld27

    Shut up 5head.

  • Marc Sansum
    Marc Sansum

    Everton fan here, City are classy, very good team. Thought we held them well

    • Pranav Parameshwaran
      Pranav Parameshwaran

      Everton was so damn good. Respect to Ancelotti and the team.

    • Thomas Lawley
      Thomas Lawley

      Thought u might Nick it tbh..needed kevin earlier...

    • Legolas Good
      Legolas Good

      @R.J.D Pickford would have probably conceded 3 if he was in goal tonight I felt much comfortable with joao in goal

    • Bharath Govinda
      Bharath Govinda

      Everton Played well for 80 mins.... Guessing here, maybe, the plan was to open the game in the last 10 - 15 mins, knick a goal here or there, again, I am guessing.... which gave some spaces for the Man City for the first goal. I do not count the second goal at all. Everton fought well, and I liked their front 5 people who were aggressive without the ball and when they had the ball pounced for counter... Team well trained, all the best for the rest of the season.

    • Adam Paris
      Adam Paris

      Plastic club fc not Man City

  • Kaz Fayz
    Kaz Fayz

    Imagine being Ancelotti and seeing Mahrez come on for Bernardo & Sterling for KDB. It’s a wrap.

    • ManCity Malaysia
      ManCity Malaysia

      @Brian echavarria But It doesn't mean they have to be salty towards City's Success. Am I Right

    • Twitch Clips LOL
      Twitch Clips LOL

      @KLionFC thank god for that oil money and the owners who cares about my team.

    • Brian echavarria
      Brian echavarria

      @ManCity Malaysia I’m a man city fan, but Ancelotti is the better manager...

    • Sketz44

      @Lockey Cityzens I'm not salty one bit? I meant about the players names not the club. City are the best team in the world however the standard of world class players has dropped, that's what I meant.

    • Lockey Cityzens
      Lockey Cityzens

      @Sketz44 imagine being salty on other club 😂🤡💩


    Manchester City are on fire. This season they will win the UEFA Champions league 100%

    • ChubbyBob1945 Lol
      ChubbyBob1945 Lol

      Dont jinx it pls

    • damien bryan
      damien bryan

      @Typical Bayern fan they were 0-1 down in Madrid last year with 20 minutes to go and won 1-2.....and 1-2 down at home in injury time with the premiership on the line and won 3-2🤣

    • Tom W
      Tom W

      Bookies have them at around 30% chance of winning.

    • P K
      P K

      @Typical Bayern fan yes cz they are not used to it lol sometimes is not good

    • Typical Bayern fan
      Typical Bayern fan

      @P K True, once City gets 0-1 down, they lose themselves

  • Constable Kennedy
    Constable Kennedy

    Gundogan is a Legit Class Baller ... ⚽️

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      @fxh7cihct according to United fans logic yes I am deluded My point is anyone who think Fernandes is better than kdb is delusional

    • fxh7cihct

      @Timothy Peters deluded haha

    • Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra
      Oh no I'm not brave enough for Algebra

      Moron detected 🙄

    • DJAMZ Bena
      DJAMZ Bena

      🥱99% of the goals he scored are poached 😬 not in a clever way but we all know even a plastic bottle on his position would result in 100% goals ! A case of inattentional rebounds

    • Jake SCOTT
      Jake SCOTT

      Yup, hes a future icon Maybe even as good as toni kroos but without the champions leagues

  • Constable Kennedy
    Constable Kennedy

    Everton Flattering to Deceive Yet Again ... 👀

    • David Smith
      David Smith

      @A L A and an empty trophy room yet again !

    • A L A
      A L A

      @HeatWave they're not overrated at all dumbass they've got quality in their squad a solid back line squad depth and a class manager

    • Rohit R
      Rohit R

      @HeatWave , not overrated at all.. Have got a decent mix of experienced and young players. Need a couple of fast forwards though..

    • Sim Pedros
      Sim Pedros

      @HeatWave no one is overrating Everton. Every one of our players is slagged bar dcl and Godfrey.

    • HeatWave

      Their team is very overrated, they are the best they've been in a while yet may still finish 8th.

  • Constable Kennedy
    Constable Kennedy

    Manchester City could actually Secure the Quadruple this Season ... 🏆

    • hoodbourgeois.

      @Ben Smith in france man city is favorite in front of Bayern.

    • irnes mujic
      irnes mujic

      @Barcelona Barca we wernt even in good form dumbass

    • irnes mujic
      irnes mujic

      @Barcelona Barca 8-2 5-2 3-0 stop losing to humiliating scores dumbass

    • Barcelona Barca
      Barcelona Barca

      @irnes mujic focus on beating third tier team first

    • damien bryan
      damien bryan

      @Ben Smith he basically scores half bayerns goals.....RB leipzig are 4 points behind in the league and Liverpool dismantled them twice with an injury hit squad.....

  • North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
    North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    If pep wins the champions league this year he has to go down as the best current manager if he isn’t already! 😎😅

    • Zoheab Aleem
      Zoheab Aleem

      @P K it’s cause of inflation. Look at SAF when he broke records to get keane and ferdinand. Imagine their prices nowadays.

    • nickan 2c
      nickan 2c

      @P K utd also spent 1bn in 10 years btw

    • HeatWave

      Pep is the 🐐

    • wesley snipes
      wesley snipes

      He already is the best manager and has been for the last 10 years

    • P K
      P K

      @Jaideep Chahal these clubs are in business long time not since 2008 lol city spent 1 billion in 10 years

  • Its Mud
    Its Mud

    Pep is best 🙏🏻

  • Szillar

    Banter club

    • HeatWave

      man u are ye we know that already.

    • Prime Babatunde
      Prime Babatunde

      Salt u keep spamming that get a life

  • wilfried bony
    wilfried bony


    • O H
      O H

      oh a man of fine culture I see

    • wilfried bony
      wilfried bony

      @dean bad memories that's all

    • dean

      I see where your coming from tbh wilfreid

    • chipsthedog1

      An excellent point.

    • James H
      James H

      Wonderfully said wilfried

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