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  • Richard Kerr
    Richard Kerr

    So glad the racists got put out.. Well done arsenal

  • Awsan Teina
    Awsan Teina

    Good Ebening beckons...

  • Klyma STC
    Klyma STC

    How did it score 👀

  • Connah bourton
    Connah bourton

    The first two rounds were good more so for Curtis, but by the start of the 4th round looks like neither fighter has any gas left in the tank

  • Jacob Field
    Jacob Field

    Arsenal were dynamic. Superb performance.

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas

    Has to be Harry Kane coming in

  • Lampz

    Penandes disappeared as usual...

  • Gary Owens
    Gary Owens

    Clever to give him the captaincy tonight especially after Jose took it off him.

  • lIlSEANlIl

    Is that the rock at 6:55

  • Amiin jacelow Channel
    Amiin jacelow Channel


  • Gio Usoian
    Gio Usoian

    This VAR camera killing the football games

  • Opium Eater
    Opium Eater Thug Rose 🌹 in trouble?? With the China 🇨🇳 machine

  • Opium Eater
    Opium Eater

    Looking forward to the breakdown of the ladies championships bout's x2💪

  • GForce2887 Gaming
    GForce2887 Gaming

    Dustin got wreckeeeed hahahaha

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan

    Dan hardy is a damn good fight analyst!!

  • DubO'Mercy

    Local lad - West London's finest

  • Ragot Maxence
    Ragot Maxence

    Y a pas de fierté.. ils ont perdu 0-1... mddr

  • Daniel Radivojevic
    Daniel Radivojevic

    Reaper about to steal gastelums soul

  • Bezhan Aland
    Bezhan Aland

    I would have loved to see Messi in wearing Man Blue T shirt in the finals

  • Lampz

    Arsenal is such a small club, that they’re getting happy for this win

  • X_3MP3ROR-_-XD

    SAS m for slavia praha look at the/their managers face😫😫

  • steve

    Can someone explain why Marquinhos was not offside at 3:45 ??

  • TheAbear53

    Is this Peter Drury the commentator ? Getting a touch overexcited whoever it is

  • SharpXII

    is it just me or does the camera they use make jagged lines when there is something moving?

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal

    United with him fit all season and Cavani would have been top

  • charlie robinson
    charlie robinson

    How many times does he use the words “me” or “I” - never was captain material never mind captain material

  • Pep Rex
    Pep Rex

    Really has a face that got hit by a shovel doesn't he

  • Safe Mo
    Safe Mo

    The maturity in his speech is way ahead of his age group and some others deep in their adulthood. Thanking GOD then asserting the ambition of winning the competition to then blanking the question about Unai by diverting to the next opponent. Man is already speaking like a young Maradona. Real talent and future captain

  • Far Far Away
    Far Far Away

    3:45 lifting him like a bad b loool

  • D

    wait since when is no.9 a significance ? do forwards have fixed numbers now ? to my knowledge in MU all numbers are numbers except the no.7 which is considered legendary.

  • Nonrev Nosnibor
    Nonrev Nosnibor

    Win it for us Rangers fans Arsenal 🇬🇧

  • BeCo B
    BeCo B

    most overrated player in history of football

    • NormalSodaGuy

      Michael Owen " allow me to introduce myself "

  • WhateverYour StoryBro
    WhateverYour StoryBro

    mata still plays for united?

  • My name is Jeff Khan
    My name is Jeff Khan

    Arsenal fans Celebrating Like they have won the Europa League already 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Devil red 7
    Devil red 7

    Newpapers tomorrow “FERNANDES DIG AT MARTIAL!”

  • J U
    J U

    Martial does not have a strikers mentality always thought his better off in wide positions

  • Opium Eater
    Opium Eater

    Dan.....I'll be honest mate the show with Gooden (BT) needs to come back on the strength of that work/show my profit (£) margin was strong 💪

  • GForce2887 Gaming
    GForce2887 Gaming

    Mendes is such a baby lol

  • Mizi O
    Mizi O

    Can’t wait for the Man utd v Arsenal final

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison

    One of the most overrated player of modern football

  • Masterof Peace
    Masterof Peace

    i feel brotherhood in this team

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal

    Fifth semi final but semi final is all they'll get. If they get into the final, I can't see them beating Arsenal or Villareal

  • ArcAudios

    The Player who tried to tackle Pogba prior to this Yellow Card deserved to be given Yellow Card. Pogba played a great Role in a good Win.

  • Carlos Antonio Cervantes Martínez
    Carlos Antonio Cervantes Martínez

    Que vamos ni que ocho cuartos

  • Tele 04
    Tele 04

    Saka beginning every answer: Yeah yeah

  • Eddie Kwok
    Eddie Kwok


  • richard wallace
    richard wallace

    Am Scottish but have to say England has some seriously good young talented players


    Pogba sign DA TING

  • raul moat
    raul moat

    which country is granada from ?

  • Paula Pogba
    Paula Pogba

    During the game the commentator said Cavani is Argentinian.

  • Luke Warrington
    Luke Warrington

    Awful defending from Ajax, but they were robbed

  • richard wallace
    richard wallace

    Get it right up the racists

  • swag lad
    swag lad

    Hes about to Bottle another semi final lol

  • Wendy Lafortune
    Wendy Lafortune

    City will knock them out

  • Wendy Lafortune
    Wendy Lafortune

    Happy now, sad later

  • Matthew O'Hara
    Matthew O'Hara

    After watching this fight my non bias opinion- porier without those leg kicks was nothing , mcgregor landed countless clean shots that if he followed up on would've potentially ended the fight . Even when porier landed the finishing shot it was connor trying to put weight on his leg that ended it. With mcgregor wise to those kicks the trilogy could be mcgregor's easily I think


    Saka is just adorable. Without him and ESR we would still be in a relegation battle, its honestly mad and I hope both of them get better players and managers around them in the future 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • Shamar Myrie
    Shamar Myrie

    Will he play the semi finals?

    • NormalSodaGuy


  • Ethan Sharpe
    Ethan Sharpe

    ‘Kloop’ lol 😂

  • terah101

    Arsenal are actually a much better team without Aubameyang.

  • TheManhattanshort .MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival
    TheManhattanshort .MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival

    They'll be building a statue of this guy outside the stadium one day.

  • R Thom
    R Thom

    Big distraction this is isn’t it 😂😂😂😂 ‘let em watch football it will take their mind away from what we’re doing ‘ says the elites. Your all puppets

  • oli lais
    oli lais

    World class player

  • The Drinking Game Maker
    The Drinking Game Maker

    All the way, lads. All the way

  • Eric Trencansky LaBaby
    Eric Trencansky LaBaby

    So can u all plastic fans shut up now and stop hating him? TRUST THE PROCES

  • Arifee Usoh
    Arifee Usoh

    น้ำตาไหลเลย ได้ดูคลิปนี้ เพราะผมได้ติดตามผลงาน คาบีบ มาสักพักหนึ่งแล้ว เห็นคาบีบอยู่กับพ่อเขาตลอดเวลา แต่ตอนนี้พ่อคาบีบเสียชีวิตแล้ว เข้าใจความรู้สึกคาบีบ เข้าใจที่เขาเลิกชกมวย

  • Josfur Gaming
    Josfur Gaming

    AHAHAHA the Instagram superstar isn't happy.... again... good riddance!

    • Humzah Aslam
      Humzah Aslam

      Where did it say he isnt happy u dipstick