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  • arijit Sharma
    arijit Sharma

    Messi is the best

  • AO

    Ilusión Trabajo Compromiso 💪🏽📚⚽🧠

  • BrianM

    This showed how good Poirier really is. He’s a great fighter now. Amazing striker.

  • Einfach nur_da
    Einfach nur_da

    Messi can't even speak english??

  • Luis Lascano
    Luis Lascano

    F for Slavia Prague Looooooool

  • Marco Ylagan
    Marco Ylagan

    Imagine if Roman speared drew in his own home land in ayr Scotland Uk 🇬🇧

  • uttaradit2

    theres goals, great goals and bales goal

  • Marco Ylagan
    Marco Ylagan

    Drew McIntyre vs Roman reigns

  • yunus lol
    yunus lol

    why is kai haverts number 29, he should change numbers

  • Nelson Alvarez
    Nelson Alvarez

    Only thing killing the moment is Dana white looking angry as usual with the new champ, couldn't even wrap the belt around his waist as he wanted figueiredo to win

  • Equinox80

    Couldn't intimidate a mouse. I remember when he nearly messed himself when Di Canio went for him after shoving the ref over and getting sent off for Sheff Wed.

  • Rafael Barros
    Rafael Barros

    Same very fun to celebrate

  • Calum Wilson
    Calum Wilson

    had to come back to this

  • munir amir
    munir amir

    "Thug" Rose 🌹....she's something

  • Edgar Ariel Reyes
    Edgar Ariel Reyes

    En efecto, es difícil volver a ver a dos mejores jugadores del mundo enfrentados en una misma liga.

  • SquaresMan

    Showtime vs Ferguson is forever one of the most fun fights in MMA history

  • its_KC

    I miss this diego :(

  • Shakey Nige
    Shakey Nige

    Red panties tonight, better get the Vs out

  • Benjamin Thomas Tesoro
    Benjamin Thomas Tesoro

    Keeper was in no mans land not covering the goal or anything close to getting to collecting the ball

  • Noel Rivera
    Noel Rivera

    Props brotha

  • Alan Torres
    Alan Torres

    The bitter sandra unpredictably decorate because breath intuitively back sans a physical pine. flippant, odd atom

  • Scotty Ross
    Scotty Ross


  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    Y’all don’t understand this mans journey. He almost had him.

  • kevin gallagher
    kevin gallagher

    Lots of respect between 2 great players.

  • Danellboy

    The 0 fans and players shouting reminds me of the fifa training ground

  • Pravin Makde
    Pravin Makde

    The Guy for whom I started watching football is messi and the guy who is an idol when it comes to Fitness is Ronaldo... ❤

  • Edy Hacks
    Edy Hacks

    Ambos hablan español. ✌️

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Sergio Ramos is a major hater. Can’t stand that guy.

  • Albert krank
    Albert krank

    yeah...madness xD

  • Steve Veasey
    Steve Veasey

    Steven Gerrard saying he could have played better is very honest and obviously true but the underlying reasons WHY he didn't play better are complicated. One of them, which they didn't really touch on here, is the fear of making a mistake that has bedevilled England teams for 25+ years. Giving the ball away cheaply over and over again against good teams and panicking when things aren't going well are the other main reasons.

  • Mathew T
    Mathew T

    Class fight 👏🏻

  • Ruşen Göbel
    Ruşen Göbel

    Press F to respect.

  • Anup Mohandas
    Anup Mohandas

    England still will be played off the park by Paraguay. It's the media who hypes England up. Germany will beat England at Wembley 2-1

  • Abor world
    Abor world

    But i have to agree its a cute ,happy smile

  • Damian Dwornik
    Damian Dwornik

    I didn't know that Messi doesnt speak English

  • Maanas

    As a true football fan, I’m gonna rate Modric and Zidane as the greatest mids of all time

  • YoutubeWorld

    4:44 Herb Dean like oh hell no

  • Jaeyong

    Does Messi understand english ?

  • simply Cvrsive
    simply Cvrsive

    The background music is amazing 👏👏👏

  • Roll Titan
    Roll Titan

    Sorry. I admit Ramos is a fantastic player, but I will never put him in the greatest of all time discussion for being such a dirty player. Part of being a great is having respect for the game. Ramos is a thug.


    Which language are they talking

  • BenRen KyloSolo
    BenRen KyloSolo

    Ronaldo looks like a billion dollars. Messi looks ready for a court appearance

  • Epic Things
    Epic Things


  • PraYs EZ
    PraYs EZ

    The Goat.

  • Aditya Jain
    Aditya Jain

    Biggie Fooking Smalls

  • Rish K
    Rish K

    Dana white is having fun..

  • MegaPastor


  • Observer

    Guy needs to cut his hair man he didn't see half them shots coming because of it that kick he got kicked down like a football

  • GoldVillage

    Two sides of the same coin

  • Antoni Orszykowski
    Antoni Orszykowski

    It is a glitch in Fifa 2023

  • Samet Özkan
    Samet Özkan

    Hope he comes to Parma and play with Uncle Gigi.

  • waveybossj

    I think modric knew that he robbed the ballon’dor so he’s puzzled

  • Jesse Schaapherder
    Jesse Schaapherder

    Haha look frenkie de jong vibing at the background 😂

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious


  • Dan Vez
    Dan Vez

    simple really, were not in the same class as the greats like Brazil, Spain, France, Portugal, Argentina, Italy..............wasnt then, aint now lol its never coming back home lads 😂

  • Richard Turner
    Richard Turner

    Rio, the country is more important than man u and money, pr1ck.

  • Patrick P
    Patrick P

    Messi seems like a man of few words.


    i hope both great players playing more 4 years and both atleast playing in English foot ball as well. Ronaldo was payed with MUFC but both come again in England.

  • NFSTM Fearless
    NFSTM Fearless

    0:33 I just couldn't stop myself from smiling 😍😂

  • KLM

    I love this guy!!! Kocham tego gościa!!!

  • Based D
    Based D

    Dislike, that was more like a chuckle

  • Dara Ogunbanjo
    Dara Ogunbanjo


  • Riley Woodbeck
    Riley Woodbeck

    "Burst out laughing" should be "chuckle"

  • Hydro XModzN17
    Hydro XModzN17

    Poch is the only manager for us in the present football era that has got us to a UCL final

  • AshiixFN

    Even as a Tottenham player, and them beating us in the cl final, I have to s beauty

  • Freddie King
    Freddie King

    Frank and steven thinking stfu rio

  • Dara C
    Dara C

    Well that was a beating lucky the ref stepped in she was out on her feet taking every shot

  • Autonova

    Love Crouchy

  • Mac Ukay
    Mac Ukay

    Ronaldo loves Palestine 🇵🇸 and Messi so called Israel 🤬 Free Palestine 🇵🇸