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  • Tilak R
    Tilak R

    Unai just said Good evening to Arsenal.

  • Unai Emery
    Unai Emery

    Gud ebenin Form is temporary this guy will do well birst ob all gud ebenin

  • Gifted skillz
    Gifted skillz

    Yall act like lewi only scores in Germany but yall forget what he does in champions league he dominates English team aswell as Spanish teams even French teams but carry on acting like that don't exist

  • Dr Donald Blake
    Dr Donald Blake

    In the past 8-9 years, Lewandowski has been one of the top strikers in the world. Understandbly, CR7 and Messi have always taken the headlines. Even Ibrahimovic gets more ink than Robert.

  • walkwithdeath

    Slavija Prahahahaha

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    I don't know who need to hear this, but aroranet is actually the most genuine agent I've worked with.

  • derickTHEdowney

    Typical manks trying to make him out to be the best player ever😂😂😂

  • Reuben A
    Reuben A

    Was this the fifth test?

  • Stuart Gordon
    Stuart Gordon

    he nailed it himself when he said "I've got so much anger inside me" his anger is probably one of the things working against him. the springboks would have targeted him. i think it was right he didn't get the pick, the media should maybe apologise to him for building up his hopes so much.

  • Chris Hampton
    Chris Hampton

    I think he'll end up being called up. SA tours are brutal.

  • Invisxble

    6:45 wtf? check it

  • I P
    I P

    If he wasn't top of the reserve list before then he is now

  • James Newstead
    James Newstead

    His dumbass thaught he was on a mission from god to preach injustice in the name of rasist socialism what he got however was the lords own justice

  • Original Unoriginal
    Original Unoriginal

    Deli Allie went for that Swae lee look!

  • Abdulla Ali
    Abdulla Ali

    1. Man City 2. Man Utd 3. Chelsea 4. Liverpool

  • Jay walford
    Jay walford

    Good ebening

  • commanding officer
    commanding officer

    What happens if both European comps are won by English teams? Like do more teams get in from England?

  • neverindoubt Jones
    neverindoubt Jones

    He's a liability. His crying shows his lack of control. So no go for the Lions.

  • The black kid from Norway
    The black kid from Norway

    “If the fans don’t like it they can gather money and buy ownership” - Rio

  • The black kid from Norway
    The black kid from Norway

    “If the fans don’t like it they can gather money and buy ownership” - Rio

  • The black kid from Norway
    The black kid from Norway

    so noooooow rio understand.... scholes btw...first time he says anything about the clubs owners...

  • Allan Fitz
    Allan Fitz

    And when wa the last time a player said na mate don't need 60grand more pass it on to the fans. Hypocrits everyone in football are hypocrits

  • iorn_miner

    Harrogate have a title winning team, spurs don't 😂

  • Rowan Anderson
    Rowan Anderson

    Martin Keown is so bad as a pundit. So bad.

  • Donald Campbell
    Donald Campbell

    Don't they ever get bored?

  • Paul R
    Paul R

    I can't see out of my knee's either... its so bloody annoying

  • Simon Coulthard
    Simon Coulthard

    Employees don't like their boss shock horror

  • Yhsmael Yanez
    Yhsmael Yanez

    Im an Arsenal fan, but Im want Emery to win the Europa!!🙌🏻.

  • Gavin Perry
    Gavin Perry

    Clarence Seedorf in the background thinking.... " Maybe I should come out of retirement "

  • V998

    World class from Mendy and Kante. Werner despite not finishing creates danger for the opposition with his pace

  • Gavin Perry
    Gavin Perry

    Ramos was like - I'll get him next time 😈

  • Modular Drops
    Modular Drops

    Very boring set of skills

  • Chris

    Fist goal looks like a offside to me :)

  • Katie L
    Katie L

    Come to the Prem then he can show his real talent

  • Arron Kay
    Arron Kay

    00:32 I can't believe how clinical Voldemort was there! A truly magical finish.

  • silencer G
    silencer G

    The second bayern goal was just sad 😭my man tripped 2:37


    0:30 “not so sure there’s that much contact” this man literally ran into his legs😅

  • T Wong
    T Wong

    good revenge Unai

  • socopoc

    That would absolutely be a sign to retire, and no one would think any lesser of him for it.

  • comic-con con
    comic-con con

    I appreciate the good finishing but can we at least look at the awful defending, zero pressure on the man in the ball, no pressure on the ball when it is getting crossed in from the edge of the box!

  • laluprasad samal
    laluprasad samal

    Long and good fight

  • Connor Mohun
    Connor Mohun

    Why does this game look so rigged…..

  • Ibrahim Ali
    Ibrahim Ali

    Its gonna be whu will finish 4th, Leicester 3rd and chelsea 5th and Chelsea will win the UCL

  • Zi Solo
    Zi Solo

    They should name the trophy after him

  • Callum Boy
    Callum Boy

    1:40 (start of the fight) 2:20 (end of the fight)

  • Luke

    Lewa deserves to go down in history as the greatest ever striker.

  • A B
    A B

    Who’s here after tuchel gets Chelsea to the cl final

  • Charlie Bee
    Charlie Bee

    UFC commentator: "he knew he was going to be in a fight tonight"

  • Michael Gane
    Michael Gane

    I really feel for him, I’m a bath fan and the way he took apart Shoeman in a few scrums was outstanding. He should have been in the squad but needs to be ready as I’m sure he’ll be called upon if there are injuries

  • Wolfy ._.
    Wolfy ._.

    4:23 Questionable reaction from the commentator

  • Reganjaret

    the answer is simple. Steven Gerrard

  • yolo 1690
    yolo 1690


  • Alex Simescu
    Alex Simescu

    I really hope Lille wins

  • Ndr 46
    Ndr 46

    GGG a fighter that’s so good and so dangerous the powers that be see fit to clearly rob the guy of both decisions against canelo, a drug cheat as well. I like canelo but he’s obviously the golden boy. No way he won either fight with golovkin.

  • Messi is an Alien
    Messi is an Alien

    Did rio, Beckham & Hawwy kane have the same speech therapist 😂

  • RaiStorM RS
    RaiStorM RS

    its rather hard to explain this to a american, i know, i tried, what made it through to him in the end was this ... i said, imagine someone buys the statue of liberty, expands it, loads it with debt and then tries to move it to a "better location" that tourists can easier get to ... thats when the lights went on for him ... ^^ as shaky as the comparison was, i managed to get the point across this way.

  • Obay 1975
    Obay 1975

    Tony mah gaya doank

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    1:35 50p head... 😹

  • Ameen

    0:55 Number 25 not even blocking the goal. Bundesliga defending lol

  • D Brek
    D Brek

    No way is poch going to bottle a one team league😂😂😂

  • Cairo

    The goal music is added insult to injury 😂. Scoring an away goal there would be amazing.

  • B S
    B S

    Avram Glazer went to Epstein island

  • sony 63361
    sony 63361


  • Andrew Marsden
    Andrew Marsden

    Good passion. TBH I do not know enough about front row rugby to comment but he normally turns up for England.